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Ivanka trump in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 20, 2018. Luisa Gonzalez/Reuters

The daily Mail reported the Trump wore the Oscar de la Renta two-piece set while attending the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 30, 2018. Her top reportedly price $2,490, if her navy skirt retailed because that $1,190.

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Ivanka also carried a $275 handbag native her clothes line, which has since gone the end of business.

On April 17, 2018, Ivanka wore a futuristic ensemble, i m sorry retailed for a combined total of $3,239.


Ivanka Trump at a state dinner hosted in Abidjan, cream color Coast, ~ above April 17, 2018. Jacquelyn Martin/AP

According come Footwear News, Ivanka"s pink, cape-style dress was designed by Alex Perry and retailed because that $2,289. She additionally wore a $950 pair that bejeweled heels from Jimmy Choo.

Ivanka then wore among her most expensive looks to date, a $12,888 gown, in ~ the April 2018 state dinner.


Ivanka Trump and also Jared Kushner at a state dinner ~ above April 24, 2018. Joshua Roberts/Reuters

For the event, i m sorry was hosted in honor of French president Emmanuel Macron, Ivanka determined a sleeveless ensemble native the American fashion brand Rodarte, metro reported during the event.

The gown was pastel-pink v black polka dots, and also featured a floral embellishment over its tiered skirt.

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Ivanka trump card boards marine One come head come Camp David top top June 1, 2018. Susan Walsh/AP

Ivanka wore the $1,490 trousers, which to be designed by Oscar de la Renta, when heading come Camp David for a family members retreat, follow to the day-to-day Mail.

At the time,Ivanka was criticizedfor put on the expensive pants outdoors, wherein the hem showed up to touch the grass together she walked.

Later in June 2018, Ivanka arrived in new Jersey wearing a $2,110 dress designed through Emilia Wickstead.

Ivanka Trump and also her family step turn off Air pressure One in brand-new Jersey ~ above June 29, 2018. Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

According to Express, she wore the dress to an occasion that celebrated working American parents. The ensemble featured a button-up peak with brief sleeves, and also was paired with simple black heels.

Ivanka trump card in Ethiopia on April 15. Anadolu Agency/Getty images

She met through Ethiopia"s president Sahle-Work Zewde top top April 15, and wore the floral dress designed by Emilia Wickstead because that the occasion. If the dress once retailed for $1,655, that is top top sale because that $662 at the time of writing.

Ivanka Trump in ~ the Milken Institute worldwide Conference on April 29. Michael Kovac/Getty pictures

Her powder-blue suit was designed by Partow, and featured a slim flare at its sleeves and ankles. The fit jacket and also matching pants are now on sale, however once retailed for$2,082 and $1,313 respectively.

For shoes, Trump chose a standard pair the Gianvito Rossiblack pumps, which room currently easily accessible to purchase for $675.

On a expedition to the UK in June 2019, Ivanka donned a white, two-piece ensemble the cost around $3,053.

Ivanka Trump and also Sir Roy solid at Westminster Abbey on June 3. Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty photos

According to the night Standard, the outfit was created by Alessandra Rich, a designer who typically creates clothing for the British royal family. Trump"s pleated midi skirt is stated to have expense $1,081 (£855), while her corresponding peplum shirt is claimed to have price $1,972 (£1,558.98).

During the exact same visit, Ivanka arrived at the imperial banquet on June 3 wearing an $11,720 (£9,267 GBP) dress from Carolina Herrera.

Ivanka trumped walks together Secretary that State for international Trade, Liam Fox. WPA Pool/Getty pictures

The pastel-blue gown was extended in a floral print, and also featured a button-up, collared top. She wore the watch — which some felt was too casual — to a imperial banquet at Buckingham Palace hosted by Queen Elizabeth II.

Ivanka trump in the UK ~ above June 4. SOPA Images/Getty pictures

On June 4, she combine a $1,190 sheer optimal from the brand through a corresponding $1,190 pleated skirt. To complete the ensemble, Ivanka wore a $750 pair the Burberry patent-leather pumps.

Ivanka wore a $2,990 Oscar de la Renta dress and also $709 (£561 GBP) Manolo Blahnik pair of shoes at she father's reelection kickoff rally.

Ivanka Trump alongside Jared Kushner top top June 18. Evan Vucci/AP

Her white, short-sleeved dress, i m sorry is at this time on sale at Neiman Marcus, has actually an orange floral information near the shoulder and a belt at the waist. Ivanka"s shoes space also easily accessible to purchase from the very same websiteat the moment of writing.

Ivanka trumped in Bogotá, Colombia, ~ above September 3. Luisa Gonzalez/Reuters

Ivanka wore the Johanna Ortiz dress while visiting female police cadets at basic Santander national Police Academy in Bogotá, Colombia.

However, she had afashion mishap when posing alongside the country"s vice president and minister of national defense — her sleeves flared up in the wind, creating giant circles of fabric.

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Ivanka trumped in Washington ~ above October 18. James Lawler Duggan/Reuters

She wore the plaid dress while showing up on a panel because that the international Monetary Fund and also World bank on October 18.

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