Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th April 2017 composed Episode, Written update on 2175forals.com

Sona with Jatin continues searching Dev and reaches Dev’s old rented house. She reminisces that it is their old rented house and also is very dear come him and thinks whereby to uncover him. Soha prepares chocolate cake for Sona and Dev’s wedding anniversary. Golu claims it look at yummy, lock should reduced it. Soha claims let mamma pappa come sand reduced cake. Golu claims they have not come residence yet. Soha states what if they room celebrating in some various other place. Jatin speak Sona that Dev is not even here. Sona states Dev proposed at this place and got her and also thinks he shed her, so he must have actually gone wherein he shed her, so they should go there.

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Ronita sadly educates Sourav the maa and baba to be talking about Sona and also when she entered, they quit as if she is stranger. Sourav says he will ask them. She claims she is not sad and is fine, not to large issue. Bejoy enters and also asks what space they talking about. Sourav claims Ronita is missing her family and also wants to accomplish them. Bejoy says also they are his family and also if she gets sad, they will get sad, she is favor Sona for them. Ronita smiles and Bejoy leaves.

Vicky do not wear shirts after a bathtub asks Elena to offer his T-shirt. She throw T-shirts on him. He it s okay romantic and also says bhai and his wife will not celebrate your anniversary, for this reason let us celebrate. That holds her intimately once Golu and Soha enter and insist Elena to tell a story. Vicky gets angry. Elena claims she will tell that story tomorrow and also leaves with Golu and Soha.

GKB proceeds following Sona and also Jatin. She tries to stop taxi, however it does no stop. She stop a tempo and also gets in forcefully. Driver asks if she desires to dice after fighting through her husband. She reflects him money bundle and also asks to follow a auto which she shows. She drama continues.

Golu and Soha firmly insist Elena to your favorite story and say they will play tug that war and also whoever wins, your story will certainly be recited. They use blanket and pull the on their side. Mamaji comes and gives lock milk. They complete it and also Soha wins tug that war. Golu angrily leaves. Mamaji praises Soha the his princess is strong.

During dinner, Sourav fights through Bejoy and Asha that Ronita is sad, yet they are not bothered, because that them just Sona’s trouble is problem. Ronita claims she is no sad. Sourav proceeds he is though. Bejoy cautions to stop. Ronita’s parental enter and mom asks Ronita what happened. Ronita states she is fine. Asha claims she deserve to share her difficulties with she parents and tells she and Bejoy were discussing around Sona sadly as soon as Ronita entered and they quit thinking they need to not upset even her. She tells Ronita the she did no forget she promise and also for her, she is also her daughter prefer Sona. Ronita hugs her and apologizes. Sourav proceeds fuming and also Ronita’s mommy looks jealous.

Soha phone call Sona and asks as soon as is she coming home. Sona claims she is much away but will soon. Soha asks if their story will have a sad ending like various other usual stories. Sona says their story has still a lengthy away come go, the will check out a happy ending.

Vicky it s okay intimated v Elena. Elena states she has important work and also shows Golu’s clues card. Vicky asks what is in it. Elena shows Golu’s short marks and also says Dev is liven in his life and Golu is missing him, he demands their attention. Vicky fumes he will certainly slap Golu. Elena claims they have to spend time through him instead. They walk to Golu and shot to speak him lovingly, yet Golu claims he walk not require them. Vicky fumes and also yells at him that Dev walk not like him in ~ all and is worried just about his daughter. Golu leaves shouting they are poor parents. Elena scolds Vicky that he walk wrong.

Khatri get out of auto near house #12. Sona likewise reaches there and sees Dev’s bike, reminisces inebriated Dev fighting v her 7 years ago and breaking their marriage. Khatri smirks at Sona and rings door bell.

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Precap: Khatri tells Sona the he ordered money indigenous Ishwari informing he will tell her reality to Dev, will certainly grab money from Dev informing he will reveal his mother’s reality to totality world, reflects CD and also says it has Ishwari’s confession.