Joey King called a chilling story top top The Howard Stern Show around a medical concern she emerged while filming The Conjuring.

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The horror movie The Conjuring is still among the freakiest paranormal real-life stories to date. Before going into information she said, "That movie messed me up because that my whole life."

King explained, "This is important the root of why ns am so scared of the movie. In the movie once the mother gets own she gets all these bruises top top her. During the filming that those details scenes, i started having a many bruises display up on mine body."

She play the daughter Christine and also was just twelve years old as soon as these unexplainable bruises appeared.

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"The makeup ladies assumed I was stealing their fake bruises, and also I to be like, "why would certainly I carry out that, that"s crazy." they didn"t believe me. They tried to take my actual bruises off with rubbing alcohol and also oil."

The plot gets darker as King continued, and also the suffer still visibly disturbs her 7 years later. Could she have actually been influenced by paranormal forces while this every happened?

"I got a couple (of) blood tests because they said me it looked choose it could potentially be early on signs that leukemia. All of a sudden, ns am told the I have actually this blood-thinning problem called ITP. Basically most of mine red platelets drained native my body mysteriously."

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King additional said why this diagnosis to be so odd, "I had never had actually a blood trouble in the past, I"ve never had a blood problem due to the fact that then. Nobody in my family members has that. Ns was at risk of needing a blood transfusion, and also they were scared to also let me work."

The actress then had to get her blood tested double a day throughout filming in an initiative to monitor she platelets and assist her rebuild them through iron supplements.

"Then once I came residence my platelets were fully fine. Ns was back up to the common numbers and I"ve never because had a trace of that disorder."

King revealed the she Googled the spirit that to be responsible to the haunting suffer that inspired The Conjuring and also was terrified to also write she name right into the computer. She felt that she to be being watched.

very sewing King is in perfect health and wellness today, but she to trust the unexplainable blood worry was due to a ghostly predicament.

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