Journey 3 Updates: Why The Moon Sequel Isn't Happening while the franchise was set to continue with journey 3: native The planet To The Moon, the movie to be canned. Here"s why trip 3 isn"t happening.

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if the franchise showed up to be riding high after ~ the success the the second movie, Journey 3: from The planet To The Moon was at some point canceled – here"s why the 3rd adventure no happening, The collection launched v 2008’s Journey to The center Of The Earth, i beg your pardon was based upon the well known novel by Jules Verne and also starred Brendan Fraser and also Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games). If reviewers found the movie gimmicky as result of its use of 3D it was a hard hit for the studio.

While josh Hutcherson changed for Journey 2: The mysterious Island, Brendan Fraser’s uncle was replaced by Dwayne Johnson together the stepfather come Hutcherson’s character. The movie also featured Michael Caine and adapted another Jules Verne novel The secret Island. Journey 2 was an even bigger hit than the original, v reviews praising the consists of Johnson as the brand-new leading man. Journey 3 to be soon evidenced by the studio, which would certainly adapt Verne’s From The planet To The Moon.

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It appeared the studio to be so confident in the future of the blossoming franchise they were planning to film Journey 4 alongside Journey 3. Dwayne Johnson was ending up being a major star throughout this era, v his inclusion in Fast Five credited with bringing that franchise come a whole new audience, if 2013"s G.I. Joe: Retaliation was considered an improvement on the initial thanks come his certification role. Johnson would later on reteam through Journey 2 director Brad Peyton top top San Andreas.

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Journey 3 & 4 were still gift planned roughly this time, however it shows up Johnson’s hectic workload and focus on various other projects maintained pushing them back. Virtually nothing was heard about Journey 3 between 2015 come 2018 as soon as Johnson confirmed to a fan on Twitter that Journey 3 was canceled because they couldn’t cracked the script. This wasn’t much of a shock, considering it had been 6 years since Journey 2 by that point and there had been little sign of motion on the project. Complying with the huge success of Jumanji: Welcome come The Jungle Johnson was even less likely to revisit Journey, considering the comparable tones between the 2 franchises.

In the same way The Mummy star Brendan Fraser was changed by Johnson, the studio might have lugged on a new lead actor for Journey 3, but considering the star strength Johnson brought to the series, this was unlikely. While the an initial two movies were fun adventures, Journey no a franchise that had actually a burning fanbase either, so it’s basic to see how it fell in between the cracks. Johnson’s join they had trouble coming up v a solid script shows it can be a great thing Journey 3 didn’t at some point move front too.

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Peyton and Johnson reteamed again for 2018’s video game adaptation Rampage, and also while San Andreas 2 is planned, that feels like an additional sequel that can get lost in the shuffle that Johnson’s schedule. The a pity Journey 3: from The earth To The Moon no come together, but audiences will have actually plenty of other Dwayne Johnson movies later on to comprise for it.