Katie Rost Biography and Wiki

Katie Rost is a famous American model and also TV personality. She is best known for her appearance together a actors member that the Bravo TV series, The actual Housewives of potomac (RHOP). Katie is as well recognized as a host in the American talk present of 2017 BET well-known as teenager Summit. Together a model, she had operated with assorted elite fashion brands including L’Oreal, Covergirl and also Macy.

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Katie Rost Age and also Birthday

Rost is 39 years old together of 2019, she was born top top 7 July 1980, in Potomac, Maryland, joined States. Katie celebrate her date of birth on 7th July every year and will it is in 40 year old ~ above 7th July 2020. She is an American by nationality and she belongs to white ethnicity.

Katie Rost Height and also Weight

The American model is a woman that is very tall according to stature. She stands in ~ a towering elevation of 5 feet 10 inches. Rost additionally weighs a huge 141 lbs.

Katie Rost Image

Katie Rost Parents

Katie to be born to Ronald Rost (German-American father) and also Rynthia Rost (mother). Rynthia provided to job-related as the vice president of windy affairs in ~ Geico because 1994. Although she father passed on in 2000, Katie and her mother seem to have a wonderful relationship and founded a the Ronald F. Rost Charitable foundation since 2006 in storage of her father.

Katie Rost and Andrew Martin

Katie Rost and also Andrew Martin room couples. Andrew is an investment executive. She narrated how they met in 2016 by informing the ok Magazine, “Andrew and also I in reality met through my mother”. “My mother belongs come a golf club the Andrew also belongs to, and also she kind of like set us up.”

She stated that her mother was concerned around her, “She felt choose I had gone with this awful divorce and also she simply wanted me to get out there and start dating again,” Rost went on explaining the her mother, Rynthia, was the one that was playing Cupid.

“Andrew fits the mold the the sort of guy my mother likes: He functions in finance, he’s never been married, he has no kids, he provides a quite income. For this reason he acquired like 5 gold stars from mine mom.” Katie said.

Katie Rost Husband

Katie to be married come Dr. James Orsini. The couple married after ~ a irreversible relationship because college days. Lock tied the node on 29th October 2012. The marriage was fruitful and they to be blessed v three kids namely Renee Orsini, and also a collection of twins Kathryn Orsini and James Rocco Orsini. They later experienced the marital challenges and also called it a quit. Rost and Dr. James parted methods in 2016.

Katie Rost Measurements and Facts

Here are some exciting facts and also body measurements you must know around her;

Full Name: Katie RostAge: 39 years (2019)Date the Birth: 7 July 1980Place that Birth: Potomac, Maryland, united StatesEducation‎: Under reviewBirthday: 7 JulyNationality: AmericanFather’s Name: Ronald Rost
Mother’s Name: Rynthia RostSiblings: Not knownSpouse: was married to Dr. James OrsiniChildren: Renee Orsini, Kathryn Orsini and James Rocco OrsiniHeight: 5 feet 10 inchesWeight: 141 lbsProfession: Model and also TV PersonalityKnown For: The real Housewives of potomac (RHOP)Net worth: $3 million

Katie Rost real Housewives the Potomac

The real Housewives of grape max (RHOP) is one American reality Television collection that to be aired in Bravo, that aired its first episodes ~ above 17th January 2016. The collection is based on a media franchise known as The genuine Housewives which has actually broadcast ‘four seasons. That is a tail about an individual lives and also professional persons of various women residing at Potomac, Maryland.

The display stars assorted casts including; Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon, Karen Huger, Charrisse Jackson-Jordan and also Katie Rost. Rost left the team after the first season, and also Jackson-Jordan was a friend of the housewives in the third. The remaining housewives later joined in the other (new) seasons: Samuels in the 2nd and likewise Dillard in the third. The following is the attach to follow in order to watch several of the episodes; https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-nJHoTivBRRnLLQr0BbeCjgyu9Zm4tW9

Katie Rost network Worth

Katie has appreciated a long career in the creative entertainment market spanning virtually two decades. With proceeds from her occupational as an American model and also television personality, she has been able come accumulate a large fortune. She is approximated to have a network worth of about $3 million.

Frequently request Questions around Katie Rost

Who is Katie Rost?

Katie is a renowned American model and also TV personality. She gained substantial recognition after showing up as a cast member of the Bravo TV series, The actual Housewives of grape max (RHOP).

How old is Katie Rost?

Rost is 39 years old as of 2019, she was born ~ above 7 July 1980, in Potomac, Maryland, joined States.

How tall is Katie Rost?

She stands at a towering height of 5 feet 10 inches. Rost likewise weighs a huge 141 lbs.

Is Katie Rost married?

No, she was married to Dr. James Orsini on 29th October 2012. They were blessed v three youngsters namely Renee Orsini, and a set of twins Kathryn Orsini and also James Rocco Orsini. They later experienced the marital challenges and also called that a quit. Rost and also Dr. James parted ways in 2016.

How lot is Katie Rost worth?

She has an approximate net worth that $3 million. This amount has actually been accrued from she leading functions in the creative entertainment industry.

How lot Katie Rost make?

Her value is quiet under review, we are maintaining tabs and will update this information instantly it is available.

Where go Katie live?

Because of security reasons, she has not shared her specific location that residence. We will immediately update this info if we acquire the location and images of she house.

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Is Rost dead or alive?

She is alive and also in great health. There have been no reports of she being sick or having any type of health-related issues.