IRON MAIDEN returns to the Tacoma Dome v the tradition Of The Beast Tour. They will certainly be join by distinct guests The crow Age.

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Let us guide your way! you re welcome follow ourrecommended routes. For real-time traffic, we indicate usingWaze.Parkingin Tacoma Dome lots, opening at 1pm, is $30 and also will it is in limited.

Park in downtown Tacoma and take the Tacoma connect Light Rail to the Tacoma Dome Station!Tacoma attach light railwill be running expanded hours through the critical train leaving the Tacoma Dome terminal at 11:48pm.

Check the end thePlan her Visitpagefor alternate parking and also transportation options.

Security steps are in place for every Tacoma Dome events, including metal detectors, bag size restrictions, and also bag searches. Weapons of any kind, including pocket knives, space not allowed. If you view something, to speak something™. Visit ourSecurity pagefor more details.

Doors are booked to open at approximately 6pm.

Guests with general Admissiontickets get in at lower NW doors. Those with booked seats should use upper SW and also Upper east entry doors. Recommended doors because that our guests through disabilities room the reduced NW, top SW, and Upper East.

Entry Door Map

Non-professional (no detachable lens) cameras space allowed. No video cameras, audio recording devices, GoPros, iPads, selfie sticks, gimbals, or tripods.

Be certain to check out some of the good new concession stands! Food specials incorporate Maiden Madness pulled chicken tater tot nachos available at Fire concession stands and also pesto chicken pizza indigenous Tacoma Dough locations. Was standing will also feature Hempler's gourmet neighborhood meats.

*Concessionofferings topic to availability.Please note: exterior food & beverages space not allowed. Exception are produced health-related needs. View the Food and also Beverage policy in ourA-Z Guidefor an ext information.

For ticket holders on the floor, sign up with us at the Tacoma Dome's premiere lounge - The Garage, fueled by heritage Distilling Co. Located on the SW Arena floor, The Garage features rotating cocktails, neighborhood craft and also domestic beers, and also wine. Because that guests with 100 and 200 level seating, visit the Backstage Bar, located on the concourse in between sections 222-226.

Sip locations will attribute Summer Garden Sangria made v Chardonnay, pineapple, strawberry, and lemonade.

The signature cocktail available in The Garage and the Backstage Bar is Texas Twisted Tea crafted v Heritage Distilling bourbon, sweet tea, lemon, and an easy syrup.

Beer and wine will also be available at places throughout the arena.

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Avoid write-up show traffic and grab a bite come eat prior to heading home.

Chick-fil-A will be outside the Tacoma Dome ~ the present selling a choice of their signature Chick-fil-A food and also beverage items!






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