Arnav’s office is being renovated again and he’s staying home to work, to Lavanya’s delight. Anjali, Nani, and Lavanya talk about Khushi and how they’re tricking her, but scramble to hide their plans from Mami when she joins them. Mami becomes suspicious when she notices their weird behaviour.

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Arnav opens the door whenKhushi arrives at Shantivan, on his way to pick up a file, and they both remember their pact not to talk. They have an adorable moment where they almost walk into each other three times as they navigate the doorway, before he barrels past her.

Note: Arnav does this to her on purpose, at the poolside and on the stairs, after their marriage just to tease her.


Khushi sees Nani and Lavanya arguing again, and quickly takes Lavanya to the temple to teach her more about holy books.

3. Khushi takes a message

Khushi reluctantly picks up the landline at Lavanya’s request and speaks, for the first time, to Aman. He says he can’t contact ASR-sir and could she please pass along a message that his conference has been moved to 12 o"clock.

But Khushi and her Laad Governor have a no-speaking pact, and there’s only ten minutes until midday!

Note: Aman actually tells Khushi that the conference has been moved from 12pm to 1pm. Blooper!! There are many inconsistencies in the next few episodes, including Khushi repeatedly calling HP Hari Prasad instead of Hari Prakash, and one time OP-ji! Maybe the editors/director weren’t paying enough attention? Or maybe there’s a deeper meaning to all the mistakes?

Just then, Arnav returns to the house and Khushi tries to pass along the messageusing her own brand of sign language. She only succeeds in confusing him.


Then she writes a message for him, asking HP to deliver it (and calling him OP-ji), but HP gets confused and diligently delivers the religious text that Lavanya was studying to Arnav.

A: “Yeh book? Khushi ne di? Mujhe? Kyun?” HP: “Unho nekahahai ki aapka yeh padhnabahutzaroorihai. Aur urgent batayi.” A: “Pagal ho gayi hai kya voh?” HP: “Hum poonch ke aaye?” A: “Oh shut up!”

Side note: He was confused and he asked if Khushi was crazy, but he kept what she sent him.

4. Inspector Manorama

Manorama, who’s been watching Nani, Anjali, and Lavanya act suspiciously over the past day,notices that Nani and Lavanya have become best friends, but they fight in front of Khushi.

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During lunch, Manorama tastes all of Lavanya’s cooking, trying to prove that Lavanya has learnt to cook and that there’s no need for Khushi any more.