The Texas Rangers increase their club options in the brand-new 40,300-seat globe Life Field, now offering variety to a diverse set of constituents and lifestyles.

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Premium hospitality is a signature aspect of world Life Field. V a traditional home key club, and also two clubs and two additional unique destinations down the baselines, the ballpark’s reduced levels swollen with choices for customer entertainment.

“We have five premium offerings in the new Globe Life Field, i m sorry is a significant increase from the ballpark we’ve been play baseball in for the last 26 years, globe Life Park, whereby we had essentially one premium offering,” claims Joe Januszewski, EVP and also Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer for the Texas Rangers.

The volume and variety of options does no disappoint.

Lexus Club

The premium portfolio opens with the Lexus Club, which serves as the classic adjacency because that ticket holders seated directly behind or near home plate. At world Life Field, the patronage is roughly 900 guests in the very first eight rows with a taste because that a deluxe lifestyle.

The Lexus Club includes plush appointments and also a full-service bar, giving guests through beer, wine, and spirts. In-seat food and also beverage organization brings the Lexus Club suffer out into the bowl to those guests who do not want to miss a minute of the action.

“In all the clubs that we have, you have the right to mobile order and then the experience can be lugged to her seat,” states Paige Farragut, SVP of Ticket Sales & business for the Rangers.

Balcones Speakeasy

Also situated behind home plate is the ballpark’s most intimate and also exclusive club experience – the Balcones Speakeasy. Together the name implies, this location mimics the fashionable social clubs made famous in the 1920’s ban era. Continual with the theme, the speakeasy enntrance gate is hidden from casual view.

Once inside, the roughly 300 guests from two seating part with access to the club gain a dark color board of wealthy reds and also blues, a fireplace, little plated food bites, as well as all-inclusive beer, wine, and also other surprises. Funded by the Waco-based whisky distiller Balcones, fans will reap a various specialty cocktail every night.

StubHub Club

Down the very first baseline is our following stop – the StubHub Club, which services over 700 guests. This upscale experience is the lowest allude of club entry at world Life field in regards to contract commitment and cost. Fans in the StubHub Club also enjoy all-inclusive food and also beverage, domestic and also craft beer, upscale wine, and other premium amenities.

Evan Williams and also Germania insurance allowance Lounges

Rounding the end the hospitality destinations at globe Life field are the park’s many distinctive premium offerings. Positioned underneath the seating key precast previous the dugouts at field level is the Evan Williams Lounge (first basic side) and also the Germania insurance money Lounge (third basic side), both club-like atmospheres yet with apertures out to the play field.

These spaces winter each other in design, location, and uniqueness. Ticket holders in this spaces purchase half-moon tables add by $120 table credits because that three, five, or seven years with access to private bars, restrooms, and grab-and-go concessions.

The dugout lounges highlight the ability of globe Life Field’s premium locations to flex to added events various other than ranger baseball. Because that example, throughout concerts, the lounges will be equipped through stairs, equipping those ticket holders with access to the concert floor and exclusive amenities.

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“As we market the floor, our finest seat in the residence for a concert, now have actually a premium suffer to come earlier to, upgraded hygiene facilities, a location to take an upscale drink,” states Sean Decker, EVP of sports & Entertainment for the Rangers. “We have a tiny bit the something because that everybody, because that baseball that course, however then as we talk around non-baseball events, the clubs and also premium spaces produce really distinct fan experiences, whether it be because that a concert or various other event.”

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