Juelia, who an initial appeared on chris Soules" season of "The Bachelor," revealed the happy news top top Instagram Monday. She posted a photo with her fiancé and their dog together blue acting emanates indigenous a handheld device.

Juelia acknowledged that the photograph bears a resemblance to what taken place when a gender reveal partysparked a fire in san Bernardino Countyin at an early stage September.

The "Bachelor in Paradise" alumna began her caption, "We to be reluctant to write-up this snapshot because our hearts to be saddened to know that a fire in CA began from a gender reveal. This to be taken before we heard about this and couldn’t hold ago anymore... The A BOY!!!!!!!!!!"

Her keep in mind continued, "now Aaron and I have actually to figure out what the heck we are going to surname him (suggestions??!!) for this reason excited for this priceless gift we have actually been given!!!!! Ireland and also the boys want a sister but one more brother will need to do ;) (Kevy is excited as well