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In Season four of “Little house on the Prairie,” we experience a an excellent many exciting adventures v the Ingalls. The original episodes of Season 4 aired native September 12, 1977 come March 13, 1978. We watch as a trip to Chicago renders Charles and also his daughter, Mary, evaluate their home, Laura and also Mary evil the drowned of a friend, Nellie falls in love and makes wedding plans, the Ingalls are devastated by the news that mar is walk blind, and also so lot more.


For the very first time since their initial TV broadcast,all twenty-one Season 4 episodes space presented complete and uncut and newly restored and remastered because that optimal snapshot and sound quality! In this can be fried Season 4 illustration guide, you will do it relive every one of the heartwarming adventures and learn some new facts along the way. Some of our favourite facts and also tidbits came fromAlison Arngrim’s autobiographyandMelissa Gilbert’s memoir. Below is a finish index with web links to the Season 4 episodes:

Season 4, illustration 1 – Castoffs

Buy Now!Description:Laura is shocked and devastated to uncover her lover dog Jack dead in the barn. After ~ an emotional burial, Charles brings home a stray named Bandit to curb his daughter’s pain, yet Laura refuses to bond v the brand-new dog. Meanwhile, the Walnut Grove townspeople have mixed reaction to the idea of welcome an eccentric new townsperson into their Church community.

Fun Fact!When Laura (Melissa Gilbert) is running v the tall grass to make amends through Bandit the dog, watch for the quick moment where she fully wipes out and falls on her bottom, sits there for a break-up second, and pulls herself ago up. This goof was never edited out, and also the scene continued.

Did girlfriend know?This is the an initial appearance of Hersha Parady together Alice Garvey. She did have a cameo duty as Caroline’s sister Eliza Ann in Season 3‘s “Journey in the Spring, part 1.” Hersha later married and also had a son called Jonathan, named after Alice’s husband on “Little residence on the Prairie”.

More Trivia!Why would Nels be drinking water in exorbitant amounts from the barrel behind the mill? (This is the very first of 2 times in the collection that Nels is intoxicated. The other instance is in Season 5’s “There’s No location Like Home, component 1.“)

Season 4, episode 2 – times of Change

Buy Now!Description:When Charles gets the possibility to visit Chicago ~ above business, he hopes to revolve it into a romantic getaway because that Caroline and himself, however he end up escorting Mary that longs to visit she fiancé John. Together father and daughter navigate a city that is really different from their basic Walnut Grove, unforeseen revelations are on the way for both of them.

Fun Fact!When Charles and also Mary room in their hotel, the bellhop reflects Mary her room and says “and the toilet is appropriate through there.” back then lock didn’t usage the hatchet “bathroom”, they would certainly have dubbed it a “water closet.”

Did girlfriend know?When Charles (Michael Landon) goes to the newspaper editor’s office the second time, that has already opened the door and also is in the room before the actor playing the editor loudly says, “Come in!”

More Trivia!The lavish hotel room that Charles and also Mary continue to be in looks favor the specific same one the Laura and also her niece, Jenny, usage in Season 9’s “Once ~ above a Time.” This famous “fountain” is supplied as a prop in plenty of of the Chicago scenes. Michael Landon loved to use this fractional over and also over again throughout the series, whether the personalities were visiting Chicago, Minneapolis, or part other huge city.

Season 4, episode 3 – my Ellen

Buy Now!Description:A young girl loses she life during a pilgrimage to the regional swimming hole. The girl’s mother blames Laura because that the accident and alienates everyone around her. With Eloise currently disconnected indigenous the entire Walnut Grove community, Laura attempts come cheer she up v a house visit and also some flowers, however the woman’s emotionally unstable condition puts Laura in some real danger.

Fun Fact!If friend look very closely at Laura’s teeth when she and Eloise space down in the cellar v the date of birth cake, you deserve to see that she is attract braces.

Did you know?Ellen’s mother Eloise renders vicious accusations against Laura at the funeral, yet no one instantly suspects her of malice when Laura walk missing.

More Trivia!Carrie is officially attending college in Walnut Grove v her sisters. This is the very first and only season wherein the three original Ingalls daughters — Mary, Laura, and Carrie go to college together.

Season 4, episode 4 – The Handyman

Buy Now!Description:Charles begins building a kitchen top top the back of the house, yet a sudden company trip pipeline him can not to finish the job. A charismatic handyman named Chris is hired to aid finish if Charles is away. Chris bonds through Caroline and the girls. This reasons several rumors come sweep approximately town, and nobody is an ext affected than Mary, who fears that Chris may be break their household apart.

Fun Fact!Did you notification all the the background noise in the scene whereby Charles stop by house for a fast visit? While talk to Caroline in the yard, you have the right to barely listen the dialogue over the buzzing of cicadas and other insects, and the constant sound of birds. This scene was most likely filmed on a an extremely hot day, as it sound the method any meadow sounds at high noon in mid-summer.

Did friend know?In the climactic scene where Ma and also Mary are arguing in the barn, as Ma is storming out, mary cries the end to her, “Ma!” and also hugs her. Look closely, and also you’ll an alert that Ma transforms to rush back to her before Mary calls out. Go Karen Grassle rotate to rush back too soon, or go Melissa Sue Anderson stated her line a split second too late?

More Trivia!Mary has a fit when she comes house from school and sees handyman kris wearing one of her father’s shirts. The is, in fact, the shirts she made for him three years ago, in Season 1‘s “Christmas at Plum Creek.”

Season 4, episode 5 – The Wolves

Buy Now!Description:Laura and also Andy come across an hurt female wolf and her pups. As soon as they bring them earlier to the Garveys’ barn, Jonathan reluctantly agrees come let them continue to be until Doc Baker registered nurses the mother back to health. As the town slowly finds the end what’s walking on, lock are concerned that an ext wolves will show up, threatening your families and livestock.

Fun Fact!If you listen very closely to the crying that the baby wolves, that is the exact same sound the the crying the the puppy named Lady walk in the Disney animated standard Lady and the Tramp in ~ the beginning of the movie when she is security her first night v her new owners. If you’ve checked out the film, you’ll recognize the sound ideal away. They also used this “crying” track in Season 2‘s “Remember Me,” through the pups that Mary and also Laura bring home.

Did girlfriend know?Although Mary and Carrie loss face first into the dust while to run to the barn, they are fully clean when they go into it.

More Trivia!When Laura argues making a run from the barn ~ the attack dogs have quieted down, Mary states that they can’t due to the fact that it’s also dark to see where the dogs are. But, as soon as they release Bandit so that he can go operation for help, there appears to be plenty of light outside. Also, when the wild dog then begin digging under the barn walls, you have the right to see the sunlight brightly shining on them. Maybe the wild dog scene to be filmed earlier or the following day?

Season 4, illustration 6 – The Creeper that Walnut Grove

Buy Now!Description:Laura and Andy are established to uncover out who has actually been robbing the mercantile and stealing food indigenous people. The “Garvey and also Ingalls Detective Agency” is officially in business, yet it ultimately causes an ext harm 보다 good.

Fun Fact!Normally a an extremely sweet and also mild-tempered man, Nels shocks audiences by actually yelling at Laura and Andy – other he never does in any kind of other episode with any type of children other than those in his own family! It’s an extremely surprising to watch Nels furiously shoo Laura and also Andy the end of the store, climate yell in ~ them again later, when they strike Mrs. Oleson in the center of the night.

Did friend know?When Charles opens up the hen residence we check out the bucket pour out on him, i m sorry is water not paint. Yet when he come in the house, he has actually paint ~ above him.

More Trivia!When Laura and also Andy go to the Farrell’s to tell Timothy the he has actually won the university scholarship, they discover out the he’s not house that he’s working. So they speak to Bailey instead. Once Laura and also Andy obtain ready come leave, they hear part clucking. They walk to the shed, and Laura realizes that it’s Mathilda, she mother’s ideal laying hen. If you look closely and if you understand the difference in between hens and also roosters, you deserve to see that is no a hen, however a rooster.

Season 4, episode 7 – come Run and also Hide

Buy Now!Description:After two miscarriages, Beth Novack is dazzling to be enduring a healthy pregnancy, however when her husband takes a tumble native the roof, she i do not care a widow in ~ 24 hours. Ruined that he can not conserve his patient, Doc Baker decides to leave his practice and also pursue a farming career, come the dismay that the townspeople.

Favorite Quote:Dr. Hiram Baker: “Can’t you understand? I’m no a doctor anymore!”Charles Ingalls: “Well, if you aren’t a doctor, what are you? You’re no a farmer, we understand that.”

Did friend know?Kevin Hagen, “aka” Dr. Hiram Baker, was born in Chicago and his parents to be actually professional ballroom dancers. Prior to acting, he went to regulation school first, then derived a degree in worldwide Relations and was to work by the U.S. State department in West Germany.

More Trivia!Michael Landon directed 89 illustration of “Little residence on the Prairie” and also his character, Charles Ingalls, to be #4 ~ above TV Guide’s 2004 perform of the “50 biggest TV Dads of every Time.” and this is just one of the plenty of reasons why us love Pa Ingalls.

Season 4, episode 8 – The Aftermath

Buy Now!Description:Jesse and Frank James hide the end in Walnut Grove. The human being of Walnut Grove find out that they yes, really are when bounty hunters come trying to find them.

Fun Fact!There is a small goof that Melissa Anderson renders in this episode when she’s introduce to the males that she’s functioning for. The males are Mr. Hobbs and Mr. Dankworth, yet she calls them Mr. Dankworth and also Mr. Dobbs!

Did friend know?Charles says that the civil War has only to be over for 11 years once he expresses his concern to mary over miss Beadle’s intention come teach around it. That would make this episode take place in 1876 (since the war finished in 1865). Laura Ingalls was born in 1867, two years after ~ the end of the war. If this illustration takes location in 1876, she must only be nine years old, however in this episode, she is about 11 year old.

Season 4, episode 9 – The High expense of gift Right

Buy Now!Description:Jonathan Garvey is encouraged that he has a great crop coming up, however as that is celebrating with his family at the dinner table, a fateful fire burns their entire barn down. With all their plans destroyed, Alice has actually a setup to assist them get earlier on your feet, but Jonathan’s pride endangers their marriage.

Fun Fact!After Alice throws the ceiling over her husband (Mr. Garvey), and also stands over him as he watch miserably back at the burn barn, you’ll notification that the mrs standing over there does not look favor Alice! It’s quite feasible that she to be a stunt mrs or stand-in.

Did friend know?This illustration was originally written because that an April 13, 1977 air day (right in ~ the finish of Season 3), and also it was the Edwards family members that was claimed to go v the painful suffer in the story, but because Victor French (Mr. Edwards) left the show for a while, the episode product was collection aside for a while, and also it was offered on the Garvey family in the adhering to season.

More Trivia!Did you notification that Mary and Carrie Ingalls execute not appear in this episode?

Season 4, episode 10 – The Fighter

Buy Now!Description:Fourteen year after being abandoned by his wife and son, a renowned boxer called Joe Kagen passes through Walnut Grove. When a fighting enhance goes horribly wrong, Doc Baker and the townspeople find out that the ailing man, who sacrificed his family for his career, will just survive if he agrees never ever to get in the boxing ring again.

Fun Fact!Notice how various Nellie’s wig looks in this episode. Her curls come increase much shorter than they normally do, and it’s mostly noticeable in the scene where she and also Laura obtain into a yelling match over i beg your pardon of their fathers is stronger. Obviously, Nellie’s wig was “done up” differently than usual!

Did girlfriend know?Joe Kagan that looks extremely different from the healthy, vibrant, and happy man that we view in Season 5, wherein he helped out in ~ the blind school and also tried to woo Hester Sue Terhoun. In this episode, Joe looks favor an old man, as a an outcome of being run-down through his career as a fighter, and also his eyes are completely glazed over, almost making it seem together if he is blind. Once you to compare him then and also now, it doesn’t even look like the same man.

More Trivia!Ketty Lester, who later went on to portray Hester Sue Terhoun in Seasons five through Nine, plays Joe Kagan’s mam in the first scene that this episode. Dark shadows do her face challenging to see, yet anyone who watches the display regularly will certainly instantly acknowledge her voice.

Season 4, illustration 11 – fulfill Me in ~ the Fair

Buy Now!Description:The Ingalls and also Oleson family members spend a fun-filled and also exciting day at a county fair. Sparks fly between Mary and a smooth-talking balloonist, Caroline and also Harriet challenge off in a pie-baking contest, and Charles and Nels get in a gritty competition of your own. Laura wastes every her spending money in a how amazing way, and Carrie faces serious danger once Laura fails to supervise her.

Fun Fact!Did anyone an alert that the hot air balloon is just tied down by two ropes. So, when Patrick cut the an initial rope, the basket should automatically float upward, but stay anchored down by the one staying rope. Defying gravity, the balloon continues to be perfectly in location until he cut the second rope.

Did friend know?The fire wagon the chases the loosened balloon claims “Redwood City FD” on the side. Over there is no such city in Minnesota. Over there is a Redwood Falls, and also it is pointed out in numerous episodes, yet it’s sixty miles far from Mankato, the location of the fair.

More Trivia!In the 2nd episode the this season, “Times that Change,” Mary has actually just broken up v her fiance as soon as she meets a boy called Patrick who is going come his aunt’s house and also will be attending institution in Walnut Grove. They strike increase a conversation and seem to be hitting it off. This illustration 11 functions Mary’s romantic interest, a young guy named Patrick that is played by a various actor and also may or may not it is in intended as the very same person. (We have not watched the actor who played Patrick due to the fact that “Times that Change,” and also we will certainly not watch him again.)

Season 4, illustration 12 – below Come the Brides

Buy Now!Description:Adam Simms and also his son Luke move into town. Adam and Miss Beadle conveniently fall in love, if Luke and also Nellie construct a whirlwind romantic of their own. Luke is a kind young male and very loyal come Nellie, yet when Harriet walk not give of this farm yard boy, the young pair makes secret plans to elope.

Fun Fact!When Nellie and Luke arrive at the house of the righteousness of the Peace, it’s dark, and they’ve plainly roused him from a deep sleep. However, in the very next scene, as we view the the parental rushing by wagon to Sleepy Eye to protect against the wedding, it’s not also dark out yet.

Did friend know?In the scene where Mrs. Oleson drops off the horse, Katherine McGregor gained injured and also was taken to the hospital. Ruth Foster (who was her twin on the series) take it her location for the remainder of the day.

More Trivia!In this episode, we are displayed that being in love is one point that soft Nellie’s character and also makes her a nicer, more likable person. The exact same thing happens when she meets her future husband 2 years later, in Season 6’s “He Loves Me, that Loves Me Not.”

Season 4, illustration 13 – flexibility Flight

Buy Now!Description:A aboriginal American guy arrives in Walnut Grove v his tribe, seeking clinical attention because that his sick father. Doc Baker gives his finest treatment because that the Chief, yet when particular community members refuse come let them continue to be in city temporarily, Charles proposes a an enig plan through Doc Baker to save the people safe – but it might have deadly aftermath for everyone.

Fun Fact!As Doc Baker and also Charles space racing the Indians the end of town, the scene cuts to a close-up shot of them on the wagon. Together Doc Baker climbs in the back, a crew member’s hand complete with wrist clock is really noticeable in the bottom appropriate corner.

Did you know?Given the language spoken, and also the region, the Indians room Sioux.

Favorite Quote:Charles Ingalls: “They may be ignorant savages, MacGregor, but they did regulate to offer you the slip, didn’t they?”

Season 4, episode 14 – The Rivals

Buy Now!Description:Charles and also Jonathan leave on a company trip the will significantly increase your incomes, however they both have actually a change of heart as soon as they remorse the considerable time spent away from your families. Meanwhile, Laura creates a to like on a classmate and finds it s her asking assist from Nellie. Laura’s desperate efforts lead to humiliation, yet she learns crucial lesson about being herself.

Fun Fact!In this episode, Laura (Melissa Gilbert) it s okay to plot in a couple of dream sequences wherein she put on a beautiful, swollen white dress and also has she hair curled impeccably. She had very similar dream order in Season 2‘s, “At the finish of the Rainbow,” wherein she fantasized about her household being rich. This is the last time that this was ever before done.

Did friend know?Laura is offended as soon as Nellie claims that she should use restroom water, yet actually, in the 1800’s, “toilet” was a typically used term because that a dressing room, not a place to walk to the bathroom.

Season 4, illustration 15 – to whisper Country

Buy Now!Description:Reverend Alden offers 15-year-old mary her first temporary teaching position in a forest community. Unfortunately, it ends up being among the most an overwhelming jobs a young girl might ever encounter. Now she must decide if she career – no to cite her household values – space worth putting up the struggle of she life.

Fun Fact!You could have noticed, in the opening scene at the Ingalls’ home, Reverend Alden, Charles and Caroline all describe Mrs. Simms as miss Beadle. They every seem to have forgotten that she to be married three episodes earlier, in “Here Come the Brides“, and took she husband’s last name.

Did you know?In this episode, Mary has actually just about the most complicated first teaching task that a young girl have the right to possibly have. Her experience is much more indicative the the one the the actual Laura Ingalls had actually when she acquired her very first job. Return in Season 6’s “Sweet Sixteen,” Michael Landon chose to portray Laura’s initial teaching position as a sunny and also happy one.

More Trivia!In this episode, Laura and Carrie show up briefly in the opening scene, but they execute not have any type of speaking lines and also are not watched again after that.

Season 4, illustration 16 – ns Remember, ns Remember

Buy Now!Description:On the cold, rainy evening that his wedding anniversary, Charles is grounding in the middle of nowhere v a damaged wagon wheel. Caroline and the girls wait at home with a unique celebration dinner every prepared. Caroline passes the time by reminiscing through her daughters around her youthful starts with Charles.

Fun Fact!In this episode, we uncover that it was a city dance that carried Charles and Caroline together romantically as soon as they were younger. However, in Season 1‘s “The Love the Johnny Johnson,” it was a one-on-one picnic that stood for their an initial date.

Did friend know?In among the flashbacks, we discover that Charles has a sister named Polly. However, we never gain to see her together an adult in the series; we only accomplish Charles’ older brother Peter in Season 3’s “Journey in the Spring, part 1.”

More Trivia!When Caroline tells she daughters about a devilish teacher that she once had actually as a child, Laura says that she is happy to have never had a teacher favor that. She did, though, because that a quick time in Season 2‘s “Troublemaker,” once the coldhearted Mr. Applewood came to replace miss out on Beadle.

Season 4, illustration 17 – be My Friend

Buy Now!Description:After finding a number of bottles include messages and also a photo from a secret girl, Laura find an abandoned baby. Laura take away the boy in and also cares because that it together if it were she own, not learning it belongs come a timid young woman through an abusive father.

Fun Fact!This is no the an initial episode wherein Laura comes home late and concerns Ma and also Pa, yet it is the an initial time where Charles yes, really comes down difficult on her around it. She came house late in Season 2‘s “The talk Machine” and Season 3‘s “Bunny,” and she ran away in Season 1‘s “The mr is mine Shepherd,” yet she didn’t obtain yelled in ~ then.

Did friend know?The name Grace is surprisingly provided a lot of in this series. Not just is that the name of Isaiah Edwards’ wife and Charles and also Caroline’s fifth child, however it is likewise the name that Laura chooses because that the baby in this episode.

More Trivia!Melissa Gilbert actually had a cast on her arm throughout the whole episode as result of an ice cream skating accident that occurred just before the episode was filmed. Most people probably never ever noticed the Laura is wearing thick shawls, wrapping blankets roughly her totality body, or having actually the camera present only she head and also shoulders transparent the episode. In previous interviews, she has joked that the one time her character had actually the opportunity to host a infant for pretty lot the entirety episode, she couldn’t also really hold her – the baby just kind of rest on she cast.

Season 4, illustration 18 – The Inheritance

Buy Now!Description:Charles inherits the whole estate that a wealthy uncle. Within 24 hrs the family members suddenly becomes Harriet Oleson’s best pals. They room pressured to make miscellaneous contributions throughout the communityand even receive newspaper article offers come chronicle this tremendous change in your lives. Things acquire worse as soon as this newfound fortune endangers the family’s partnership with their real friends.

Fun Fact!In this episode, we view Caroline fitting tiny Carrie because that a red calico dress that used to belong come Laura. Longtime fans will instantly recognize this dress because Laura wore the in the “Pilot Movie,” Season 1’s “Country Girls,” and also several various other episodes native the really early years. However, we never see Carrie actually wear this dress after Caroline tailors it for her.

Favorite Quote:Lars Hanson: “Charles, where space you going?”Charles Ingalls: “I’m walking home. I don’t have to work anymore. Haven’t you heard, I’m rich!”

More Trivia!Charles’ date of birth is comes up, however there is no mention of Mary’s date of birth coming up. In among the novels, Laura writes the her mother asked her father what to be the best birthday current he ever before got, come which Charles replies “Mary.” mar was born ~ above Charles’ 29th birthday. Learn much more about Pa’s true history.

Season 4, illustration 19 – The Stranger

Buy Now!Description:When young Peter Lundstrom is expelled indigenous his personal school because that petty theft, his wealthy father sends the boy to continue to be with Uncle Nels Oleson in Walnut Grove because that a long-overdue great in values.

Fun Fact!This is the an initial episode out of those in i m sorry both Alison Arngrim and also Jonathan Gilbert are current as Nellie and Wille Oleson, whereby Gilbert obtain his on-screen credit transaction before/above Arngrim.

Favorite Quote:Charles Ingalls: “This is where you’ll bunk. The straw’s fresh. You can keep your apparel in package there in the corner. You’ll view the outhouse the end that window. Nels claimed he packed you part work garments in this case. Finest get changed. We’ll be ready to go.”Peter Lundstrom: “I prefer to undertake what I have actually on.”Charles Ingalls: “Well, i don’t like it. And also you work-related for me. As lengthy as friend do, you’ll carry out what ns say.”Peter Lundstrom: “And if i don’t?”Charles Ingalls: “Well then, I’ll need to bare her bottom and give friend a whippin’.”

More Trivia!The “Little residence on the Prairie” theme song was written by musician, David Rose, who was born in London and raised in Chicago.

Season 4, episode 20 – A most Precious Gift

Buy Now!Description:A misinterpreted comment from husband Charles plants a seeds of problem in recently pregnant Caroline Ingalls that he will be disappointed if the infant isn’t a boy.

Fun Fact!This is the first time we see Caroline and other actors members visit the grave website of Charles Frederick Ingalls Jr, who died during Season 1 and also would have actually been about three year old in ~ this point, had he lived.

Did friend know?When Caroline goes come visit Charles Jr’s grave site, she expresses just how she feel Charles will certainly think of she if she doesn’t provide him a son. Caroline’s feelings space explored more deeply in Season 7’s “I Do, Again.”

More Trivia!The real Grace Pearl Ingalls to be born in Burr Oak, Iowa, i m sorry is wherein the Ingalls moved at the beginning of Season 9, as soon as Grace was 4 years old on the show. In actual life, elegant Ingalls walk on to end up being a teacher, similar to her grandmother, mother, and sister Laura.

Season 4, illustration 21 – I’ll be Waving together You drive Away (Part 1)

Buy Now!Description:Long hrs studying through candlelight because that the state teacher’s exam outcomes in tired, blurry eye for mary Ingalls, prompting a program visit come the eye doctor; yet when Charles is told the Mary’s worsening vision is simply the start of a much an ext serious problem, the pertained to father can’t bring himself come tell his lovely daughter that she will, most certainly, shortly be totally blind.

Fun Fact!Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary Ingalls Kendall) and also Linwood Boomer (Adam Kendall) spent some time at the structure for the Junior blind to prepare for their new roles on the show. Over there was also a technician top top the set of “Little house on the Prairie” that trained them to walk, behave and also position your eyes.

Did girlfriend know?In the scene wherein Mary is sitting in a chair and also Caroline sits down to talk to her, the is displayed that Caroline is attract a bra. This illustration is set in the late 1870’s before brassieres were invented.

More Trivia!In interviews, Melissa Sue Anderson admitted that she was terrified when she read the script for the two-part episode, because of the apparent challenges the were ahead for her character. Additionally, her first reaction was that the personality of mary Ingalls to be going come be composed off the show and that yes, really upset her. However, Michael Landon assured her, “This is walking to be a an excellent thing, Missy” and also now Melissa acknowledges that he to be absolutely right.

Season 4, illustration 21 – I’ll it is in Waving as You drive Away (Part 2)

Buy Now!Description:Feeling lost and abandoned, mar battles anger and also self-pity at a institution for the blind. Yet soon, she find a source of hope in her new teacher, Adam Kendall, and also as they job-related together they uncover they have actually much in common. Meanwhile, ago in Walnut Grove, countless are compelled to take into consideration the real possibility of having to begin a new life somewhere else as the town’s economic climate erodes and also work i do not care scarce.

Favorite Quote:Adam: (to mar after she walks toward him) “All right! all right! There, you see? It’s no so hard.”Mary: “No. No, ns don’t see! That’s the whole point. That cares around all this? who cares about walking across a room once there’s nothing come see once you gain there?”Adam: “I care, since it’s my project to teach you. If ns don’t teach you, ns don’t gain paid. So, you can sulk if you desire to for around five minutes. Climate we’re walking to wash up and see if we have the right to eat without throwing it.”

Did you know?The 4th season finale officially point out Melissa Sue Anderson’s final full season together a regular actors member. She would later on go top top to show up periodically in periods 5, 6 and also 7, and only a couple of episodes in Season 8.

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More Trivia!After her blindness at period 14, the real-life mary Ingalls attended the Iowa school for the blind in Vinton, Iowa. Mary’s actual continue to be was much longer than the few months’ time shown on the show. She parents took her there ~ above November 23, 1881 and she did no graduate until June 11, 1889 at period 24, definition she to be a college student for 8 years. However, mar was absent during the 1887-1888 college year together her parents might not afford the tuition and also needed much more time to come up through the money. Learnmore around the actual Ingalls Family and how they compare to the TV present Family here.

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