With Aamir cannes at his most honest and also wittiest, and Malaika Arora bringing the glamour, Sunday’s episode of Koffee v Karan is sure to be a cracker. Here are 6 things you might look forward to.

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Aamir Khan will make a rare television appearance top top Sunday’s episode of Koffee through Karan.

After having a the majority of fun through Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt in the season premiere illustration of Koffee v Karan season 6, and then following it up with another action packed episode through Ranveer Singh and Akshay Kumar, hold Karan Johar will welcome Aamir khan to his well-known chat show. Aamir, whose new film Thugs of Hindostan releases on November 8, will be joined by Malaika Arora.

We deserve to expect part trademark wit native Aamir, who is recognized to it is in Bollywood’s most well known prankster, in spite of his reputation as a perfectionist. Right here are six things you can look front to native the next episode that Koffee with Karan.

Will Aamir’s children join the movie industry?

Aamir will talk around his eldest children, Junaid and also Ira, and their chosen career paths. Junaid is interested in direction and also acting, when Ira has constantly been right into cinema, Aamir says, hinting in ~ his kids one job joining the movie industry.

‘Koffee Shots with Karan’ room back! will
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Return that the coffee shots

The feature, which began last season, has guests acquisition coffee shots if they room unable to answer a concern posed come them. In this segment, Karan will join Aamir top top the couch when the inquiries are asked by an additional person. This time, it is Malaika Arora’s rotate to ask Aamir and Karan the questions, which will certainly surely an outcome in some juicy answers.

Aamir’s TMI

In among the promos common online, Karan asks Aamir if he’s ever before showered through someone, come which Aamir soon replies that he has. Aamir’s rapid reply takes even Karan by surprise and also when Aamir continues that he and also wife Kiran Rao take it showers together all the time, Karan transforms away and also says, ‘TMI’.

Some questions will remain unanswered

When Karan asks Aamir if he has ever cheated on anyone, Aamir continues to be mum and also takes a shot of coffee, which shows that this is a concern that he won’t be answering. A promo also shows Aamir being asked to choose in between Shah luke Khan and Salman Khan. We’ll have to watch the episode to discover out his answer!

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Aamir doesn’t cover his hickies

In an additional example the his forthright attitude, as soon as Karan asks him if he’s ever covered his hickies (love bites), Aamir shoots back, “I never ever cover my hickies.” transforms out Aamir has likewise never function played throughout sex, i m sorry was an additional question the answers without taking a beat.

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Aamir pulls Karan’s leg

When Malaika asks Karan which of the two — purchase or gossip — Karan can give up, Karan thinks for a moment and says he can live without gossip. But then Aamir interjects by saying the Karan’s fashion sense is so poor that yes no point in him shopping at all.