S5 · E1 · The dangers of Polling

1 Oct 2000

After talk Luanne into voting for the very first time, Hank... More

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S5 · E2 · The Buck stops Here

5 Nov 2000

Bobby becomes infatuated with Bucks lifestyle and also becomes... More

S5 · E3 · ns Don't desire to Wait for Our stays to it is in Over, I desire to understand Right Now, will It Be... Sorry. Carry out Do Doo do Do, carry out Do Doo execute Do, carry out Do Doo perform Do, Doo...Don't desire to Wait

12 Nov 2000

After safety time at his grandparents house, Bobby becomes... More

S5 · E4 · turn the Choice

19 Nov 2000

John Redcorn do the efforts to gain closer to Joseph and Bobby ends up... More

S5 · E6 · when Cotton come Marching home Again

3 Dec 2000

Cotton and also his war buddies loosened their place and also Cotton ends... More

S5 · E7 · What renders Bobby Run?

10 Dec 2000

Bobby becomes the new team mascot which renders Hank happy,... More

S5 · E8 · 'Twas the Nut before Christmas

17 Dec 2000

Bill battling holiday depression and also lonelier 보다 normal... More

S5 · E9 · Chasing Bobby

21 january 2001

Hank start getting an ext and more upset and it end up with... More

S5 · E11 · Hank and also the an excellent Glass Elevator

11 Feb 2001

The males are the end celebrating Bill's birthday and also while in a... More

S5 · E12 · now Who's the Dummy?

18 Feb 2001

Bobby to meet a famed ventriloquist at a education home... More

S5 · E14 · The Exterminator

4 Mar 2001

Dale it s okay a brand-new job once he get the allude where the can... More

S5 · E15 · Luanne Virgin 2.0

11 Mar 2001

Luanne goes v a church ritual that makes her a virgin... More

S5 · E16 · Hank's Choice

1 Apr 2001

Hank and Peggy discover out that Bobby is allergy to dogs and... More

S5 · E18 · The Trouble with Gribbles

22 Apr 2001

When the terminal replaces Nancy v Luanne since she is... More

S5 · E19 · Hank's earlier Story

6 may 2001

After Hank beginning a lawnmower race, he starts having... More

S5 · E20 · Kidney Boy and also Hamster Girl: A Love Story

13 may 2001

Bobby fakes a kidney trouble to be cool with the high school... More

Soundtrack Album

We at this time have no record of an official soundtrack album released because that this season. Send album.

S5 · E11 · Hank and the...There space 2 song in the very first part the this episode. I need assist identifying the song... More




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