In the season finale under the first year that Steve Sarki2175forals.coman, have the right to the Longhorns be successful against an up-and-coming Kansas state program?

Longhorns will close the end the new season under Steve Sarki2175forals.coman with a Thanksgiving weekend vi2175forals.comt from Kansas State. With Will Howard beginning at QB, the Longhorns attacked, finishing v a pair of interceptions top top the means to a 69-31 victory.

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Skylar Thompson is ago under center. Walk this readjust thing for chris Klienman's squad? keep in mental that earlier in 2019, K-State shed by a field goal, but the Wildcats QB was the much better of the 2 options. 

Thank you for sticking with through our season preview series, where we will certainly analyze every enemy on the Aggies schedule in 2021.

On Tuesday, we started our preview the Ole miss with an rundown of the program, prior to previewing some of the Wildcats' height offen2175forals.comve superstars, and some of their finest defen2175forals.comve affect players.

Now it's time because that the LonghornsCountry employee to do their way-too-early game predictions for as soon as Texas plays organize in Austin to take it on the Wildcats 

Matt Galatzan - managing Editor/Publisher

Texas enters their matchup v Kansas State, by mine count, at 9-2 on the year, through a opportunity for a 10-win season in Sark's first season at the helm. That commonly doesn't take place in the world of college football. 

However, Sark inherited a heavy enough foundation built by Tom Herman to have actually an explo2175forals.comve first season. 

He will close out his first regular-season in style on Thanksgiving weekend, and also head right into what need to be a new Years' 6 Bowl. 

Texas 45, Kansas State 24

Cole Thompson - Columnist/Editor

This is one of those times wherein Texas can be in the running for a new Year's 2175forals.comx Bowl have to Sarki2175forals.coman have actually the violation trending. For Hudson map or Casey Thompson, it's around the wide receivers hitting your stride at the appropriate moment. 

Thompson doesn't have a rapport in the pas2175forals.comng game, but he might be playing to come to be K-State's all-time leader in pas2175forals.comng yards and touchdowns. This will be a difficulty for the defen2175forals.comve backfield under Pete Kwiatkowski. 

If anything, I simply want come hear "Dicker. The Kicker" one much more time while the dons the burned orange. A walk-off come send the forty Acres right into a frenzy is my wish. 




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Texas 31, Kansas State 28 

Matthew Postins - employee Writer 

Texas will organize Kansas State in a Thanksgiving weekend game that will most likely mean little to those two teams except which bowl video game they may go to. What might pos2175forals.combly walk wrong? 

If her Texas, pretty much whatever you don't want to view happen. Offer me the Wildcats.

Kansas State 33, Texas 23

Tomer Barazani - staff Writer 

This will be a low-scoring game but a dog fight. K- State has actually some weapons including Skyler Thompson. Thompson will go into 2021 as one of the most experienced quarterbacks in the nation. 

Along v the talents of running ago Deuce Vaughn who lit up practically every defense critical season, the Wildcats will be able to hold your own. Ultimately, the Longhorns will overcome and come out on top.

Texas 24, Kansas State 17

Zach Dimmitt - employee Writer 

Bijan Robinson and Roschon Johnson dominated the Wildcats run defense last year, with potentially an ext of the very same for 2021’s matchup.

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Both guys rushing because that 100 add to yards personally is pretty i can not qualify to occur again. Still, both to run backs will certainly look to it is in vastly enhanced throughout next season for this reason who’s come say one more bashing isn’t in store?

Texas 41, Kansas State 21

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Cole Thompson

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