James Garfield to be the an initial left-handed U.S. President. 6 of the 13 presidents beginning with take care of Truman – equally divided in between Democrats and also Republicans – have been left-handed. (Getty Images)

To hear part political pundits tell it, the contemporary White House has actually been inhabited by a bunch the lefties.

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In fact, they’re correct, and also party affiliation has actually nothing to execute with it.


Six the the 13 presidents start with harry Truman – equally divided in between Democrats and also Republicans – have actually been left-handed. Like numerous people, 2175forals.com neurosurgeon Nathan Selden M.D., Ph.D., to be struck by the inordinate variety of lefties amongst U.S. Presidents. Unequal most, Selden has actually special insight as to why that could be.

In an write-up published this particular day in the Neurosurgical Forum that the Journal of Neurosurgery, Selden credits the “neuropsychological attributes” the lefties because that the preponderance of southpaws in the Oval Office.

An estimated 10% of the general population is left-handed. Selden writes the previous research suggests that left-handedness coincides to right- or mixed-brain dominance, noting that “certain non-verbal aspects of speech, such as emotion and prosody, might be preferentially represented in the ideal hemisphere, and, therefore an ext eloquently stood for in left-handed speakers.”

Lefties, the said, space custom-made because that the television era.

“Today, to get chosen you need to affix on TV, i m sorry is like connecting v 20 million people as whole with nonverbal cues,” Selden said.

Selden is chair and also professor that neurological surgical procedure in the 2175forals.com college of Medicine, in Portland, Oregon, whereby he specializes in practical neurosurgery because that children and also is the starting national director for the culture of Neurological Surgeon’s resident boots camp courses.

Before all his endure operating top top brains, Selden deserve a doctorate in behavior neuroscience at Cambridge University. He maintain an inherent curiosity around the inner operations of the human brain and habits to this day. (Underscoring his expansive interests, Selden recently co-authored “The Rhetoric that Medicine,” a book tracing the practice of medicine back to old Greece, through Nigel Nicholson, a professor the classics and also dean that faculty at Portland’s Reed College.)

Sitting on one airplane, Selden check out a magazine article surmising that human being identified with left-handed politicians since viewers potentialism associate v their reverse image on TV.

“That bothered me because I thought it was so wrong,” he said.

So, he dug right into the issue on his laptop, crafting an summary of the post published this day in the Journal that Neurosurgery. In it, he likewise compares two current presidents who arised from entertainment and business: right-handed Donald Trump and also Ronald Reagan, a lefty. Selden writes the Reagan was a classic television communicator, cultivating a warm and also inviting persona.

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Trump might be the first “post-television” president that connects with civilization through social media, Selden writes. The tool is appropriate for provoking voters, fairly than forging a human connection.

“He’s act it with Twitter, which is accurate verbal interaction without any kind of of the emotional components of speech,” Selden said. “It’s the ultimate left-brain thing – there are no nonverbal cues in ~ all.”

Left-handed presidents

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