Last summer, ns was driving by a middle school in the eastern Bay, and the sign for announcements by the roadside captured my attention. That flashed the date of the very first day of school, complied with by “Resistance Is Futile.” It’s tough for every one of us come let walk of summer and the only Area’s generosity lineup of family members activities. But it certainly doesn’t have to mean an end to household fun.

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Even after our children are presented to their new teachers and new goals, there will certainly be one much more chance because that a so late summer detour. Labor Day drops on Monday, September 4, this year. Begin planning because that 2017 job Day weekend in the bay Area currently to acquire the most out of that precious family time—the last significant holiday till Thanksgiving!

Family-Friendly occasions Throughout job Day Weekend in the only Area

Bay Area summer camps will certainly be winding under to make method for the brand-new school year. Yet campers to be able to protect against a summer slump through neighborhood reading programs and camp tasks designed to keep their minds and imaginations awake also while having actually fun. Job Day presents another good opportunity come weave a conference of fun and festivities best in through the start of a hard-working school year. Check out this wide-ranging events and ideas to help your family members make the most of job Day 2017 in the bay Area:

Bay Area Overnight Adventures for job Day Weekend

Labor Day household Camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains

What far better way come celebrate the summer one critical time 보다 at summer camp for the totality family? You’ll reap campfire s’mores, family members games and also challenges, and also those camp heritages we all remember. The session fits conveniently into the long weekend, providing everyone the opportunity to relax, decoding from technology, and bond together prior to the loss routines really kick in. Family Camp is for everyone periods 3 and also older, and there’s no need for any kind of camping equipment—just her play clothes. Be sure to register currently for 2017 before an are runs out!

Family Wild Nights in ~ the san Francisco Zoo

Starting Saturday evening and also ending Sunday morning during Labor work weekend, the san Francisco Zoo is providing an overnight event for the totality family. Because that this activity, friend will require to carry your very own camping equipment, but a pizza dinner and also continental breakfast will be provided. You’ll enjoy unique nighttime and early morning tourism of the zoo, and then on Sunday, you can stick about for a free family day at the zoo. Family members 6 and up are invited because that this campout.

Special job Day Weekend activities in san Francisco

City hints San Francisco Scavenger Hunt

City clues Adventures & tours is run by highly experienced and knowledgeable travel guide (including a previous camp director!). Kids love scavenger hunts, yet the totality family can definitely get excited around this task that blends unique challenges with a lot closer look at at mountain Francisco than you’ve probably ever before had before.

A Day at the Ballpark

Well, it’s absolutely not an even year because that the Giants, however there’s tho plenty of household fun to be had at the ballpark, particularly with that awesome Coca-Cola bottle slide and also stunning views of the bay. You might even consider heading into the city top top a ferry, pulling right up together the stadium. The Giants will certainly be playing the St. Luigi Cardinals at at & t Park top top Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during Labor work weekend 2017. Then, the Oakland Athletics are playing in ~ home, against the Los Angeles Angels, on Monday, job Day.

San Francisco Comic Con

If you have youngsters who can not get sufficient of all things superheroes, climate the family-friendly Comic Con might be a good way come dazzle them. You can buy tickets for just a solitary day or because that Friday through Sunday all at once. Children 12 and also under acquire in free. You can expect diverse exhibits and visits from some exciting celebrity guests. Simply keep in mind that autographs and photo ops will be second cost.

Presidio family Bike Ride

On Saturday morning, you and also your family members (ages 8 and also up) could enjoy a bicycle ride through the Presidio to take in both its background and its natural beauty. The guided expedition is 4 miles long, however the tour overview will set a tenderness pace. If you have actually your very own bikes and helmets, bring them; otherwise, you have the right to rent bikes from sporting activities Basement. Be certain to it is registered in advance.

Presidio household Picnic

San Francisco’s Presidio will additionally be hosting a picnic this job Day weekend ~ above Sunday in ~ the key Parade Ground. You’ll have actually your choose of delicious international eats from neighborhood vendors and family activities galore: games on the Presidio lawn, yoga classes, bike-riding lessons, arts and also crafts in nature, and also a photograph booth. Arrangement for the weather, and bring supplies for relaxation and also fun.

Zen center Family Program: Equanimity for Equinox

The san Francisco Zen facility gets how important mindfulness tasks are because that children. In fact, every month ~ above the very first Sunday, the Zen center hosts a special regimen for children. The course, children aren’t the just ones to benefit from these tranquil discussions, mindful movements, and tasks in nature. The totality family is welcome.

Ideas because that Spending her Labor work on the Beach

Capitola Begonia Festival

All weekend long—from Friday with Monday—the Capitola Begonia Festival will be delighting visitors v flower-filled parade floats, a sand sculpture contest, row watercraft races, a fishing derby, a horseshoe tournament, a reflecting of mar Poppins top top the beach, concert in the park, and also arts and also crafts opportunities for kids. Girlfriend don’t want to miss out on it since this is the last Begonia Festival after 65 year of continuous, vivid fun. And it’s free! examine out the weekend’s schedule the events.

Beach Boardwalk Friday Night Bands ~ above the Beach

The Santa Cruz coast Boardwalk adventures continue into the summer with Friday Night Bands top top the Beach. During the 2017 labor Day weekend, Papa Doo run Run will take the stage. You deserve to expect coast Boy-style family-friendly classic Rock. Carry chairs and also blankets because that comfortable seating and also layers in instance it it s okay chilly. Understand that you’ll probably have actually to acquire in heat to secure an excellent seating throughout a overfilled weekend. Together always, the musical event is complimentary for the whole family. You’ll probably additionally want to check out the Boardwalk and every one of its vivid attractions while you’re there.

Bay Area Beaches

If you looking to simply relax and soak up the sun during this weekend off, then scope out one of the bay Area’s good beaches. You can even setup to examine out one you’ve never been to before. Shot Heart’s Desire beach in Marin, the calm Moss Landing close to Monterey, or Crab Cove in Alameda for her littlest household members to check out the shallow waters.

There’s no shortage of points to carry out on job Day in the bay Area and all weekend long. Native a mini variation of summer camp wherein the totality family deserve to join in with each other to rocking the end to above surf music top top the beach, you’ve got your pick of job Day activities all around the only Area. Soak increase the sun and also your time together prior to everyone goes back to school and also work ~ above Tuesday.

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We specialize in family members fun every summer long. In ~ Kennolyn Camps, we sell programs for children of all ages. Inspect out our Resident Camp for a an excellent mix of tradition and also innovative activities and our household Camp during Labor job weekend 2017. Give us a speak to while there space still point out available.