Drow from Menzoberranzan started an insurrection in the Kingdom of Many-Arrows recently, and also in the aftermath the orcs were driven from the Surbrin and earlier up right into The Spine that the World. Obould's dominion was never ever super popular, because although he was a conquerer, his staunch follow to calm coexistence with his neighbors made him unpopular with the orc shamans that Gruumsh.

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You could rule that they are simply renegades, operating versus Obould's successors, or remnants that his kingdom seeking to establish themselves in the consequences of it's near collapse - depending on when LMoP is set, that course.

The kingdom of Many-Arrows to be under the rule of King Obould XVII, in ~ the time, who had started do the efforts to expand the orc kingdom after a long line of civil wars. They had also launched raids on neverwinter for this reason a small scouting party close to phandalin would not be inexplicable at all.

I have been flavoring my video game with much more lore and also just wanted to acquire this component of the story straight. One of my football player is orc and also the and also the son chieftain. After the chief to be slain during a raid he will take control of the tribe as soon as he deserve to prove himself, the kicker is that he wants to lead his tribe towards a relaxed existence v civilized races and also follows very closely Many Arrows example, i anticipate coming across them might be a much more substantial encounter.

I've stated in my video game they to be Many-Arrow deserters who wanted come reestablish the kingdom the Uruth_Ukrypt. Http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Uruth_Ukrypt

I've tied lot of the lore, including cragmaw castle, Old Owl Well and also the magic sword Talon come the Trollwars, because that event was when Tressendar Manor was destroyed and Phandalin shed its importance.


Important come say that I operation my gamings pre spellplague, utilizing mostly second edition knowledge. Occasionally I adapt things.

Conyberry for instance was tho a regular town in mine game.

I am running existing timeline 1491, however I can still utilize several of what you post so thanks for that.

Running a sandbox video game I have actually multiple adventurers organization modules from ToD SKT and EE prepped based upon their selections during and after ns run shed mines.

I didn't over think it also much. Ns just figure the command and control of huge orc military would be cumbersome in ~ best and also you could have some raiding parties numerous miles from residence that space still doing your thing.

Plus the Triboar gap is quiet a fairly lawless area (at the time of the adventure), so they could just be out foraging and also raiding together orcs do.

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