Welcome to Kungfu Dragon USA – an compensation Winning Chinese martial arts institution in Pleasanton, CA, a city in Alameda County, to teach modern/contemporary Wushu andauthentic traditional Shaolin Kungfu.

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A family-oriented school located in the eastern bay led by Shaolin master Zhen-long Yu, committed to martial art forthe enhancement of health, fitness, vitality, and also general well-being.Master Zhen-long cares and also devotes wholeheartedly come his students’ progress and also development, and passionate in helping his students come to be their really best. Understand Zhen-longhas coached plenty of students competing and winning plenty of Grand Championships at every the major Wushu tournaments.

At Kungfu Dragon USA, we offer a wide variety of program in Kungfu for world of every ages; personal training/coaching, and private class fromWushu internal and external style, self-defense, Shaolin well-being programs, andLion Dance. Us train in empty hands and various weapons forms. You room welcome to check out all the program that us are giving here.

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Training Martial arts can advantage children in countless ways beyond the capacity to fight and defend themselves, cultivate can carry out them with skills such together the capacity to focus on tasks, self-confidence, great character, respect, an excellent health, difficulty solving, coordination, capacity to use mind and body, and also a entirety lot more. Every one of these things can administer a good foundation for them and lead a kid to a an ext successful future as they flourish into adults.

Benefits include:


Promote health, fitness and wellness, vitality and also longevity.Improve and also unify mind, body, and also spirit.Increase strength, energy, endurance, concentration, and self-confidence.Acquire poise and also grace, fast reaction and reflex.Release stress.Fun and also enjoyable.Intended to help acquire lifelong behavior of continuous physical activity.

Build character values and also important life skills:

PatienceDignityHumilityHonorIndomitable spiritCooperation and teamwork

We have the right to assure you that your experience here with us at Kungfu Dragon USA will be a fun, enjoyable and financially rewarding one.We invite you to take benefit ofour Freetrial lessons andcome to try us out!

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Any journey to improved health starts in the current moment.

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