This is a public company announcement....Lil Wayne Weezy F. Baby IS, the best rapper alive (Hit me, Haaa!)GOOD MORNING brand-new YORK!GOOD AFTERNOON new ORLEANS!GOOD NIGHT AMERICA!(Hook)YEEEAH!Dough is what I gained lil" mama,Dough is what I gained pretty ladyDough is what I acquired ShawtyDough is what I obtained babyC"mon I"m, Paid, I"m Paid, I"m Paid, I"m Paid(Verse 1)Give a woman none (uh" uh")I already gave my brothers someIt"s my sister"s turnAin"t that funny exactly how the fish carry out birdsWit ya boy, just relax like a fresh new permAnd the civilization in the barrel the the pistol turnWe obtain it exactly how we live, never Live and also LearnGotta talk about the flow, "cause you is concernedOnly Down southern Rapper coulda remained in da FIRM,Or, Tha Commision, or a Wu tang n***aTried come tell ya I deserve to kick it prefer Lu Kang n***aGot that below Zero circulation how you desire me ma?n***a get over below like Scor-pi-onAnd, as soon as it comes down to this recordin",Im need to be LeBron James if he"s JordanNo!, i won rings for my performance,I"m much more of a Kobe Bryant of an artistSame coach, same game been startin"Same Triangle offenseI come with the lane choose a dawgin"Referee n***az is lame, they call chargin"I have no brain I"m RetardedWe all no the very same I"m a MartianYou have the right to be my Jane, I"m her TarzanI"m indigenous the jungle wherein the snake is every poisonI to be Magnificent favor MarcusYou might wanna fall earlier like AugustI"m laced up Timbo whateva you contact itI hit n***az in the head choose VonageI am talking to no certain audienceBut understand I to be the guardianAnd know there won"t it is in no guarding himYou will just gain played favor an accordionI don"t give a damn if she"s bossyI save p**y runnin" choose a faucetShe much better catch favor she Steve LargentBecause I"m “Wa**up!” choose Martin(Bridge)HAHAHA...Yeah, watch I recognize yall talking around me and you don"t prefer what you hear sometimesBut uhh, Umm, due to the fact that Im so bright Ima placed tha spot light on friend baby(Hook 2)Show me what ya bout lil daddyI understand you must stop, stop hatin"I understand what ya not whodiAnd that is Weezy babyBlunts Up, now BLAZE, BLAZE, BLAZE, BLAZE(Work It!)(Verse 2)Yeah, phone call the civilization take SixYoung thesaurus make words do senseThen, i make cents make dolla"sMake the slim girl hollaMake that fat girl hungryMake the ugly girls want meBut the Pretty girl on me, do the shy girls horny, make the fly girls cornyBut On-ly because that me, "cause ns prove that i A-M,Holla earlier in tha mornin"Hey, currently holla earlier if girlfriend on sh**The CEO the the MomentBullsh**, ns don"t condone itAw baby simply hop ~ above it(Bridge 2)You prefer that?...........I recognize Ma what up hey hey heyhey(Hook 3)Show me what you obtained lil mamaShow me what you obtained pretty ladyShow me what you gained ShawtyShow me what you obtained babyYou rappers ain"t Safe, Safe, Safe, safe (AHH)

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