For years, Kimbo Slice has actually wanted come beat increase Ken Shamrock. He finally got his chance at Bellator 138 and also didn"t take it for granted. He beat the 51-year-old via first-round TKO in the main occasion from the Scottrade facility in St. Louis, Missouri. 

MMAjunkie tweeted the end the official result:

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Bellator 138 results: Kimbo slice def. Ken Shamrock via TKO (punches) - ring 1, 2:22

Shamrock appeared to be headed for a entry victory in the fight"s opening moments. He immediately took part down and also worked his way to a rear-naked choking he was unable to end up the hit with. 

When the 2 got ago to the feet, it to be the beginning of the finish for Shamrock. Slice started throwing punches and connected with Shamrock"s chin versus the fence. Shortly thereafter, referee john McCarthy conserved Shamrock from further damage. 

The win made a goal slice had due to the fact that 2008 involved fruition. Then 3-0 in his MMA career, slice was set to take it on Shamrock in ~ EliteXC: Heat. Regrettably for the former street fighter, it was the beginning of the end of his MMA run. 

Shamrock was required to retract from the fight because of a cut. The unheralded Seth Petruzelli stepped in ~ above short an alert and proceeded come knock part out in 14 seconds. EliteXC ceased operations by the end of the year, and Slice walk on to an uninspiring 1-1 operation in the UFC. 


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All the time that passed between the fight that never ever was and also his Bellator debut factored right into his desire to win the fight.

"To me that matters," part told Brett Okamoto of "To my friends and also family, that matters. ... Ns don"t know exactly how this dude have the right to win this fight. This hit is bred for me. The moment that walk by—it"s my time come fight. Shamrock has a big mouth. Everybody to know it, and also everybody wants to see me quit his mouth."

While it should be personally to solve for slice to finally settle the score, the real winner in this bout can be Bellator. Slice is recognized for his capability to attract within the MMA community. His EliteXC bout versus James Thompson remains the gold traditional for ratings in the people of MMA. 

Bellator CEO Scott Coker understands this, and while hardcore MMA fans can scoff at a 51- and 41-year-old headlining an event, it"s all component of the Bellator plan. Coker had this come say around the way he envisions Bellator operation in the future, per Mike Wellman of Bleacher Report:

Next year ns think fine be doing six huge "tentpole" shows instead of four. I watch this growing. We’re walk to proceed to grow our roster. ... You’ll view some fun fights. You’ll watch some "hardcore" pan fights, and also some really entertaining fights.

To me, that is where Bellator is headed. November 15th we sort of put our stake in the ground. The was united state saying, "This is the new Bellator."

The November 15 occasion he to be referring come is Bellator 131, i beg your pardon featured Tito Ortiz vs. Stephan Bonnar in the key event. 

It also featured some of the finest homegrown talent on the Bellator roster. Coker"s idea is that you"ll come for the has-beens stable an old score, but you"ll remain for the likes of will certainly Brooks, Michael Chandler and also Patricio Freire. 

With Bellator announcing that Ortiz will certainly headline an event that additionally features a four-man one night tournament, it"s clean Coker is willing to take dangers to do the promotion stand out. 

Slice"s win over Shamrock means his role as cash cow could not more than yet. The win opens up up some intriguing possibilities for the heavyweight. Bobby Lashley, who also competed top top the Bellator 138 card, recently proclaimed he"d be open up to a fight through Slice, follow to Karim Zidan that Bloody Elbow.

Slice can not be a viable Bellator contender, yet he verified he"s still qualified of being a viable needle-mover in the promotion"s quest to obtain popularity.