Ohio State Buckeyes head coach metropolitan Meyer is escorted turn off the field at Ohio stadium after top his team to a 62-39 success over Michigan, Saturday, November 24, 2018. (Marvin Fong / The plain Dealer)The plain Dealer



More evidence was gathered Saturday as Ohio State to win Michigan 62-39 in The Game, Meyer relocating to 7-0 in the rivalry and Harbaugh sliding to 0-4. Both room 54 year old, born in the same Toledo hospital, Harbaugh six months older 보다 Meyer but clearly behind in every regard on the soccer field.

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What go the future organize for 2 winning football coaches enclosed to two legendary problems they love, when one can’t beat the other, and also the one who keeps winning constantly seems to be in distress?

Go ago to the Maryland game and also the sideline reaction that had everyone wondering around Meyer -- again.

The Buckeyes won by a suggest in overtime. The camera followed Meyer’s every move. The toggled between positions the to me suggest physical pains - his hand on his knees, his head bending - and uncontrolled exasperation, as he paced and looked come the sky while life his team’s every mistake.

And there was the point. Meyer was joking, however sometimes during that game, the looked like any type of other human in the stadium, flummoxed by the Buckeyes, when in reality he was the guy in charge.

“It’s frustrating as soon as you watch a pick-six, once you check out a tight finish not release on a pass and the quarterback fumbles, when you watch a very good running earlier from Maryland,” Meyer claimed of that 52-51 win the week prior to the Michigan game. “So it’s up and down, up and down. ... It’s a an extremely emotional game, and also I’ve to be doing this a lengthy time.”

He’s to be a head coach because that 17 seasons, two more than Harbaugh. He has actually handed end play-calling come his aides this season more than he ever before has. Yet he fights earlier on any type of suggestion that life as a CEO coach, one overseer that leaves all the details - and also the frustrations and overreactions - to his staff. He’s invested in the an inspiration of his team, i beg your pardon is possibly why he constantly looks favor the video game is driving him mad.

Meyer common emotional moments v his household after the win over the Michigan win. His wife, Shelley, was shown during the TV transfer holding their grandson and also sobbing close to the end of the victory.

“There’s no one that method more to me than her. And, yeah, yes sir nothing an ext important 보다 my three kids and my grandson, and another one ~ above the way," Meyer said. “And to view the smiles on your face, it is priceless and that’s miscellaneous I’ll never forget.”

He will make The Game around his family, since to Meyer lock are part of this, as with a player or a coach. They join him top top the field after wins, they protect him on social media, they are component of the Ohio State football program.

But he is reluctant to make any type of of this about himself, even as the height question for Ohio State fans is what Meyer’s future holds.

“To check out the human being I love the most, mine players, and our staff and also my family enjoy it, that’s every I care about,” Meyer said. “And once again, every due respect to whatever else that’s out there and conversations, we’re kind of foxhole civilization that live in a foxhole and you treatment deeply around your family, care deeply around your players. And I do treatment deeply about the school.”

Meyer is battling a serious health and wellness issue, a cyst in his brain that has actually been leading to him regular headaches during the season, including during games. He spoke of that a month earlier in an attempt to clarify questions around apparent sideline anguish. That conversation is why ns confident the moments as soon as he’s bent end on the sideline are basic physical pain.

But when that concern is present, the concerns will never end. The is certainly feasible that this is Meyer’s last season coaching Ohio State. It is absolutely on the table.

But I believe a new treatment answer come his mind cyst might be possible as well. And also for a coach that retired and then un-retired in ~ Florida, and who 100 percent desires to it is in Ohio State’s coach if he can physically carry out it, I’m far from suspect Meyer is in ~ the finish of his run.

There are additionally the concerns that may always linger around how that handled previous assistant Zach Smith, the receivers coach accused of yet never fee with domestic abuse who was fired before the season, as Meyer to be suspended because that the very first three games. But you feel around Meyer and how he carried out himself there, it’s noticeable that was a time that stress and uncertainty because that him, which that did in part bring on himself.

It has been an unusual year, a it s too dirty year. And maybe, just due to the fact that health is important for everyone, maybe a final year.

When Meyer to be asked Monday just how he’s doing physically, he responded, “Good,” six times as a reporter make the efforts multiple time to engage him on his health and his future.

When asked directly with the last question the the news conference if he’d be coaching at Ohio State following season, Meyer said, “I plan to coach,” and also then slid into a remark around Northwestern’s kickoff team. Reverting to game talk is a joking, yet effective, go-to move to obtain away from topics he doesn’t want to discuss.

It’s his plan. He is 7-0 versus Michigan. His team is tho in the playoff hunt after an regularly perplexing season. You can read a victory over the Wolverines any way you want to, as a means to go out on optimal or as a reason to continue to be if he is still dominating. However my opinion didn’t readjust with the result. It continues to be a an easy health issue.

He’ll coach if that can. He has to figure out median if that can. And there’s probably much more straight forward clarity in that than later on of the coach that beat again Saturday.

Harbaugh, at 38-13 at Michigan v 10-win periods in 3 of four years, is too many criticized in part circles by those who shed context of what the inherited ~ a troubling stretch the mediocrity under wealthy Rodriguez and Brady Hoke.

But 0-4 versus Ohio State is 0-4. The Wolverines were really close in 2016 (losing in Columbus in twin overtime) and also pretty close last year (leading when J.T. Barrett go out through a third-quarter injury). Through their finest team that the Harbaugh era, they weren’t close Saturday.

The Wolverines have continued their heritage of losing big games. Yet it’s not just around shrinking in the spotlight. Michigan can not shake its an ext conservative offensive style that specifically pales in comparison to Ohio State’s capacity to get fast players the sphere in space and permit them go.

There are plenty of things that have the right to be spicy to because that blame in Saturday’s drubbing in Columbus. Harbaugh, who had made progress this season in being much less stubborn offensively, go right ago to the old conservative fine by trying come tip-toe his method up a mountain. The zone-read wrinkles? Gone. Attack mismatches ~ above Ohio State’s linebackers in coverage? Nope. Being much less predictable? Not even close.

2. Develop its game plan roughly the principle the you want your finest athletes come touch the round as regularly as possible.

This all sounds simple, because coaching soccer is very easy for those that don’t try to execute it. Yet it’s no really how Michigan approached this game.

In 10 previous wins, Michigan had imposed its will certainly on weaker opponents. With its share of solid skill players, Harbaugh got to the Buckeyes and didn’t change. And also he lost.

So Meyer must figure out if he deserve to stay, discovering that his brand of football tho works, especially against Michigan.

Harbaugh must number out if every little thing he believes around the game will ever be enough to acquire him a win over the Buckeyes. He might need to recruitment a various style the player, to embrace a various version of offense, to change to a different way of thinking and to allow Harbaugh football to fully evolve.

Michigan’s issue is cloudier. Together Harbaugh stays, he have to wonder just how he might possibly afford not to change.

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