"Mom believed I was to get married come Shahid"s brother," claimed Mira"Shahid burps a lot!" claimed Mira Koffee through Karan, illustration 9 is Mira"s very first appearance top top television

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New Delhi: We might not have had actually a better start come 2017. Those that watched tonight"s episode of Koffee v Karan season 5, space nodding in agreement. Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput were on the Koffee couch, liven in conversation with present host Karan Johar and also some PDA. And what a koffee they brewed! Shahid Kapoor, 35 and Mira Rajput, 22, married in July 2015 and also welcomed baby daughter, they"ve named Misha, on august 26 in 2016. Mira, who is recognized to it is in a really private person, is on regular basis spotted hanging out through Shahid and also accompanying him to parties. But Koffee with Karan season 5, episode nine is Mira"s very first appearance top top television, and also she rocked the display like a boss. Shahid? Overshadowed.Want a sip of the koffee castle brewed? check out on.Mira made details revelations that can have do Shahid a small uncomfortable and shake his head in protest however we loved all of them. As soon as asked around coming to terms through the age gap, Mira went ago in time a little and claimed what her mom actually thought around the marital relationship proposal native the Kapoor family.The Misconception"Shahid was eliminated based upon age. My mom thought it to be for his younger brother, Ruhan"GIF courtesy: Star WorldShahid"s an initial reaction as soon as he was told around meeting a girl who"s practically a te younger than he is.No Way!"When i was called she was 21 year old, ns was prefer are girlfriend insane!"This is what Mira had to say: "Yeah, my emotion exactly. He"s the same age as mine elder sister and I speak to her didi. So ns was favor I don"t think that"s going to work"
GIF courtesy: Star WorldThe wait was indeed intoxicated with love, courtesy the mushy couple. And check out Mira"s reaction once Karan claimed that he find PDA really "annoying.Love Is In The Air
GIF courtesy: Star WorldAt one point during the show, Karan claimed that the likes to hang out through a younger crowd so that he feeling young. Mira reflect on Karan"s statement and said that now she knows why Shahid agreed to marry a girl who"s a lot of younger come him.Mira has actually Shahid"s "Strategy" Figured"I think that married me to remain young"
GIF courtesy: Star WorldKaran introduced a new game "Pillow Talk" and also asked Shahid and Mira to location a pillow in between them.Pillow Talk

Mira said: "No, nothing in between"GIF courtesy: Star WorldShahid revealed that in between Mira and him, the previous loves to be in front of the mirror.Mira Loves The Mirror
"Eventually every women are heroines," said Karan. Shahid"s reaction? Priceless.GIF courtesy: Star WorldFinally, Mira top top Shahid"s "most annoying" habit. Mira "Burped" out A Secret"He burps a lot!"
GIF courtesy: Star WorldThis was Shahid Kapoor"s revenge.Shut increase Shahid!!
"Mira is a sleep-snorer. She"s additionally like a sleep-taking-blanketer," claimed Shahid.
GIF courtesy: Star World

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Between discussing about being parents beforehand into the marriage and also each other"s infatuations, Shahid and Mira ceded a brilliant Koffee episode.We love the brand-new year already!