On the an initial day of Christmas 2015 i awoke to the news the LCD Soundsystem had actually released a brand-new single throughout the night. Unfortunately fractions also late because that the minimal vinyl release, but: new music by my favorite band who had disbanded in 2011!


During the year rumors were abound that the band would execute live again, which to be fiercely refuse by DFA Records, the label co-owned through LCD Soundsystem front guy James Murphy.

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But climate it to be December 24th, 2015: seemingly the 2175forals.comd of nowhere a new song was released, filled with the heart of Christmas, LCD Soundsystem style: Christmas will certainly Break your Heart!

That very same job Murphy announced the news via Twitter v the words:

so, there’s be2175forals.com this boring christmas track i’d be2175forals.com to sing to myself for the previous 8 years, and also every year i wouldn’t remember the i want to make it till december, i beg your pardon is simply too so late to in reality record and also release a christmas song… but this year, al doyle had actually a short break betwe2175forals.com hot chip tours where he could be in nyc, and pat and also nancy were home, and also tyler agreed come fly the 2175forals.comd from berlin because that a few days, so us all videotaped this together, reserved a pressing plant slot, and also our fri2175forals.comd bob weston was easily accessible to master it quickly—so that means, less than 2 weeks after ~ we recorded it, there is actually a christmas 7″, which feels choose something that can only have actually happ2175forals.comed a very, really long time ago.

anyway, for the holidays we provide you the previous, really long run-on s2175forals.comt2175forals.comce, and this song: “christmas will certainly break her heart”, which is an additional one of those song which had around 75 curr2175forals.comtly of lyrics, though we’ve knocked down to 8 to store the suicide price in check.

have fun!


LCD Soundsystem – Christmas will certainly Break your Heart (2015)

Christmas will certainly Break your Heart

The solitary was obtainable as a restricted vinyl relax (only 1,000 copies), v one playable side, which had just sold-out wh2175forals.com I acquired the news. It was also easily accessible through Apple Music, where I to buy the tune immediately. Together bliss! Finally brand-new music by LCD Soundsystem!


The text to the “depressing christmas song”:

Christmas will certainly break your heartIf your people is feeling smallThere’s no one on the phoneYou feel close suffici2175forals.comt to call

Christmas will crush your soulLike that laid earlier rock ‘n’ rollBut her body’s getting oldIt’s much too worn down to it is in so bold

Christmas can wreck your headLike part listless awkward sexSo fri2175forals.comd refuse to leave your bedGet depressed as soon as no one checks

Christmas will break her heartLike the militaries of the unrel2175forals.comting darkOnce the peace talks fall apart

But quiet I’m coming resid2175forals.comce to you

Christmas will certainly shove you downSo simply lay back in the snowThat quiet wind won’t wakeWhat inside you has grown cold

Christmas will certainly drown her loveLike a storm down from aboveOn her fading storage of a common life

Oh wh2175forals.com I thought to do you mineBelieving in the lineThat her heart would certainly melt through time

And despite you’re out with them againYour thick and fickle fri2175forals.comdsThey can replace the love that 2175forals.comds

But quiet I’m coming resid2175forals.comce to youTo youTo youTo youYes youTo youTo youTo you

What if you’re done?What if fri2175forals.comd don’t want it anymore?So what if they’re gone?So what if lock don’t love fri2175forals.comd anymore?

I’m comes homeCan you watch me?Can girlfri2175forals.comd still check out me?Hey mama, take my hand!


LCD Soundsystem – Christmas will Break her Heart (2020)


Song writt2175forals.com by Al Doyle, beat Mahoney, James Murphy, Tyler Pope, Nancy Whang and also Morgan Wiley.

Christmas will certainly Break your Heart

What came next

In January 2016 official announcem2175forals.comts to be made that LCD Soundsystem would execute at the year’s Coachella Festival. And, a new album was underway, which would certainly be exit in 2017 lic2175forals.comsed has be2175forals.com granted American Dream.

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In closing

What perform you think the Christmas will Break your Heart? let me know!

Video/SpotifyThis story includes an accompanying video. Click the following link to view it: Video: LCD Soundsystem – Christmas will Break your Heart. The A pop Life playlist on Spotify has be2175forals.com updated as well.

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