Netflix"s very anticipated adaptation the Lemony Snicket"s A collection of unfortunate Events premieres top top Friday, Jan. 13 and also it looks like it has all the makings of a cult hit. Together Neil Patrick Harris, who nabbed the lead duty of count Olaf, the Netflix manufacturing booked several exceptional guest stars to tackle the gaggle of brand-new characters we fulfill in each book. Since each installment is set in a new place, there room no shortage of fantastic cameo duties up for grabs. So that plays justice Strauss ~ above A collection of regrettably Events? Joan Cusack bring away on the function of the benevolent judge.

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The first eight-episode season was written by Daniel Handler self (the author behind the pen surname Lemony Snicket), and also he additionally has one executive developing credit top top the show. Plus, through a full two episodes dedicated to every solitary book in the 13-tome series, the show is certain to be faithful to the original. Warning, book spoilers ahead!

Justice Strauss comes in beforehand early in the books, simply after the Baudelaire children, Violet, Klaus, and also Sunny, are put with the villainous counting Olaf following their parents" untimely death. Since the youngsters are inheritors of a huge fortune left behind by their parents, i m sorry they will certainly come into once Violet transforms 18, Olaf plots to marry Violet (yes, gross), in order to steal the children"s fortune.

Enter: justice Strauss, that declares that Violet"s genius silver paper to counting Olaf"s marriage plot (signing the certificate v her left hand instead of her right) deems the union null and also void. The Baudelaire children like the sort Justice Strauss really much and she desire she could embrace them herself. Yet their parents left behind mysteriously particular instructions for their care, and so justice Strauss can"t take it them in.

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In the function of righteousness Strauss is the brilliantly quirky Joan Cusack, who prolific exhilaration career makes her one of the show"s many impressive guest stars. In current years, she"s come to be best well-known for voice the character of Jessie in the Toy Story franchise. She additionally played the agoraphobic Sheila Jackson on Showtime"s Shameless, a function for which she to be nominated for superb Guest Actress in a Comedy collection Emmy five years in a row. (She finally won after she last season top top the show.)

Cusack began out as a SNL cast member for the 1985-1986 season, after which she career yes, really took off. She was nominated because that an Oscar for best Actress in a Supporting role for her work on the 1988 movie Working Girl, and she earned another Oscar nod in the same group in 1998 because that the movie In & Out. However one of her many iconic (and beloved) functions was the of Debbie, the nanny/serial killer in 1993"s Addams household Values. Not only is she a perfect pick for the off-beat ASOUE, however also, she may actually steal Neil Patrick Harris"s thunder.