From a sleepover party to a date of birth to a great voyage through Captain Brainstorm himself, little Bill finds large adventures in the daily world roughly him. Join him in end 20 classic stories full of family, friends, and also laughter.

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indigenous a sleepover party to a birthday to a wonderful voyage v Captain Brainstorm himself, tiny Bill finds large adventures in the day-to-day world approximately him. Join him in over 20 classic stories complete of family, friends, and laughter.

Elephant top top the Loose/If a Bird Rings, answer It!

Season 2, illustration 1 TV-Y CC SD

Elephant is lacking somewhere in the house! tiny Bill is worried that he'll never see his furry friend again.

tiny Bill's Adventure through Captain Brainstorm!

Season 2, illustration 2 TV-Y CC SD

Little Bill, Andrew, Kiku and Fuchsia can't wait to accomplish their favourite superhero, Captain Brainstorm, at the mall. Tiny Bill's attracted a snapshot book and made increase a distinct adventure story for him.

The birthday Present/The date of birth Party

Season 2, illustration 3 TV-Y CC SD

It's Fuchsia's birthday and small Bill picks the end a present for she at the toy store. Later, in ~ home, he decides come wrap Fuchsia's gift every by himself and also accidentally breaks it.

rolling Along/The stage Trick

Season 2, illustration 4 TV-Y CC SD

During activity class small Bill and also his friends have actually fun bouncing favor kangaroos and also trotting favor horses, yet when it's time for forward rolls, small Bill's the only one that can't roll.

A expedition to the Hospital /The Wrong point to do

Season 2, episode 5 TV-Y CC SD

Little Bill and Fuchsia space playing in the backyard when tiny Bill falls and also badly hurts his arm. Alice the great quickly takes him come the hospital whereby the medical professional is non-other than Dr. Clinkscales. Miss out on Murray's husband!

#1 top top Honeywood Street/Baseball Glover

Season 2, episode 6 TV-Y CC SD

In a neighborhood competition, small Bill, April and also Bobby contend with Andrew and his cousins. At very first everybody's having fun, however April bring away the game too serious and small Bill decides to avoid playing.

Violin lessons /Squirmy

Season 2, episode 7 TV-Y CC SD

Little Bill and also his friend overhear Bobby practicing the violin and joke that it sounds like a squeaky door. Later, at the dinner table, little Bill repeats the joke and also Bobby gets upset and also leaves the table.

Michael Sleeps Over/Michael's an initial Snow

Season 2, illustration 8 TV-Y CC SD

It's a sleepover! tiny Bill's friend Michael is resting over for the very first time. Once Michael gets nervous and asks to go home, little Bill thinks the he doesn't desire to it is in friends anymore.

Monty's Visit/Mom's expedition

Season 2, episode 9 TV-Y CC SD

Monty is return to tiny Bill's home for a visit and tiny Bill has large plans for both of them. However Monty seems an ext interested in Alice the Great's baking than playing with little Bill.

The Snack Helper/Buds

Season 2, illustration 10 TV-Y CC SD

As the Snack Helper in school, small Bill deals with a difficult decision. All his friends want him to speak to them to the table first. But small Bill doesn't know which one to pick.

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A Day at the Beach/The get Well track

Season 2, illustration 11 TV-Y CC SD

The Glovers take it a trip to the beach! It's time come swim in the ocean, construct sandcastles and chase coast balls. But what's dad doing? little Bill can't believe it when he watch his dad RELAXING!

The incredible Shrinking small Bill/The big Swings

Season 2, episode 12 TV-Y CC SD

Little invoice gets a huge surprise when he actions himself against the kitchen wall. He in reality seems much shorter than before. Persuaded that he is shrinking, tiny Bill searches desperately roughly the house for any method to help him grow-right away. Eager to play v the big kids, tiny Bill goes come Bobby and April's playground instead of the preschool park wherein he normally plays. His fun afternoon turns scary as soon as Bobby pushes little Bill too high on the huge swings.

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