Very friendly and also clean salon. Abiding by the pandemic rule made me feel very comfortable. Absolutely will be a repeat customer.

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Love this place! i drive 30+ min simply to view them. Reasonable prices because that the amazing work they do. Lucy is my walk to nail guru.

Not everyone at this salon is an excellent with stunner designs, if you space looking for an excellent design go to Lucy or Annie, all perform beautiful nail shapes.

Do no go come this location I walk in come ask if i could set up an meeting for my wife and also they looked in ~ me choose I was crazy then ns asked if they had actually anything obtainable that evening and the lady called me no yet she opened up her appointment book and there was plainly available appointments and also she quiet told me the they can not execute it and also I asked them not even if ns pay right currently I thought that was a little strange ns dont recognize maybe thats just me however Im for this reason she didnt let me collection up an appointment because I looked up a different place choose 2 mile away speak to Diamond Nails where they were completely respectful and awesome and my mam loved it there so go to this ar at your very own risk I definitely wouldnt send my wife there i will just pay for her to walk to Diamond Nails for sure

Usually not trust males doing mine nails but they hired a brand-new guy and he walk an amazing project on my coffin shard pond which isnt simple to do since every whereby else ive been didnt gain it ideal until now.

I am glad that I discovered this place! As soon as ns walked in i was greeted and right far Danny gained started on my nails. Ive gone to him a few times before at a various location and I knew that he wouldnt let me down. I absolutely love mine nails! Ive obtained so plenty of compliments on them and I just had actually them done yesterday!

I went to obtain my pond done, ns am a 62 year old male who is handicapped and also have nerve damages in both hands....i pulled approximately the door and was automatically told the scooter ns was riding was to large, funny, i deserve to enter any type of other company no problem..... The male in charge said......we space too liven merely did not desire to accommodate me.......ok. Time to speak to ADA.....Very crude person...... Could i mention i only have actually 1 leg, he showed me the could care less, that did not even attemped to aid me out the door

Omg!! ns love this ar i was searching for a great nail place and also found this 1. Dan is awesome i always go to him. Ns recommend the you do a appointment for that hes so great n is always busy.

They are rude and need better customer service. I was acquiring acrylics and fifty percent way v she stops doing my pond to begin on a brand-new customer that simply walked in. I think it was her friend! that is no forgive to not finish.The other techs even made a comment and told her the was so mean of her. Thats all ns understood due to the fact that they werent speak English. Ns will never ever come earlier to this place!

I went here on a whim with my bf and also his mom for her mothers day treat. We had to wait 30 minutes, which to be to be expected on a holiday. Us were eventually called in because that msni/pedis and I have to say ns love the an excellent job the women did ~ above both mine and also my bfs mothers nails. They to be super friendly and also worked quickly but did great work. I will absolutely be coming earlier soon.

Love this place. I constantly have the worst luck through my nails till I uncovered this place and also DAN! uncovered my nail spot!

I certain love this pond spa! your specials on gel manicures and also pedicures room amazing and also everyone is so talented with the pond designs. Ive been going right here for almost a year now.

This is the only place I’ll go too. They are the best! Their gelatin manicure always last, the location is really clean and the employee is friendly.

Ive took pleasure in their services, my nails always look nice, i would like it if they were a little much more sociable and also welcoming, however the end results are always great.

I go in and also vivi did my nails i absolutly dislike the nails i gained here. I got gel and also she walk NOT repaint all the method down so the looks like my nails already grew out. Never ever going back ever again. I currently need come go obtain a to fill n ns just gained my nails excellent 2 job ago. Horrible ppl make the efforts to do money.

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I wasnt as well happy through my experience at this place. The pedicure to be okay yet they didnt perform a rapid massage like most other locations do. They fully failed on mine nails. I asked for something particular and simple (a gelatin french manicure) and also they stated they couldnt do it. .. Not sure why? So ns asked because that a continuous mani&she called me no since they chip too fast, yes Im aware of that. .. Therefore why execute they market a mani in the very first place? She go ahead and did the gel Mani the method I told she multiple time that ns didnt desire it. I have actually naturally long nails and she cut them so brief they accurate hurt and also she didnt also ask me what form I wanted (I constantly do square and also of food she did round) she claimed I had to have my nails that quick with the gel which renders no sense because my normal girl constantly does them to the length I prefer. Then once I went to pay they charged me more than what castle quoted me. There to be a girl sit in there because that 2 hours with her nails wrapped in silver paper to take it the gelatin nails off. My usual ar is may be to simply peel them right off v no problem. Needless come say i wont be return to this place.

I came below for a pedi/full set. I have callus on mine feet because I walk barefoot a lot. The onpy.reason I ever before get mine feet done is because that the reality they remove the callusWell below they placed 3 various creams top top you but will charge 5 dollars extra come rove the callus. I was prefer really why I have actually never had point out or ask for it come be removed I mean for 30 dollars it have to be included especially since Ive never ever paid that much for my feet to be done. The full set one hand looks.fine the other did not and also there was no telling the lady since she stated bye I have to go ns late to pick my daughter. I wasnt the only one who seemed to be suprised by over there bill. Ns walked the end paying $54 absolutely wont it is in going back!