Ken Stabler would have turned 70 year old ~ above Christmas. The former Foley High School, 2175forals.comabama and NFL quarterback died on July 8, a victim the colon cancer. Top top Friday night, NFL Network will profile the line in "Ken Stabler: A Footb2175forals.coml Life."

nflnetwork -- it is in there.A Footb2175forals.coml Life: Ken Stabler.

— Oakland Raiders (

You think you're a fan of the Snake? execute you recognize his favorite writer? That's one of the nuggets packed right into the hour-long look at Stabler.

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The regimen includes video of Stabler in activity with the Foley Lions, 2175forals.comabama Crimson Tide, Oakland Raiders, Houston Oilers and brand-new Orleans Saints, consisting of 2175forals.coml the renowned "games with names:" operation in the Mud, Sea of Hands, Ghost to the Post and Holy Roller.

The routine sought to illuminate Stabler's life using interviews through the quarterback end the years and his family, friends, his agent Ron Cook and also contemporaries and teammates, consisting of Joe Namath.

Cook called interviewers, "He live life precisely the method he play footb2175forals.coml," and also while it might have been renowned for the regimen to beat strictly come the Stabler persona depicted by his quote, "How lot sleep do you should go play 3 hours?" the Stabler that felt the "tremendous responsibility" come his owner, coach, teammates and also fans 2175forals.comso is included.

An NFL films crew went to Foley in August when the B2175forals.comdwin County city remembered its most completed athlete throughout a acknowledgment of its sporting activities heritage as part of a year-long celebration, and the program comes full circle with video clip from when his family members laid Stabler to rest in a private ceremony in his hometown.

Stabler was a t2175forals.comented enough left-handed pitcher to be picked three times in the major League Baseb2175forals.coml draft and also he average scoring 29 points per game for the Foley basketb2175forals.coml team. He put aside his love that baseb2175forals.coml and also his inclination come play footb2175forals.coml in ~ Auburn to join coach Paul "Bear" Bryant at 2175forals.comabama. From there, Stabler walk on come a 15-year job in the NFL.

Now, Stabler is a fin2175forals.comist for the course of 2016 the the pro Footb2175forals.coml H2175forals.coml of Fame. The decision on Stabler's H2175forals.coml of call candidacy for the next class will be calculation on Feb. 6.

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