1. The spiritual conquerors the the past, those who have actually attained salvation are dubbed Tirthankaras They are the “makers of the river crossing.” Thirthankaras are far-ranging because they indicate the method of traversing the realm of samsara come salvation beyond.

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2. Parshva is the twenty 3rd Tirthankara (24 overall) who stayed in the eighth century BC, and also continues to be a famous object of Jain devotion.
3. Mahavira’s life story has plenty of parallels v the Buddha’s. Both engaged in extreme asceticism and practiced meditation that brought about an endure of liberation indigenous bondage come the plain world. Jainism clearly rejects id in a creator-God or in the opportunity of receiving blessing from greater beings. The sees the universe as eternal but continually transforming and going v regular good cycles of rise and also fall.
4. The life story that Mahavira highlights two important differences between Jainism and also Buddhism. First, conversely, Gautama rejected asceticism in favor of the middle Way, Mahavira held quick to that most excessive form. Second, vice versa, Gautama ~ above his very own true methods of Buddhism if seeking enlightenment, Mahavira learned the true techniques of Jainism indigenous others. This disciples created the basis of the Jain community.
5. Kevala is the perfect and complete knowledge that is Jain enlightenment. That marks the suggest at i beg your pardon one is complimentary from the damaging impacts of karma and is liberated from samsara.
6. In Jainism, knowledge about the universe and salvation is really important due to the fact that it maintains the salvation that the soul depends on knowledge its predicament. And the soul’s predicament is based in the makeup of the universe, i m sorry is composed of both eternal souls and also infinite particles of matter.
7. The loka in Jainism is just the universe. Jainism understands the loka to it is in a an are that is finite yet almost indescribably vast.
9. The Jain universe passes through cycles that are illustrated as turning of a wheel. As the wheel transforms upward, the top quality of each people improves. As the wheel transforms downward, all things progressively decay, eventually reaching a state of utter destruction. In ~ this suggest the next cycle begins, and the people gradually improves.
explain the jain concept of upward and downward cycles. In regards to these cycles, wherein is the human being presently?
10. Jain cosmology can be split into two categories: the soul and also matter. The entire procedure of person destiny is based upon this duality; salvation is composed of liberation of the spirit from the issue in which the is entwined.
identify and briefly define the two categories that reality and also their relationship to each other according to jain cosmology
11. The Jain attitude towards all life creates is this. Every life-forms, since they are lived in by a soul, space to be related to as other creatures worthy of respect and also care.
12. The Jain quest for salvation can be taken by picturing the loka together a gigantic man. The pure, liberated souls reside in ~ the “umbrella” in ~ the really top that the head, when all other life-forms reside below, weighed down by the issue in which your souls space entwined. So, salvation is attained as soon as the soul cleans all matter type itself and also regains its initial state the purity. That is then totally free to bubble increase to the eternal home.
13. The two largest Jain sects space Shvetambaras, “those who garment is white,” and Digambaras, “those who garment is the sky.” Both sects have details important doctrinal differences. Although both sects encompass nuns, only the Shvetambaras, that are much more liberal, think women can obtain kevala. The Digambaras, who are an ext conservative, contend that a mrs must first be reborn as a man prior to kevala can be a possibility.
14. The initiation ceremony that marks the transition to one ascetic life is intentionally designed to resemble a marriage, just in this instance the candidate is joined (for life) to the ascetic way of life itself. The ceremony entails several routine acts. Once initiated, the ascetics own nothing and receive all your food v begging.
15. -Do nit injure other life-forms -Avoid lied -Do no take what has actually been offered -Renounce sexual activity -Renounce possession.
16. Ahimsa is the first vow that consists of subclauses that indicate the all-encompassing nature of ahimsa (the rule of nonviolence). Enthusiasm is assumed to it is in the primary cause of violence (the fifth vow). Jains identify some vital practical concessions. Because that instance, Ahimsa is taken into consideration to it is in violated only as soon as the injury is add by lack of care. In various other words, intention matters.
17. Every Jain ascetics sample their stays after that of their great role model, Mahavira. The Jain Laity regard the Jain Ascetics with honor and also respect, acknowledging their authority and also tending to your needs.
18. The main problem of the Jain laypeople is achieve a great rebirth by improving one’s karma through great acts. The ultimate aim the salvation is seen as a far-off possibility with its too much ascetic requirement.
The many accurate descriptor of Jainism is atheistic

Jains, unlike the Theravada Buddhists glorify Mahavira’s too much austerities

Jaine, favor the Theravada Buddhists think that every attachments bring a specific bondage


The many accurate definition of the Sikh term gurdwara is temple

The definition of the job-related sikh is come preach and seek disciples

Nanak’s spiritual experience is similar to what function in various other religions? prophetic call

The Sikh Khalsa embraced the five practices to encourage strength and self-identity

Member the the Khalsa space to prevent intoxication

The idea in Buddhism and also Jainism that emphasizes nonharm and nonviolence is ahisma

_____ method “crossing maker”; in Jainism, it is one of the twenty-four ideal people of the past, Mahavira being the most recent Tirhankara

In Jainism, _____ is a routine performed in respect of a tirthankara puja

The id that every physical matter has life and feeling is hylozoism

A _____ is a spiritual teacher guru

_____ refers to the community of initiated Sikhs; likewise to any type of true Sikh Khalsa

_____ means “clothed in sky” Digambara

_____ is a poem by Guru Nanak that being the Adi Granth Japji

Matter without soul or life it ajiva

The founder the Sikhism was Nanak

_____ means “building person”; rejects the use of statues and also temples Sthanakavasi

What item worn through the Sikh Khalsa symbolizes strength? steel bracelet

How numerous parts is the Adi Granth separated into? 3

The soul or heart that enlivens matter is dubbed jiva

Matter without soul or life is referred to as ajiva

_____ is the id that all physical matter has life and also feeling hylozoism

A perfected person in Jainism who will no be reborn is a(n) _____ jina

In Jainism, _____ ad to one of the twenty-four ideal people of the past. Tirthankara

The last and greatest the the twenty-four who reached perfection Mahavira

The founder of Sikhism was Nanak

The major scripture of the Sikhs is the Adi Granth

The gold Temple that the Sikhs is situated in the city of Amritsar

The special military order started by Gobind singh was dubbed the Khalsa

A Sikh temple is additionally known as gurdwara

The _____, a poem by Guru Nanak that starts the Adi Granth Japji

Meaning “clothes in sky”, a _____ is a member that the Jain sect in which monks perform not wear apparel Digambara

Meaning “clothes in white,” a _____ is a member the the Jain sect in i m sorry monks and also nuns stay white clothing Shevetambara

Meaning “building person.” a _____ is a member that the youngest Jain sect, i m sorry rejects the usage of statues and temples Sthanakavasi

In Jainism, the _____ is a routine in respect o the tirthankara puja

The _____, the area that is currently northwest India and also eastern Pakistan, is whereby Sikhism source Punjab

A spiritual teacher is also known as guru

Meaning “holy death,” fatality by starvation, _____ is valued in Jainism together a noble end of a lengthy life of virtue and detachment sallekhana

The idea in Buddhism and Jainism the emphasizes non-harm and also nonviolence is recognized as ahimsa

Uncut hair by the Khalsa and the last name Singh stand for the symbolic characteristics of the lion

Jainism places great emphasis ~ above ahimsa.

The surname Mahavira literally method hero or great man.

Jainism appears to be many strongly concerned around breaking the power of bondage to the physics world.

Jains think that perfected souls disappear native the world and also live at the height of the universe

Jainism, together taught through Mahavira, emerged in India around the time that what other an excellent teacher? Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha

Jain monasticism has split into how countless branches? 4

The name of the Digambara branch literally means sky-clothed.

Jainism to be a solid influence ~ above Gandhi.

Regarding the capability of humans to discover the truth, Jainism A.holds that fact can be found by a patience seeker. B.emphasizes the both study and also meditation room together vital to uncover truth. C.teaches that truth is relative to every person’s viewpoint. ?

Sallekhana method holy death

Most Jains exercise the devotional activity called puja

The Jain worldview holds the a Creator does not exist.

Like Buddhists, Jains worth nonattachement and nonharm.

The religion of Sikhism first developed in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan.

The center of the Sikh faith is in ~ Amritsar.

The turning point in Nanak’s life to be a prophetic speak to near a river.

A Sikh temple is dubbed a gurdwara.

Which religions accept the eat of animals? Sikhism and also Islam

Nanak, after leaving residence to teach, wore clothing that combined Muslim and also Hindu styles.

The Khalsa was created to it is in a protective social organization.

One that the demands of the Khalsa to be no alcohol

The name Adi Granth method original collection.

Hylozoism, the metaphysical ideology of Jainism, look at life in everything, even what is inanimate.

The Adi Granth is the most important Sikh scripture.

Some Sikhs want a Sikh nation, different from India.

How countless Sikh gurus to be there before the person line of gurus ended? 10

Nanak’s surname for God was True Name.

Nanak, like the Hindus, believed in reincarnation and also karma.

The founder of Sikhism was Nanak.

The worldview of Sikhism is similar to the Hindu philosophical school called Sankhya.

A sangat is a religious group.

What article worn by the Sikh Khalsa symbolizes strength? steel bracelet.

Jains allow and also recommend gentle self-destruction after a lengthy life the virtue

Uncut hair by the Khalsa and also the last name Singh represent the symbolic characteristics of what animal? lion

What item worn through the Sikh Khalsa to represent alertness and also readiness come fight? one-of-a-kind underwear.

How numerous parts is the Adi Granth split into? 3

According come Sikh teaching, the primary guru is A.become one through God. B.have one’s spirit get rid of physicality. C.practice nonviolence. ?

According come Sikh teaching, the major guru is God.

Guru Granth is an honorary title for the sacred book of Sikhism

The Jains take into consideration Mahavira to be the twenty-fourth “crossing-maker.”

Jain monks different from buddhism monks in enabling nakedness.

In the story of your lives, Mahavira and also the Buddha show similarities, such together their both practicing extreme asceticism.

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Jainism sees fact as consisted of of life (jiva) and also nonlife (ajiva)

Tirthankara is the Jain name the is interpreted crossing-maker.

Japji method “Conqueror”; the Jain term for a perfected human being who will certainly not it is in reborn. False

Khalsa is the community of initiated Sikhs. True

A Digambara is a Sikh temple. False

Puja means “disciple”; a monitor of the Sikh religion. False

The Adi Granth is the “original collection”; the main scripture that the Sikhs. True

Adi Granth method “Holy Death”; fatality by self-starvation, valued in Jainism together a noble end of a lengthy life the virtue and detachment. False