Super trusted barber and they went over and beyond. Reduced my young hair and also it was a dramatic change. He was certain to twin check ~ above what my son was hope for. Good job! and the directly razor cut at the finish was awesome.

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Came below just native word of mouth. Booked v Jojo as result of a practically time. Guy killed it. Didnt rush, to be personable but not pushy, and paid attention to the little details. Will definitely be back, most most likely with Jojo again yet would even feel comfortable with any other the the barbers or stylists. Everyone seemed on allude and height notch.

I wanted to pay for my grandsons haircuts and also the advertised price was $15 each,so I gave my child $40 come cover the cost and also tip and also I was just educated Joe fee $75 and also was told that was since of the pandemic.Nothing like false advertising!!!! ns WOULD have actually REFUSED TO salary THE EXTRA RIDICULOUS fee !!!!NOTHING prefer BENDING someone OVER!!!! WHAT A way TO carry out BUSINESS!!!!

JoJo Reali kills it every time with superb fist to detail and a personal flare every time the ambiance in the shop provides me feel at residence I no go all over else in the state for real

I highly recommend Jojo reali his attention to detail is point out on that does remarkable job once it comes to beard trims .Go examine him out if you are in Brunswick! You wont be disappointed!

Talented and passionate staff that take the time to give fantastic haircut. Many thanks to Tiahna and Skylar. Perfect spot because that a fade or a womens short cut.

Adrian is the ideal barber that Ive ever had cut my hair. He takes his time and also is a perfectionist i beg your pardon in my eyes is a an excellent quality because that a barber. That blends old institution tools with brand-new school designs. Adrian is an excellent and Im certain if you work in his barbershop girlfriend are an excellent too. The atmosphere is fun and everyone has a laugh on their face. Kings and also Queens is one awesome place that I would certainly recommend to anyone.

Mike is fantastic. He squeezed me because that an meeting in as a walk-in. Ive had a fair little bit of hair loss and also thinning early to disease and have actually been an extremely self conscious. Mike to be super lovely and has offered me an amazing shave/ haircut, and also now girlfriend cant also tell that any type of hair was missing. I currently smile again as soon as I watch in the mirror. Many thanks so much Mike!

This ar is awesome. 2nd time in, met Joseph. Wow that guy can reduced hair. One of the finest cuts i have ever before had. Joesph you are a true artist and thank friend for including style to mine day! okay be back for sure!

Walked-in on a whim last night looking to waste time while household did some Christmas shopping. Turned out to it is in a an excellent decision; i was may be to get seen- last minute- for a taper, beard and shave. I really took pleasure in my appointment v the new guy Jojo Reali. He to be welcoming and also approachable--a laid earlier dude but additionally professional. Jojo to be knowledgeable around his craft, offered-up reputable advice/suggestions, and also was very thorough in detailed services. He prove a passion for offering a an excellent product. Great hire King and also Queens.

Ricardo-Amazing job reviving my hair! together a good atmosphere and everyone was favor a household appreciating each various other for their work-related done. I definitely recommend walking here.

Top notch organization for a mens or womans haircut. For a mens haircut this is the ideal barborshop in Maine. They space always really busy so I very suggest to call and make a reservation. The barbers and also hair stylist always take there time to make sure its perfect. The lounge area come wait is also very inviting and a be sure spot. Ns cant wait because that my following haircut.

Dan p has reduced my hair several times and also he has done one amazing task every time. That is funny and also personable which provides it a good experience. Best barber and hair cut Ive ever before had!

Trust me, best place to get a fade and look sharp AF. Ns have acquired my haircut by practically the complete staff through the past year, they space all good to speak to - and also all do great work. Adrian is the man.

Dont come below unless you desire a runaround! Time is money, and I value both. Do an appointment digital for noon v Dan, and also got a message (after ns had already left) much less than one hour prior to telling me the appointment had been pushed ago 30 minutes, there is no asking. Annoying however not a large deal. Come promptly in ~ 12:30, and at 12:35 it to be going to be one more 10 minutes. As I live 30+ minute away and had appointments to save (because i honor rather time) I had actually to leave, basically wasting 2+ hrs from the middle of mine day. Amateur hour.After transforming Dan down for a totally free haircut (preferring come schedule with a barber who have the right to keep appointments), the passive aggressively ongoing to message me prompting me to leave a review.

Love the vibe that this place and the prices are really reasonable. Skies did a an excellent job v my faint request, and Im loving the cut!

Great environment, organized and attentive staff. Music is periodically a small too loud. Overall, phenomenal experience though. Finally discovered somewhere phibìc of Portland to get a haircut.

Call up and also request Adrian. The best cuts and also family atmosphere and also experience. Get treated favor a King or Queen, you will not it is in disappointed. Peak tier quality.

Needed a critical minute haircut for a wedding that day, go as beforehand as feasible but was told I essential an appointment. No one in the shop offered to help but ns will give them some credit as they referred united state to a barber in another shop that did. My question is why advertising Walk-Ins Welcome if that is not the case???

Great place. Very open and friendly setting And great cuts. I constantly have Steph cut my hair. Been a constant customer because that over a year.

Ive gone for a year, ns ask because that a trim, light, clean up the sides and then theyll invest an hour cut off every my hair until its an inch short of gift bald.

The owner that the shop is among the best people Ive ever before met. Customer business gets an A+. In addition to this, the male is an artist v his work. The takes his time and also really cares around the finish result.

Highly recommended! Staff provide off a good vibe come the place and also they are also wonderful at what castle do! What a an excellent addition to Brunswick!

Adrian operation a nice shop and always has the time for the extra details that make all the difference. All of the barbers and stylists are great. Tiahna is my go-to because that haircuts and facial hair trimming.

Easily the finest haircut and barber shop Ive ever before experienced. Just Fantastic. Vitia spent whole hour acquiring my reduced just right- tremendous attention come detail. Adrian provided expert input and also support and also they got me feather so new (ok, mine hair in ~ least...). Excellent shop, highly recommended. Proud in their occupational is obvious from the moment you step in.

I come in the 9th for the an initial time to get my beard trimmed. Mine Nephew has been going because that a while because that haircuts and some razor work-related on the sides. Therefore they came extremely recommended. This place is whatever a barber shop must be. Gained the shape up, the razor, the warm towel, part conversation about life, and quality work. The price was in reality shocking for the quality. I recurring the price since I honestly assumed he misquoted it. Ns paid nearby to twin what they asked and would have actually happily paid it as a base price. There space shops in mine area (about a 45 minute drive) yet I will certainly without a doubt do the pilgrimage to this kings and queens! ns couldnt it is in happier through their work. If your trying to stay looking right and also your not walking with these doors... She wasting her time!

Defiantly an excellent vibes. Really friendly, and an extremely welcoming people. Lock come best to the door and shake your hand and also say, ok be right with you, have actually a seat. Very an exact about their work, no mistakes here. Defiantly the best place to walk if you want an amazing clean hair cut.

Great vibe and wonderful people, lots of smiles. Jay, did a mighty fine task on my practice design and also a lady ns truly appreciated my very first experience v a directly razor and some aftershave...and ns couldnt be much more pleased. Give thanks to you to Kings and also Queens and especially come Jay Foley!

Friendly and also attentive service. The employee is really knowledgeable. I very recommend a visit if you require a trim.

Brunswicks just urban barber shop, specializing in making friend look stylish. Lock are quite busy, so use the attach on their FB web page to schedule your appointment. They space perfectionists and want you to be totally satisfied, and also are great about offering you principles to change your appearance to store up with existing styles. Your perfectionism method that sometimes appointments operation a bit long, and also so yours can start a small late; quality and satisfaction space not constantly on a chop schedule : )

The finest barbershop i have ever been to. Went here for 3 years straight and have left satisfied every single time. Really a dead I relocated away.

I would need to say that this location is really friendly. I would certainly recommend it for any type of age group. Castle are an extremely clean, precise, and quick through their work. Finest hair cuts Ive seen in a while.

Terrific fist to detail! Love this place. Just moving right here from the end of state, Steph and Lilly yes, really went the extra mile on both of my girls hair which made their an initial day in ~ their new school also better. An initial day impressions were Aced! After an additional salon had said the my daughters hair to be problematic because of her uneven texture and told us a pixie was the end of the question, Steph placed that come rest and gave she the cutest pixie ever! i love my girls pixie so much Ive determined to acquire my hair cut there too, and also I to be super picky. This is currently our go To Hairstudio in Maine.Thank you Ladies!

The vibe is an excellent and the barbers and also stylists are an extremely attentive and know how to do you look and feel great.

Without a doubt the best barbershop in town. Ask because that Rick the does a an excellent job. I will be going here exclusively for the remainder of mine life!

Awesome spot. Well-trained younger barbers with a diverse set of skills for hair and beard. Love this place.

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By far the ideal place to go in Maine for a an excellent haircut hand down. Family and friends vibe with top notch client satisfaction.

Ever because I started coming here,Ive never gone almost everywhere else. Amazing service, great community, and incredibly experienced people

Moved come maine a pair months back n had actually nothing however horrible haircuts until I discovered this place.. Obtained a reduced from skies n deff will be coming earlier to gain it cut by she again

Outstanding and also professional atmosphere. Haircuts and detailing on suggest so much my finest experience in Maine

Great energy and also environment, THE location to walk in Brunswick if in search of a fade or something of the sort. Employee is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly

Best barber shop in city they sell a lot an ext than any kind of other shop including massages complimentary drinks for customers and also and the ideal barbers roughly I never go anywhere else

Address:50 Maine St, Brunswick, ME 04011, unified StatesSite: 207-373-0966