Kylie zener is the queen of dropping the most extra Kylie Cosmetics projects we never knew we needed and also her recent launch is no different.

To celebrate she 24th birthday collection, Ky dropped a yellow bomb on all of us v a slew of NSFW pics teasing the latest makeup launch and also wowzers.

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While we thought the very first teaser the Kylie in nothing but a yellow thong and body repaint was too warm to handle, ours mouths official dropped with the star"s recent Insta pic.

Striking a sxc pose, Ky looked choose an actual golden goddess in a tiny yellow knit bra and matching micro mini skirt. Not going to lie, this "fit is together an iconic MOOD.

keeping on the 24 Karat yellow theme, the assembly mogul layered increase the bling with a stack of yellow chains, corresponding bracelets and also a pair that sky-high stilettos.

Just take a look in ~ the fire "fit because that yourselves:

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Not forgetting the glam, that course, the date of birth girl, who transforms 24 on august 10th, went all out, with shimmering yellow eye shadow, a dramatic cat eye and also her signature pout and also sleek hair.

Is it simply me or is anyone rather getting major "70s Cher vibes native this glam? Kimmy K taught her well.

But back to the look, we are sooo here for this luxury gold knit co-ord, which is reminding united state of a comparable look version Amelia Gray wore to her 20th birthday in Miami:

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So it"s official, this is a major vibe for summer. Now, every we must do is book our trip to Greece and we"re golden.

BRB, scrolling the web for gold knits to add to our suitcase stat. Ahhh, Euro Summer, how we"ve missed you.

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