Dear Tom,What carry out isobars stand for on weather maps?—Mal Wallis, LyonsDear Mal,A bar is a metric unit that pressure and isobars space lines top top a weather map that affix points of equal air pressure. Because variations in air push drive atmospheric winds, isobars give meteorologists an easy means to assess wind direction and speed.Closely spaced isobars indicate big pressure alters over a little area and also suggest solid winds. Commonly spaced isobars portray a weak push gradient typical of irradiate wind situations.Isobars likewise determine wind direction. Winds in the northern Hemisphere punch clockwise about highs and counterclockwise around lows. Frictional impacts at floor level cause winds come blow throughout isobars at around a 30 degree angle toward lower air pressure.

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Walmart scrapping layaway, supplying ‘buy now, salary later’ regimen instead

by Cris Belle, Nexstar Media cable / Sep 25, 2021

(WJW) — Planning her holiday shopping and also how you"ll finance it?

Walmart freshly announced the the company is scrapping the layaway setup just before the vacation shopping season, and also instead convert to a "buy now, salary later" routine in partnership v lending company Affirm.


Man charged through hate crime ~ threatening united state Olympic athlete cultivate in California park

by KTLA Digital Staff, Nexstar Media wire / Sep 25, 2021
(KTLA) — A man suspected that yelling threats and spitting at a U.S. Olympic karate athlete in a southern California park previously this year has been charged with a hate crime, the Orange County ar Attorney"s Office stated Friday.

Michael Orlando Vivona, 26, already faces multiple dislike crime charges in a separate instance where he accused punched an enlarge Asian pair while they were the end for a walk, prosecutors stated in a news release.


10 points you do not do it do when visiting Hawaii

by Chelsee Yee, Mariya Parkhomchuk, Nexstar Media cable / Sep 25, 2021
HONOLULU (KHON) -- gift a tourist way being mindful of the location you"re visiting and also to the people who call it home. Rules and also common courtesy still use during your vacation in Hawaii, a location that dead a background that must be respected. With simple care and also attention, you have the right to do your part to it is in a an excellent visitor.

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Here are 10 points you shouldn"t do once visiting the islands.

Salmonella outbreak indigenous unidentified source expands come 29 states; CDC says strain discovered in takeout container



Salmonella outbreak indigenous unidentified source expands come 29 states; CDC claims strain uncovered in takeout container

CDC: Salmonella outbreak from unidentified food source sickens civilization in 25 states consisting of Illinois