Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ


New to LEGO Marvel 2 (and the LEGO series) are these little mini-quests that take place throughout Chronopolis. To see all of them, press the Back button to bring up the map, and then B to back out to the menu. You can use the RB button to move over to "Challenges" and there you"ll see those listed below. These Challenges will ask you to find, destroy, or otherwise use certain things throughout the game.

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The important thing to note about Challenges is that most of them are not tracked by the map. The items you need for these are very much hidden and need to be searched out. Hopefully, that"s where my guide will come in and give you a hand. While I don"t currently have pictures of where everything is located, I"ve tried my best thus far with reference points. Given these items are quite hidden, I may make pictures at some point in the future, so stay tuned.

Each Challenge rewards you by unlocking a vehicle for purchase. I"d considered ordering these by the order they appear in the menu, but then decided that"s dumb. Alphabetical makes things easier to search, so you"re welcome.

Aerial Avenger

Throughout Chronopolis are scattered ten "rings" of birds. Fly or jump through them to collect them.

Over Man-Thing"s Swamp, somewhat obscured by trees. It"s close to the road running from Wakanda to England.In England, behind the castle, near the water.At the bottom of Knowhere.Beneath the bottom of Attilan.In Nueva York, inside the big hologram at the top of a building that has a sphere and says "Green Globe PLC".In Nueva York, there"s a Puzzle on a terrace in the back-left part of the city. Enter the open courtyard inside the attached building and you"ll find this ring of birds inside there.In Xandar, on top of the tallest building, which is to the left of Nova Corps HQ.In the Old West, near the very back of the district. There"s a rock formation near where you find Stan Lee that has the birds floating between its two spires.This is between Manhattan Noir and Hala. There"s a mountain range that divides the two districts. Follow this mountain range to the water near Kang"s Citadel and you"ll see a gap at water level. The birds are there.In the Hydra Empire, near Egypt is a tall building with a forked top. Go between the two parts of the top.

Reward: Miniature Avenjet

Animal Lover

This challenge requires you to ride all the possible ridable LEGO animals in the game. There are only five, so you should be done pretty quickly.

Scarab - In the very front of the Egypt district are some ruined walls, near a tunnel to Hala and the entrance to Manhattan Noir. There are beetles near these walls, so hop on one of them.

Pig - Oinkers can be found in Wakanda. There"s a Puzzle in the forest that requires finding pigs, and you"ll get credit once you ride the first one.

Horse - Horses are all over Medieval England. Shouldn"t be too difficult to find one.

Camel - These are found in Egypt. You"ll be required to ride one of these when you visit Egypt for the story, so this one is pretty much impossible to miss.

Sheep - Found in Medieval England. There"s a Puzzle that requires you to shear a sheep for a guy, among other things. Ride the sheep afterwards. It will remain in that spot if you forget.

Reward: Captain America"s Motorbike

Announcer Trouncer

Kang always wants to make sure Chronopolis knows about all the important stuff he"s gotta say, like which day is "Kangday" and when there"s a bee in his room. He broadcasts through loudspeakers which are dotted all over Chronopolis. Simply shoot at or smash these speakers to get credit. The speakers themselves are purple, so they stand out, and also announcements come out of them, so when you hear Kang making a declaration, you know you"re getting close. They tend to be high up on buildings.

On the corner of Avengers Mansion near the front door.On the Q Building in Manhattan. If the Q sign is on the south side, then the speaker is on the northwest corner, about fifty or so feet up.In Medieval England, on the back side of the building where the Cap-Wolf mission is.In Wakanda, there"s a large rock panther below the Royal Palace. Near where it"s tummy is you"ll find a tall door. There"s a speaker very near that door.In the Hydra Empire, the speaker is in Hydra Square, on the left side. Look for a big green H and the speaker"s very near it. Also, this is close to the Race that"s in Hydra Square.On Attilan, head to the lower level near the center. This is suspended right near a chest that holds a Gold Brick, about fifty or so feet up.In Nueva York. Start from the Gold Brick Monument and look towards the Alchemax Building. You"ll see a building with a hole at the top that leads down to maintenance tunnels. The loudspeaker is actually inside this building, on the inner lip.In Sakaar. There are structures along the main avenue up to the arena. The loudspeaker is at the top of the tallest one on the left.In Asgard. Go along the Bifrost Bridge (from the Observatory) and look up and right to a ruined part of the city sticking out of the ground. The loudspeaker"s on that.In Xandar, on the left side of the Nova Corps HQ building.In the Old West, very near the train tracks beneath the town.In Hala, below the area"s billboard, above the entrance to the building it"s attached to.In Egypt, on the left side of the large structure with two red-hatted statues on it.In Manhattan Noir, near the bridge are two apartment blocks. Look near the roof of the block closest to the bridge. This is near the Puzzle where you enter a bakery.At the base of Kang"s Citadel are four "claws" that surround the tower. These are not the ones further out in the water shooting electricity, mind you. These are mini-spires that pop up from the base of the tower. The speaker is attached to one the outside of one of those claws, specifically the one that points towards Hala.

Reward: Taserface"s M-Ship


Manhattan was teleported to Chronopolis in the midst of a winter storm, and some of her citizens have been given the cold shoulder because of it. Explore the Manhattan area specifically to find people frozen in blocks of ice, and use a Heat Beam to thaw them out.

On top of the Quadrocon building.On the corner of the Timely Comics HQ, next to the van Race.Next to the Kronos building, between it and a smaller building in a small alley.In front of the Kronos building"s sign is a half-buried and slanted building. Explore the open parts of that building to find another one.On the Oscorp Building"s ground-level structure. If the main door is on the west side, this person is on the south.On top of the Gade Building.Low on the small building next to the Quadrocon building.On the shore are three ruined buildings, this is inside the one closest to K"un-Lun.On an ice floe in the water in front of one of the ruined buildings on the shore.From the Quadrocon building, head away from the Oscorp Building. You"ll pass over the half-buried highway and find this iced over person after a little walk into the hills.

Reward: Hydra Interceptor

Billboard Day

In several areas of Chronopolis, you"ll see a billboard of Kang conquering the Avengers. This propaganda will not stand, so it"ll be on you to hack these billboards and replace them with some cooler pictures. For the most part, these billboards are easy to spot, given they"re so large. You can further identify them by the little console on the ground next to them. Access that console and you"ll be given the pick of any of the photos you"ve taken thus far in the game. If you haven"t taken any photos yet, take a character with that ability (Iron Man, Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel) and press LB to bring up Photo Mode.

In Manhattan at the monorail station.In Wakanda above the mine entrance from the story.On the border between Medieval England and Nueva York, on the England side above the tunnel leading into the city.In Hydra Empire. It"s on the "left" part of Hydra Square. It might be tough to distinguish from the other propaganda in the area, but remember the design and it should be obvious where this is.On Attilan, you"ll find this on the mid-level section. If the Gold Brick Monument is at 12 o"clock, this is at about 5 o"clock.In Nueva York, this is at street level, pretty much at the back end of the main street that runs from the front to the back of the district.In Asgard, and this one is pretty obvious, quite visible amongst the rubble.In Xandar, at the very front of the garden path leading up to Nova Corps HQ.In the Old West, rather visible given the contrast.In Hala, in the center of the district, on the squat round-roofed building.

Reward: Black Widow"s Motorbike


To complete this challenge, you"ll need to find all 18 Map Points and activate them. I"m not really going to bother listing the locations here, because for one, I"ve listed them elsewhere in the guide, and for two, the map has all of them already on display, so just click on any you haven"t found as a destination and fly to them. A pretty easy challenge.

Reward: Deep Sea Hydra Diver

Change of Address

Given Chronopolis has a large number of biomes, some of the citizens are interested in new scenery. Approach these citizens and they"ll tell you what they"re looking for. Talk to them again and select the correct response to get credit for helping them.

In Manhattan, at the corner of where the Q building is, there"s a woman in purple ski gear. She"ll want to go somewhere hot without sand. Suggest Asgard to her.In Nueva York, immediately behind the Alchemax Building is a guy wanting "the simple life". Speak to him twice. The second time, say The Old West.In Asgard, near the palace (just to the right of the main entrance), speak to the lady and she"ll want someplace colder and quieter. Tell her K"un-Lun.In Xandar, near the Stan Lee in Peril. The woman in the red shirt wants to move to a Manhattan. Suggest Manhattan Noir.In Attilan, from the Stan Lee in Peril, fly up to the circular bridge going around the palace. Nearby should be a guy with antennae. Speak to him and suggest Lemuria, even though he can"t pronounce it.

Reward: The Laser Drill

Drone Destroyer

Kang has scattered his own personal drones throughout Chronopolis. You can typically hear them well before you see them. They"ll be speaking in a very basic robot-like speech. When you see them, they"ll appear as purple box-like mechanisms and will be doing nothing other than lazily flying through the air in a basic circular pattern. Fly up and blast them with projectiles to destroy them.

In Manhattan, go to the roof of Timely Comics and fly towards the Oscorp Building to find this circling above the park you pass over.In Medieval England, floating above the land bridge leading up to the castle.In the Hydra Empire, floating above Hydra Square. Check at about the level of the "Yes We Kang" billboard on the main building.In Nueva York, patrolling around the top of the big blue building with a pointy spire.In Asgard, go about halfway up the palace and out towards the ruins a bit to find this one patrolling.In Xandar, above the early part of the garden path leading up to Nova Corps HQ.In the Old West, circling above the town, about the same level as the tall rock mesa in the middle of the district.In Hala, go to the top of the research lab and look out towards the middle of the district. You should see and hear this one patrolling.In Egypt, fly to the triangular midpoint between the Sphinx and the two pyramids and fly straight up. This drone is pretty high relative to the other structures.In Attilan, circling around the palace in the center, just at the level of where the main tower splits into two.

Reward: Lola

Dynasty Downer

Being the egomaniac that he is, Kang has erected golden statues of himself around Chronopolis, and you"ll want to destroy them all with a Heat Beam. Check in high and prominent places for them, because Kang has no interest in hiding his ego. Also, make sure it"s a Kang statue you"re destroying. There are gold statues of other Marvel characters, and these won"t count towards the total.

Right outside the Avengers Mansion, to the left of the main entrance.In Lemuria, very near the Map Point, is a small spire with a statue inside.In Wakanda, at the very top of the Royal Palace.In Medieval England, specifically the castle. From the front, it"s on the left-most tower. This is the same tower that has a guy who is waiting for his love to climb to him.In Nueva York, on the bluish building with a pointy spire in the back of the city. It"s on the section in front of the spire.In Asgard, at the very tip of the Asgardian Palace.In Xandar, there"s a rather tall building to the left of Nova Corps HQ. Fly inside the middle of it.In Hala, go to the water in front of the city and face the mini-golf course. The statue is in a little doorway on the building to the left.In Hydra Empire, near the center of Hydra Square is a building with balconies that glow yellow. The statue is on the top balcony.In Attilan, and not easy to point out. If the Gold Brick Monument is at 12 o"clock, then the statue is on top of a not-all-that-tall building at about 7 o"clock, about halfway into the city"s radius.

Reward: Gwenpool"s Motorbike

Guided Tour

This is a simple challenge that requires you do to but one thing: ride the monorail. As you travel around Chronopolis, you can easily see it. To get on it, you"ll have to find a monorail station. An easily found one is in Manhattan, in front of the Avengers Mansion. Once a car pulls up, press Y nearby to hop on and let it take you around the world. To get credit, you technically just have to touch all of the monorail stations while riding, not necessarily complete a full circuit.

Reward: Captain America"s 4x4

Helicarrier Clean-Up

The SHIELD Helicarrier took a rather nasty spill early in the game, and a bunch of SHIELD agents have found themselves trapped under debris from the carrier at various points in Manhattan. Simply smash the stuff they"re stuck under to free them.

Behind the Avengers Mansion, in the snow near a tree.On the roof of Timely Comics HQ.On the roof of the short building next to the Kronos building (It has an "R" on top).On the very top of the Oscorp Building, near the helipad.On the ground near the Oscorp Building. If the building"s door is on the west side, then the buried guy is on the north side.On the half-buried building bordering with K"un-Lun, but not on the top, a little further down.On top of the Didimedi building.On top of the Sanctum Sanctorum.Near the road leading into Manhattan from Manhattan Noir. As you start stepping on snow, head to the right of the road to find him.On the highway at the three-way intersection between Manhattan, Noir, and Hydra.

Reward: Starblaster Spaceship

Minigame Master

There are seven minigames throughout Chronopolis. Basically these minigames will ask you to do something, and they"ll give you a Gold Brick for it. In that sense, these are technically all marked on the map as Puzzles. Beat the minigame once, you"ll get both the Brick and credit for trying it out.

Pig Jousting - In Medieval England, speak to the fellow in the jousting tilt to play.Catch the Shell - In Lemuria, near the palace. Part of the search for the Brick is putting the game together.Drumming in Sakaar - This is in the sky above the Sakaar arena. A couple of drummers are attached to a floating drum pod and you can join them to help with the beat.Turrets in Asgard - By the gate of the palace in Asgard, you"ll reassemble a turret and shoot down spaceships.Ride the Arquindae - In the Old West, the Puzzle where you ride the back of a big beast and try to calm it.Hexagon Blitz - In Xandar, the "simon says" puzzle where you match colors near Nova Corps HQ.Turrets in Hala - In Hala, on the roof of a building where you shoot down aircraft with a turret.Kree Mini-Golf - In Hala, in the mini-golf course near the front of the district.Dungball - In Egypt, in the back left of the district.

Reward: Winter Soldier"s Bike

The People"s Hero

This challenge will take some time, but it"s not difficult. The object is to encounter "random crimes" and beat down all the bad guys that show. They"ll appear on your minimap as red circles with a white exclamation point within them. The bad guys could be beating on the scenery, or they could have picked out a random citizen to harass. Once you beat down all of them, you"ll get credit. You"ll have to do so twenty-five times to finish the challenge.

Reward: Octomec

Rapper Round-Up

Unlike most other Challenges, this one has to be done in specific order. Quite frankly it"s actually quite easy to do as long as you can find them. Simply show up for each Rap Battle and judge the one you prefer.

In Egypt, inside the Sphinx. You must have cleared the Puzzle from the area before they show up.In Medieval England, on top of the castle.In The Old West, on top of the mine mesa behind town.In Sakaar, go on top of the building nearest to Asgard.On Knowhere, at the very top of the head.

Reward: Police Quad

Spore Or Less

In Sakaar, and only in Sakaar, there are "Spike Spores" clinging to various parts of the landscape. They look circular pods with spindly legs, much like an alien spider or something. All you have to do is smash it to get credit. Unfortunately, the spores are colored very similarly to the landscape, meaning it"s not always easy finding them.

On the side of a tall building near Asgard. This building has a Gold Brick inside and buttons all around its outside walls.Start at the Map Point and walk directly away from it down the street. In the first darkened doorway on your right is one of them.From the previous one, continue going down the street, and look in the gaps between buildings on your right. There"s another one on the wall there.From the Fashionable Hulk store, go two buildings down the street to the roof and look back at the building in the middle. You should see it on the wall near the top.Enter the main entrance of the arena and look up inside it to find another.In the arena, there"s a corridor that goes around the inside wall near the ground. This corridor is more complete and open on the right side (facing the arena from the main entrance). Enter this corridor and follow it towards the main entrance (clockwise). You"ll find this spore where the path ends at a wall.In the arena, near the throne. The throne is at the highest level above the main entrance.This is on the outside wall of the arena. Start from the Black Widow/Hawkeye mission (near the bridge to Nueva York) and go a few feet around the arena clockwise. Look back at the walls and the parts where spikes are sticking out, because this is kind of obscured.Behind the arena is a single small round building. This spore is on its roof.Probably the hardest one to find, let alone describe. This is behind the arena, but back to the left, amongst all the grass and scrub. It"s not too far from the Gold Brick that you get from the big screen you put "BANNER" into. The spore is basically just attached to a small rocky ridge, partially in shadow.

Reward: Necrocraft

Stunt Hunt

Just because you"re saving all of time, it doesn"t mean you can"t have fun doing it. Situated in particular locations around Chronpolis are some stunt ramps. They"re basically gray and green ramps, and to properly use them, you"ll need to call in a vehicle and drive it over the ramp. You can do so at any speed, and the ramp will automatically launch you across whatever gap it"s placed on.

In Manhattan, on the highway in front of Avengers Mansion.On Liberty Island, in the park area.In Medieval England, near the Greenskyn Smashtroll mission by the water.In Sakaar, near the border of Asgard, near a building that typically has black dog enemies in front of it.In Asgard on top of the slanted roof near the volcano. Jumping from the Sakaar one actually lands you right next to it.In Asgard, take the road towards Xandar. The ramp is just past the hill on your left.In Xandar, go to the large gray and red polyhedron near the Old West. There"s a normal ramp nearby that leads up to the stunt ramp.In the Old West, next to a barn that"s a little ways up the hills from the main town.In the Old West, high up near where the water originates from, just at its first drop-off point.In Hala. There"s a road going from the Old West near the front of the district. As you cross into Hala, look to the left to find a rocky section to your left. The ramp is there.In Hala, near the front of the district, near the water on the side bordering the Old West. It"s not far from the Stan Lee in Peril.In Egypt, behind the pyramid closer to Hydra. It"s on the side facing the border of Chronopolis.In Hydra Empire, go across the river from Hydra Square and look between the two buildings near the water to find a ramp pointing back towards the square.On Attilan, on the outer fins on the side that faces Knowhere.On Attilan, this ramp is below the outer fins and is found counter clockwise from the one above. You run over both of these in order to beat the Darkstar Race.

Reward: Crossbones" Truck

Tiddles Tracker

Mr. Tiddles is a black cat. While he doesn"t exist in Marvel, he was created for the LEGO Marvel games, and he"s specifically the pet of Black Panther. He loves to get around and has hidden himself in several locations in Chronopolis. You"ll know you"re getting close to him because he"ll start audibly meowing. Once you find him, press B next to him and you"ll get credit for that find.

In Medieval England, if you start from the Wakanda side, there"s a small village on a road leading up to the castle. There are two arches over that village. Tiddles is on the second one, the one that"s uncovered.In K"un-Lun on top of the temple cave, behind the green dragon head.In Attilan, not far from the Gold Brick Monument. Note that the Monument is near a long bridge from the center. Go to the other side of that bridge and further out to see two tall buildings close together. Tiddles is between those two buildings.In Nueva York, you"ll find Tiddles in an open-roof service area bordering Sakaar. He"s just running around near the pipes.In Asgard, behind the billboard.In Hala, on the roof of the building where the A-Bomb mission is, on the right side of the city (facing it with Kang"s Citadel at your back).In Egypt, on top of the left-hand pyramid, the one that doesn"t have Stan Lee on it.In Hydra Empire, at the corner of where it borders Noir and Egypt, there"s an apartment building with bridges going between the two sides of the building. Tiddles is on one of those bridges.In Manhattan Noir, Tiddles is at the docks. Specifically, he"s in the dockyard warehouse. It"s not easy to find him given the darkness inside, but follow his meowing and you"ll find him wandering around one of the rooms.In Kang"s Citadel, while working on the Puzzle with all the blue boxes, you"ll hear Tiddles meowing. He"s actually directly beneath you. Go outside the citadel and lower yourself below that puzzle to find him.

Reward: Black Panther Jet

Top Hat Toppler

Topping off the goofy nature of Chronopolis, there are giant silver top hats all around the world. Of course, they"re not just anywhere. They"re specifically placed on giant heads of statues. Once you find a silver top hat, shoot Explosives at it to destroy it. This is most easily done with Iron Man and targeting while he"s flying.

On top of the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island.In Hydra Empire on the large Hydra logo on the main building in Hydra Square.In Wakanda, on top of the large rock panther that is carved out beneath the Royal Palace.In Wakanda, on top of the medium-sized rock panther near the Map Point.In Asgard, on one of the statues directly in front of the palace.In Hala, on one of the city"s floating statues.In Egypt, on top of the Sphinx.

Reward: Mob Boss Attack Car

Treasure Hunter

There"s some serious treasure buried in Chronopolis, but how to find it? Simply scour the shores and beaches to find maps washed up in bottles. Use Sonic on these bottles to find pieces that will give you a picture of Chronopolis, and the spot where to find the treasure. If you go to that spot, you"ll see a dirt pile that you can Dig up. Open the chest beneath to get credit, and a considerable amount of studs besides.

This map is on the beach of Man-Thing"s Swamp that points towards Liberty Island. The treasure is found in Medieval England, next to a tree that"s situated near a bunch of thatched-roof buildings.This map is in the Nueva York area. Start from the Alchemax building and go towards the tunnel to England. Before entering the tunnel, look to the beach on the left to find the bottle. The treasure is found in the back of the Nueva York district, in a grassy area.In Asgard, go to Heimdall"s Observatory and go left around the big hole that Kang"s Citadel made. You"ll find this bottle on the next rock over. The treasure is on a large flat-topped rock in the water between Xandar and Asgard.In Hala, bordering on the Old West, there are some large pipes near the water. One of the pipes actually ends in the water, and that"s where the bottle is. The treasure is also in Hala, up in the mountains behind the city. One of the tallest mountains will have the dirt pile at its peak.In Manhattan Noir, go straight out from the docks towards the electric spire near Kang"s Citadel. The map is on the shore. The treasure is also in Noir, right near where you find the Stan Lee in Peril in fact. Go around behind that building to find the dirt pile.

Reward: Roxxon Truck

Trivia Time

I hope you"ve been paying attention to your surroundings, because it"s time for the Chronopolis Crazy Quiz! These trivia kiosks are located around Chronopolis, and when you access them, you"ll be asked three multiple-choice questions about the game and/or Marvel comics knowledge. Answer all three questions right and you"ll get credit for completing the kiosk. If you get a question wrong, simply try again, although you"ll have to start from the beginning.

Manhattan - Found behind the Avengers Mansion.

On the walls of Gwenpool"s room? ComicsSuperhero screens in the Control Centre? FourNot on the Timely Comics building? Forbush Man

Medieval England - Found on a wall. From the entry point near Wakanda, go up the road towards the castle. After passing under the first arch, there"s a stone path leading up to the wall where the quiz is. You can hear Tiddles meowing from here as well.

Who rules Wakanda? Black PantherWhat can you do in England? Pig JoustingHala has how many islands? Ten

Nueva York - In the back left of the city is an open-topped maintenance access. Go directly up from that to find a balcony with grass on it and the kiosk.

Landmark in Sakaar? ColiseumNo monorail station? Ancient EgyptWhat"s special about Noir? Everything is Black and White

Xandar - Found in the pavilion near the Map Point, basically under the center of it.

People of Attlian? InhumansAsgard statues are holding? AxesBuliding in Nueva York? Alchemax

Hala - Found to the left of the research laboratory, near the edge of the district

Who"s on the mini-golf course? Supreme IntelligenceKang"s companion? Ravonna"Dungball" is played with? Beetles

Egypt - On the back of the structure with two red-hatted statues, not far from the Monument.

How many pyramids? TwoWhere is Nova Corps HQ? XandarHexagon-based quiz game? Hexagon Blitz

Hydra Empire #1 - On top of a triangle-shaped building bordering Manhattan Noir.

Logo of Hydra? Skull with TentaclesTypical Hydra behavior? They March EverywhereFloating above the sky? Attilan

Hydra Empire #2 - Across the river is a building shaped like a parallelogram. Inside the very bottom of it is the kiosk.

Mythical creature in K"un-Lun? DragonStreets of Manhattan are covered with? SnowCreature who guards the nexus? Man-Thing

Manhattan Noir - Behind Fisk Industries there"s a store called "Sebastian" (it"s below the courthouse). The kiosk is in here.

Animal of Wakanda? PantherTrain station in Manhattan Noir? Grand Central StationGame show in Lemuria? Catch the Seashell

Kang"s Citadel - At the top of the tower, near the Map Point.

Who created Chronopolis? KangWhat was destroyed to create Chronopolis? The Nexus of All RealitiesHow many Nexus Fragments? Five

Reward: Captain America"s Jet

Underwater Avenger

In the watery depths are ten "rings" of fish. Simply swim through these rings for them to be counted.

Next to the palace in Lemuria, very close to the bathysphere sitting in green toxic goo.From the palace in Lemuria, swim towards Kang"s Citadel, keeping as low as possible. You"ll find some cave-ish sections, one of which has the fish ring.There are three ruined buildings on the shore of Manhattan. This is between two of them.From those same ruined buildings, dive into the water in front of the left-hand one (closest to K"un-Lun) and look for a cave beneath you. There"s fish there.In Wakanda, there"s a pool at the bottom of the city that flows into the main body of water. This ring of fish is in that pool.In England, under the land bridge leading to the castle.Start at the entrance to Asgard on the Bifrost bridge, then face Asgard and jump into the water to the right. Follow the shoreline and you"ll see this ring hiding in a little land pocket.There"s a Stan Lee in Peril in the water in front of Xandar. Go into the structure he comes out of to find the fish inside.This is in Xandar. If you"re on the main street facing the tallest buliding (Nova Corps HQ), then the ring of fish is in the water to the right of that building.In the Old West, go to the waterfalls that are closest to Xandar. Head to the water at the top of those same waterfalls to find the fish.

Reward: Asgardian Skiff

Vibranium Vanquisher

Separate from normal random crimes, this is a case of a bunch of vibranium-laced androids assaulting members of the populace. Beat them all down to get credit for each group. Despite being vibranium, they actually go down pretty easily, so don"t worry too much.

On top of the Gade Building in Manhattan.In Wakanda, beneath the suspended plazas, on the lower ground.Technically in Medieval England, but really on the border between it and Nueva York. There are some futuristic towers that crept into the England area, and one of them has this fight.On the border of Asgard and Sakaar, right near the water.In Nueva York, on top of one of the tall skyscrapers, specifically the one that"s brown and kinda round with a flat side on one end.In Xandar, go to the "back left" of the district, behind a tall building.In the Old West, very close to Xandar. In fact, these guys are right next to the giant polyhedron.In Hala, behind the research lab.In Egypt, from the Dungball arena, head towards the Hydra Empire to stumble across this.In the Hydra Empire, above the tunnel mouth in Manhattan Noir.

Reward: The Milano

Vistas Not To Be Missed-a

Hey now, Kang put a lot of work into making Chronopolis, so the least you could do is show your appreciation by taking in some of the nice views. There are five spots in Chronopolis that are considered prime viewing. All you have to do is stand in those spots (they"re marked by a circle with a photo inside) and you"re done!

There are three buildings in Manhattan bordering the water. This is on the middle building.In Medieval England, on the roof of the castle. Go to the highest flat roof point and look out towards the door to see this spot on a smaller tower.In the Old West, on the mountains close to Xandar. Just look for a flat top to one of them.In the Hydra Empire, on top of the blimp at one end.On Attilan, this is at the outer edge. Search the side that"s closest to Knowhere.

Reward: Captain Stacy"s Boat

Wanted: Anonymity

While Star-Lord loves his infamy, it"d be a hassle if the law in the Old West got to him. There are ten wanted posters for Star-Lord up around the district, and your job is to basically just shoot or hit them to destroy them. Most of them are found in places where there"s evidence of civilization (for example, several in the town).

At the monorail station.On the side of the Sheriff"s Office in the town.On the second floor of the "Restaurant" in the town.On the back side of the town hall in the town.On the left side of the church in town.On the back side of the "Law Office" in the town.On the right side of the "Undertaker" in the town, beneath the stairs.Going a bit further back from the main town there"s a lone house near some stairs going down. The poster is on the back of the house.On the side of a large barn that"s further up the hills from the main town.Near the top of the rock mesa, on the little shelter at its highest point.

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Reward: Daily Bugle Helicopter

Who"s The Boss?

Kang"s not the only problem in Chronopolis. There are any number of ambitious villains looking to carve a piece of the pie for themselves. A couple of these you"ll face as part of the story, but there are a whole bunch more that can only be fought as a "Boss" type mission. These Boss encounters are marked on the map, but will only tend to be available once you"ve completed other Missions for other characters in that particular area. I may not be 100% correct on when the bosses appear, but it seems to be after particular missions, or maybe all missions. Each section of Chronopolis Exploration covers any bosses that show up there, but here"s a quick list as well, including the pre-requisites.