The dream duo of Rogan and Goldberg is no more, but now we have a new team to look forward to…

Widely considered the best commentating combination in the MMA world, Joe Rogan and Mike Golderg were solid fan favourites. Having spent 20 years on the UFC front lines together, the dream team was abruptly torn apart in the final day of 2016.

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We’d learned in December last year that Goldberg’s UFC contract was up, which led to widespread disarray in the MMA community. Making things considerably worse was the way in which Goldie was ousted from the promotion he called ‘family.’

The legendary duo of Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg was separated by the new UFC owners WME-IMG…

Goldberg’s Exit From The UFC

Serving for the last time as commentator at UFC 207, Goldberg was given no tribute. In fact, there was not even a single mention of the departure of Goldie, causing an uproar among fans.

Then, after months of wondering, we heard yesterday that Goldberg was coming back to MMA. Ironically, it would be with the UFC’s biggest rival-Bellator MMA. Joining him is Pride FC commentator Mauro Ranallo.

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Joe Rogans reaction to this monumental signing is below:

Joe Rogan Sends Kind Words On Instagram

joerogan Congratulations to my great friend and longtime partner
goldieontv! I miss working with you, brother! I’m sure you’re going to love working at

The signing of Mike Goldberg continues a growing trend for Bellator MMA. Disgruntled ex-UFC employees are flocking to BMMA, with sponsorships, potentially better pay & conditions serving as the big attractions.

Bellator boss Scott Coker said the following on the signing of Goldie and Mauro:

Bellator is getting a new look in the commentary booth with two familiar faces…

Via LowKick:

“Mike Goldberg and Mauro Ranallo are two of the best in our business, and I couldn’t be happier about them joining the Bellator family,” said Scott Coker. “In addition to June 24, we look forward to working together to make future Spike broadcasts even more exciting for our fans as we add further depth to an already-exceptional broadcast team.”

“The addition of highly-regarded announcers Mauro and Mike to our fantastic lineup of broadcasters, and our first-rate production led by Scott Fishman, further demonstrates our commitment MMA fans and expanding the global Bellator brand,” added Spike SVP, Sports, and Specials Jon Slusser.”

Just to remind yourself of how Goldie was feeling after being cut, here’s his statement:


“Around December 1, I got the news that my contract would not be renewed. So I was given about a month’s notice and I had a couple of shows left. I had Urijah Faber’s last show, which was awesome. The trip to Toronto, and of course UFC 207 was my last show.”

“I was one of a lot of people, a lot of good people from the ZUFFA era that got caught. So I feel for my co-workers, for my friends as much as I felt for myself. I watched everything around me be shattered. It took 15 years to build this wonderful family, and it felt like it took 15 minutes to destroy it. And it was a really tough time, and it’s still a tough time because there may be more to come. This is not uncommon with an ownership change.”