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Answer: Jack as soon as Walter and Anna need a home, Jack, Walter"s real estate agent tells him about a million dollar house going for just $200,000. Walter questions the engine behind this low price. Climate Jack tells him that doesn"t matter why it"s for this reason cheap and that he have to take advantage of the situation.
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Answer: Shelley Long and also Tom Hanks The chemistry created between these two analyzed into magic on the screen.
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Answer: Walter Jack asks Walter if that can gain $200,000 by Friday come buy the house. Walter renders it really clear the he is broke.
Answer: Cheap girl This team of characters were men who dressed as women. They want to readjust their surname to Meryl Streep, however, Walter warned lock of the opportunity of a lawsuit.
Answer: Anna after ~ Walter and Anna tourism the house, they talk around whether or no they must buy it. Trying to to convince Anna the house will be great, he speak her about the short line at engine Vehicles. He states that you obtain on the lengthy line the "reaches come Spain". Then he states you see a small line, "but friend don"t get on that line "cause friend think something should be wrong with it."
Answer: $200,000 Jack Schnittman, the overweight realtor, said that this house just came on the market and that it was a million disagreement home. Walter said he thought that it had actually to it is in to an excellent to be true, he to be right.
Answer: She it s okay stuck in the mattress Anna and also Walter gain Carlos and also Estelle"s bed as soon as they to buy the house. Anna sits on the sheet of it and the mattress gradually collapses towards the floor with her in it.
Answer: Max Max was conceited and also full that himself. He was well-known as the Maestro come the orchestra members. Alexander Godunov died of alcohol poisoning in 1995.
Answer: addressing the stair The first day Walter and also Anna move in, Walter drops through a "tricky step". He attempts to solve it with a hammer and nails. The pounding reasons parts the the ceiling to fall on Anna"s head.
Answer: Shirk brothers Art and Brad Shirk ran a carpentry and also plumbing business. Every time anyone would ask as soon as something would certainly be excellent they would all speak "two weeks".
Answer: He"s stuck in the floor ~ Walter gets turn off the phone with Montgomery Shrapp (the allow guy), he steps into a feet in the floor. The doesn"t understand the feet is there because it is spanned by an area rug. Anna gets a journey home and also finds Walter in the floor. Do the efforts to help him, she pulls on the rug, yet it doesn"t work. It just causes him to loss through come the first floor.
Answer: $2.9 million Walter claims this amount as soon as he is reading the letter from his father at the beginning of the movie, informing him of his new marriage.
Answer: 1 hour Walter: "Don"t take her coat off" Anna: "Where room we going" Walter: "We"re going come look at a house, an hour away from here..."
Answer: Walter once Anna is struck by the raccoon, he gyeongju up the stairs, causing them come collapse. Not learning the stairs space out and that Walter is hanging indigenous the edge, Anna measures on Walter"s fingers. Later on that night when Anna is consisting of the bed, Walter doesn"t aid because his fingers space bandaged.
Answer: Benny Anna asks Walter whereby he is going to get his half of the money for the house. Walter speak Anna the he is "going come the top" - to the one who "sold 22 million records last year".
22 Walter receives a letter and picture from his father telling him the news the his marriage. Where does Walter"s father get married?

Answer: Rio de Janeiro The very very first scene that this movie takes place in Rio de Janeiro, whereby we view Walter"s father marry a young woman.
23 What to be the surname of the young absent star that Walter visited to loaned the money come buy the house?

Answer: Benny Walter wanted Benny to loan that the $200,000 due to the fact that he aided him save five times that lot in taxes that year. He had to speak to him choose a kid to acquire what that wanted.

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