2175forals.com (CBS)- After an offseachild of waiting, head coach Nick Sirianni ultimately called Jalen Hurts the Eagles starting quarterago this week. While the move was expected from the minute Carkid Wentz was traded to Indianapolis earlier this year, Sirianni was adamant about it being a competition for the starting task between Hurts and also Joe Flacco.

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The second-year quarterearlier impressed sufficient in camp and also limited preseaboy activity to win the project and also now has the chance to prove he have the right to be a viable long-term starting alternative in the league. NFL on CBS analyst Tony Romo says Hurts has actually the possibility to do just that.

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“Jalen Hurts has an chance to present his capability and also you’re not afforded that many type of in the NFL. But he proved many flashes last year and also he has actually a possibility to be very excellent,” Romo shelp on a conference speak to.

Still, the all at once expectations for the team aren’t exceptionally high. Oddsmachines have the Birds favored to win fewer than 5.5 games and also miss the playoffs. ESPN’s Footsphere Power Index has actually the Eagles close to the bottom of the league in projected record (6.9-10.1) and gives them simply a 19.2% possibility of making the postseakid. It looks prefer a lengthy autumn is in order in South Philly. But, according to Romo, that could not be the situation.

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“We heard in the offseason, the owner Jeffrey Lurie talk about how they were after last seaboy having actually to begin over I guess you can say. I actually think this team still has actually many talent and also they hired an excellent coach,” Romo sassist. “I think this organization is really well constructed.”

Romo then took things one action additionally and, while acknowledging it would be an uphill battle to execute so, the Eagles might “surprise” many human being.

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“I think the Eagles are going to be a surpincrease team. If you go in and think they’re really not prepared, they might shock most world and also go 10-6 or 11-5 incredibly conveniently,” Romo said. “That’s an uphill fight ideal currently but I still think they have the majority of talented players and also the coaching staff is excellent. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Eagles have a good seaboy this year.”

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Hurts and also the Eagles can surpincrease people founding in Week 1 as soon as they’re detailed as 3.5 allude underdogs as they take a trip to Atlanta to face Matt Ryan and the Falcons on Sunday, September 12.