Kendrick Lamar’s “The DAMN. Tour” simply went viral. The peak Dawg entertainment MC kicked off his very first arena tourism at Gila river Arena in Glendale, Ariz. ~ above Wednesday (July 12).

K-Dot launched right into the performance through “DNA.” and also “ELEMENT.,” 2 high-powered cut off his latest album. Native there, the set list and also stage presentation were similar to the critically-acclaimed Coachella performance the he placed on previously this year, v its eliminated cage, levitation experience, and Kung Fu theme.

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DAMN. To be the foundation of the set list, as he performed fan favorites like “LOYALTY.,” “LUST.,” “PRIDE.,” and also “LOVE.” but that didn’t prevent him from trying out his discography. Throughout the night, he likewise performed previous bangers prefer “King Kunta,” “untitled 07,” “untitled 02,” “Collard Greens,” “Swimming Pools (Drank),” “Backseat Freestyle,” “Alright,” and also “m.A.A.d. City.”

But the closing track because that the evening was “HUMBLE.” which resulted in a stirring moment in the arena, as fans chanted along to the solitary in unison. In ~ one point, lock finished off a Kendrick verse and also performed the entire chorus acapella.

“I appreciate y’all therefore motherfuckin’ much,” he said, after taking it all in. “TDE, this our an initial motherfuckin’ arena and also we’re safety it right now, best here, ~ above the an initial day in Phoenix, Arizona.”

After leave the stage, Kung Fu Kenny reverted for two encore tracks v “FEEL.” and “GOD.,” according to AZ Central.

Before Cornrow Kenny fight the stage, that was preceded by D.R.A.M. And Travis Scott. The latter performer likewise wowed the crowd v his flying animatronic bird. In the past, he’s complained the venues wouldn’t permit him to fly the bird in smaller sized venues, yet it seems the wings will certainly be flapping because that the “DAMN. Tour.”

Following the concert, K-Dot thanked the pan in Arizona because that the “DAMN. Tour” opener. “THE WILDEST show IS carried TO girlfriend BY KUNGFU KENNY TRAVIS SCOTT and also DRAM,” the wrote. “ARIZONA. Impressive START.”

The an initial leg of “The DAMN. Tour” will proceed with Travis and also D.R.A.M. V Aug. 9 in Los Angeles. Indigenous there, it will certainly kick back up with YG and also D.R.A.M. ~ above Aug. 11 in Anaheim through Sept. 2 in Miami. Come coincide through the tour, K-Dot is also opening up a collection of DAMN. Pop-up shops about the country.


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ARIZONA. Exceptional START.