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It won't go out...I've been absupplied, and I've been misusedAnd I'm mad as hell – in other words, I'm stone mad!You understand, I took a young lady out to dinnerAnd after dinner, she said "I'm gonna have to leave you now"I said, "Do you expect to tell me I simply invested 15 or 16 dollarsAnd you gonna leave me, and also ain't gonna do nothing?"Do you know, what that dirty... womale said?Put her hand also on her hip, looked at me and also said:"I kbrand-new all the moment, what you had actually on your mindBut Joe Simon, it be's that method sometimes"Have you ever before wanted somethingThat you just couldn't have?And have actually you ever before hear something funnyIt was so funny, but you just couldn't laugh?Oh no... tell me, have actually you ever been someplaceYou was having actually an excellent timeOh, and you just didn't wanna leave?Oh, it be's that means sometimesLet me say it againIt be's that way, it really be that method sometimesIf you don't mind hearing the truth
Have you ever before, have you ever before loved somebodyThat didn't love you? It's tough, it's hardAnd that somebody, that somebody you lovedLoved someone else too?And that pain is so hard to bearHave you ever been down and also out?Felt simply like you were about to lose your mindOh, it be's that means sometimesHey, it be's that method sometimesI wanna know, carry out you all understand what I'm talkin' aboutYou see, life is a funny thing, childrenLife ain't always in your favor, mm-mhm...Have you ever, have you ever before met somebodyThat you really did like? Listen to me good nowAnd that somebody, that somebody you likedThat dirty dog, turned about and also stabbed you in the back?You took him to be your friendYou see, a true friend these days, oh, is kinda hard to findBelieve, what Joe Simon tell you

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It be's that method sometimesI simply wanna say it another timeIt be's that means, it really be that way sometimesOh... (it be's that means sometimes)Oh, it really be that means sometimesWhen you execute all you deserve to carry out (it be's that method sometimes)Oh, however your friend don't provide a damn around youI tell you, it be that means sometimes (it be's that method sometimes)You've provided the cloth off your backThey revolve approximately and also about, and stab you in the back(It be's that means sometimes) you understand it be that way sometimesOh, believe me when I tell you (it be's that method sometimes)It really be that way periodically...