Has anyone heard or viewed anything around this?


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Husband would LOVE to view that on our trip next month - and he's not much on play slots! i don't think I'd play much - Frodo's relentless freaky stare would irk me ;-)

Hey Folks:

The WMS "Lord the the Rings" slot machine is in 14 casinos in las Vegas, and just fight Foxwoods and Mohegan sun (in Conneticut) recently. The game is an extremely special, due to the fact that you can log top top the game with one ID, and it will instantly save her progress.

If you go to the website,, you have the right to play some games to earn more miles come unlock an ext bonus rounds and content for your following casino visit. Even if you have not checked out the video game in the casino, girlfriend can case your id now, so component of the video game will currently be open when you ultimately play.

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There are BLOGS indigenous the designer that the game, in addition to a blog post forum where you can discuss any slot machines.

I suggest you check it out.

-- Emba33

Very exciting. I've to be hoping this would be in casinos gradually for mine september trip. This simply made my day. Thank you

I saw the website, signed up and also got thru Level 10 which provides me eligible come play in the casino now...but WOW! the wasn't easy obtaining there!!!!

Okay, I've got to Mile i can't continue til ns play the actual thing in Vegas? (no casinos roughly here)

My DH will absolutely have a blast. Btw, i realize that website is legit, but my laptop completely crashed no 5 minutes right into it. Took forever to shut down and also come back, but when I obtained on the second time, no problems.

I play the game at Red Rock. There is a little bank not much from round convention area and also the Onyx bar.

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It is unique due to the fact that you can get these beat again rewards (5 symbols) that you deserve to use anytime also if you just ran out of credits. Ns kept gaining zip though.

However, i would price it together a really fun game to play also slightly front of sorcerer’s of Oz.

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