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Little Women: Atlanta‘s Emily Fernandez is grieving the ns of her infant son, who died Aug. 5 in ~ the period of 3 months.

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Fernandez, that stars top top the unscripted lifetime series, specifically opened as much as 2175forals.com about the fatality of her “second born” – Lontel Jahnar Johnson Jr. (JJ) – who experienced multiple health and wellness complications before and also after he to be born, consisting of seizures and also blood approximately his brain.

“To speak the last 3 months have been the most daunting of my life is the understatement the the century. Lontel Jahnar Johnson Jr. (JJ), my 2nd born, to be a prayer answered. He to be born on April 27, 2016, and also he to be the perfect small package. My infant was having actually seizures in utero and doctors believe there to be a trouble with the placenta. Small 2175forals.com pregnancies are high risk and being pregnant v a small person is even more dangerous. JJ wasn’t receiving enough oxygen and also he to be born v blood approximately his brain,” Fernandez said.

Though JJ confronted severed complications, she and her boyfriend, Lontel, believed their newborn would pull through.

“But we thought he’d make it since he was just a baby. We believed there to be a fighting chance. Many surgeries were performed – however after finding the end that he couldn’t hear, couldn’t see and also was still having actually seizures through a dropping heart price – us realized that he to be living his life in fear,” she shared. “He would certainly panic every time a nurse would come to adjust his diaper because he couldn’t listen or see them. No to point out all the surgeries he had to undergo in the state of continuous fear. It was heartbreaking for me to check out him suffer.”

Fernandez stated that she “fought for his life” and did everything in her power to prolong his life: “I dealt with for his life – i demanded the he have actually multiple exam run. I wanted to be certain that ns did everything in my strength to save him and also keep him. I’m so thankful to the staff at clinical City in Dallas for every little thing they did because that my baby. If he would’ve been average height, this would’ve tho happened. Whatever was because of his brain damage.”

Three months after her son’s bear on April 27, he passed away in beforehand August after gift taken off the ventilator.

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“JJ passed on Aug. 5 – three quick months after ~ I carried him into the world. The only thing the brings me any type of semblance of peace is understanding that he’s no much longer scared and he’s no much longer suffering,” the explain continued. “I dealt with to store him alive, yet I had actually to think about how fear he had actually to be waking increase every morning and living in darkness. We took him turn off the ventilator, and also he left us within two hours.”

“In his quick time here on Earth, he teach me the true meaning of sacrifice and everlasting love,” she continued. “I miss out on my King every day, and also I dedicate mine life to him.”

On the job of her son’s death, Fernandez grieved his ns on Instagram and also shared multiple family photos v her fans.

“The entrances of heaven invited their sweetest angel tonight. You were loved past words and also I will miss out on you every 2nd of everyday my king,” she captioned one Instagram photo. “I know you will rest easy and also look down united state watching over your sisters. RIP Lontel Jahnar Johnson Jr.”

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