It is the Soldier that salutes the flag,Who serves beneath the flag,And whose coffin is draped by the flag,Who allows the protester come burn the flag.

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This popular poem reminds united state that there is no men and women willing to go into harm"s way to maintain them, the for free granted by ours Constitution, and taken because that granted by for this reason many, space worth little much more than the item of paper they"re published upon.

There are blogs and also comments throughout the web debating the contents of the poem, some picking that apart by attempting to apply the native literally. Sadly, those who do so will certainly never know the true an interpretation of the poem -- the without our military members ready to protect them, those freedoms we cherish would quickly disappear.

So, when technically soldiers perform not "give" united state those freedoms, they do guarantee them. Those varieties of civilization just will never ever "get it," at the very least not till it"s too late, and also then they"ll wonder what happened, and also why the army didn"t avoid it.

The poem has been extensively circulated and inaccurately attributed come "Father Denis Edward O"Brien, USMC." as an astute reporter sharp out, the U.S. Maritime Corps walk not have priests -- priests for naval units room Navy chaplains. We room not linking to that reporter"s piece, because we strong disagree through its premise, i beg your pardon takes exception to the emotion in the poem. If you have read this far, that item would just raise her blood pressure and also we perform not wish to encourage it, so we"ll conserve you the trouble.

From our research, it shows up that Sergeant Denis Edward O"Brien offered in the U.S. Naval Corps during people War II. He became a priest after his discharge indigenous the military.

According come the offices of the Catholic ar of Pius X in Dallas, TX, wherein Father O"Brien lived and also worked indigenous 1988 to his death in 2002, dad O"Brien was always quick come disclaim his authorship the the poem.

We room happy to aid clarify the beginning of this fine piece, i m sorry honors the spirit and also contribution that the individual members the the U.S. Military, and to identify the job-related of Mr. Province.

We hope that you will remember, and help others come remember, that the for free they gain are their only due to the fact that of the courage, dedication and also sacrifice that the brave men and women that our armed forces, past, present and also future, who room willing to was standing up and fight to maintain them.

Please, take it a minute to post your post of thanks to ours troops.

Then, comment on this reader"s case that "It is the Soldier" poem goes overboard through its worship of our troops.

If you space a Vietnam vet that would choose to share her stories, or you"d like to salary a unique tribute to a Viet Nam vet, please go to Vietnam Veterans. You"ll find a kind to submit her story at the bottom of the page.

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