The 2016 world Champions may have been crowned yet are you all set for the next organization of Legends competition?



Courtesy of revolt GamesWhat is the 2016 All-Star Event?Similar to last year’s 2015 All-Star event in Los Angeles, fans will certainly vote for your favorite players to stand for their corresponding regions. The players v the most votes will certainly then be assigned come Team Fire or Team Ice based upon their performance in the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational and also 2016 people Championships. Castle will get involved in regional battles, one ~ above one matches, and also more.

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When and also where?

The 2016 All-Star event will take location at the Palau santclaus Jordi in Barcelona, Spain native December 8 hours to 11th. Doors will open up at 8:00 a.m. EST and the event will begin at 10:00 a.m. EST every day.

How much are tickets and also where deserve to I acquisition them?

Ticket Prices:

€20 (21.48 us Dollars) Floor/Bleachers€15 (16.11 us Dollars) lower Bowl€12 (12.89 united state Dollars) upper Bowl

Tickets are accessible now at Ticketmaster and also you will need to sign up because that an account to acquisition them. Note: You may only purchase a max of 6 tickets every transaction.

Who will certainly be playing?

The votes room in and also the fans have spoken. Here are the players who will it is in attending the 2016 All-Star Event.

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Team Ice

EU LCS (Europe)TOP: sOAZ of OrigenJUNGLE: Jankos of H2KMID: xPeke the OrigenADC: Rekkles of FnaticSUPPORT: Mithy of G2

LMS (Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao)TOP: Ziv of ahq e-Sports ClubJUNGLE: Karsa of speed WolvesMID: Maple of Flash WolvesADC: Bebe that J TeamSUPPORT: Albis that ahq e-Sports Club

LPL (China)TOP: Mouse of Edward GamingJUNGLE: Clearlove of Edward GamingMID: We1less that LGD GamingADC: Uzi that Royal Never provide UpSUPPORT: Mata of Royal Never offer Up

Team Fire

LCK (Korea)TOP: Smeb of Rox TigersJUNGLE: Bengi the SK Telecom T1MID: Faker of SK Telecom T1ADC: PraY the Rox tigers SUPPORT: Madlife the CJ Entus

NA LCS (North America)TOP: Impact of Cloud9JUNGLE: Reignover of ImmortalsMID: Bjergsen the Team Solo MidADC: Doublelift that Team Solo MidSUPPORT: Aphromoo of Counter reasonable Gaming

Finally, the winners the The worldwide Wildcard All-Star event (IWC) will determine the last five players the will complete Team Fire. The IWC will additionally be collection in Barcelona, Spain yet will take place a week prior to from December first to 4th.