Memorial Service LHUCA Warehouse corner of Mac Davis Lane and Texas avenue Lubbock,TX 79410 Saturday, in march 25, 20172:00 p.m. Map & Directions


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Louise Hopkins Underwood died peacefully in her sleep on march 7, 2017, at her home. Services will be Saturday, march 25, at 2:00 afternoon in the Louise Hopkins Underwood facility for the arts (LHUCA) Warehouses, at the corner of Mac Davis Lane and Texas Avenue. Following the service, a Brass Band will certainly lead the procession 2 blocks to start at 3:00p.m., a solemn event of her Life in the LHUCA FireHouse at 511 avenue K and also the LHUCA Plaza at Mac Davis Lane and Avenue J. An initial Friday art Trail attire is recommended for the weather and the concrete floors! Louise, Lulabelle, Mom, Mama, Auntie Lou, Grandmommy... Relying on how you knew her, was born in Houston on may 2, 1919, prior to women were allowed to vote! After the amendment passed, she never ever once in every her life missed a opportunity to exercise that right. When she was 1 month old, her mommy Amy Longcope Hopkins indigenous Lampasas, Texas, and also her dad Edwin Butcher Hopkins, indigenous Morgantown, West Virginia, a geologist with a degree in architecture, moved their growing family to Bronxville, NY, wherein they lived till the Depression. In 1931, they returned to Dallas wherein Louise graduated from Hockaday School. As soon as she freshly won the Hockaday Medal, their highest possible alumna honor, Louise laughingly said miss out on Hockaday would certainly be amazed as she had once intimidated to take her Hockaday ring away! She attended pine Manor junior College in Wellesley, Massachusetts and also The college of Texas in Austin whereby she to be a Blue Bonnet Belle and where she met Harris Underwood. Prior to the US gone into the War, the was one of FDR"s earliest volunteers, enlisting in the army Air Corps in 1940. Castle married shortly prior to Pearl port in October that 1941 (after he visited the Texas/OU game and almost missed the wedding). ~ OCS, Harris was sent to the Pacific Theater, and Louise moved to Lubbock to have their very first child, woman Hopkins. He went back from the Pacific in 1946 to sign up with his dad in the family members cotton compress business and also five much more children arrived - Gwynne Hopkins; Harris Falconer Underwood, III; Amy Hopkins; David Hopkins and also Mary Hopkins. She was came before in death by her husband Harris and also son David, her 3 sisters and also her brother. Louise is survived by her other five children, 12 grandchildren and 6 great- grandchildren. Louise remembered the remodeling the the kitchen in ~ St. Paul"s Episcopal Church as her very first volunteer project. By 1959, she was asked by her Sunday college teacher at first Presbyterian Church, Bud Smith, to join the starting Board of the Sherick Memorial Home, a residence for "genteel women on the Plains" - the first of its sort in Lubbock. In ~ 40, and also with kids ages 16, 12, 10, 6, 6 and 2, this to be her an initial big commitment of time and energy exterior the house. Working v wonderful civilization including the manager Mrs. Jones (whose child Tom wrote "The Fantastics") and other amazing service women, she had excellent duty models. She and also Harris were connected in the architecture, interiors, landscape and also programing, also digging the holes to tree the trees the shade and shelter the Sherick house today. Eager to present her youngsters to theater, music and also art, she enrolled castle in programs at the Lubbock little Theater, exposing castle to outstanding theatrical quality in a town which had actually only 35,000 civilization when she arrived in Lubbock. Numerous of the plays were directed through Margaret Cobb and also G. W. Bailey. Three of her grandchildren are actors and also many space artists. She to be a establishing board member that ACTeens, a theater regime that aided troubled LISD teens explore their troubles with drugs, alcohol, divorce and unwed teenager pregnancy and also helped them work-related out options through writing scripts and performing their work in former of peers, in enhancement to getting help from experienced counselors. She and also Harris in 1984 created the Bio-Cybernetics Lab in ~ the Children"s Clinic at the Texas technology med college which allowed children through cerebral palsy to speak because that the very first time through the use of a computer. This donation was later on rolled right into the gift from the entirety Underwood clan that, with the Houston structure Matching Grant, created the Pediatric Orthopedic Chair at TTUHSC room of Orthopedic Surgery. At she home, she and also Harris held multiple musicales and also fundraisers for assorted projects because that the Lubbock Symphony, Texas Tech and also many others. Hence a lengthy relationship through David Driskill"s university of architecture (COA) student began. In 1996 (when she was 76) they accumulated data ~ above the needs for and interest in structure a multi-purpose art facility in Lubbock. Your input directly led come the currently of a dream - the Lubbock local Arts Center. With gifts of a deserted fire station from the City and an ice house and truck garage indigenous Dr. Lester Wolcott, the transformation of an almost deserted commercial area into a catalyst because that dynamic revitalization for downtown Lubbock began. She hosted speakers and also town leadership throughout the COA Task pressure for Greening the TTU campus in 2005. She assisted in this Urban technology student team to work-related with architectural firms to build ideas for time City, providing shelter for Lubbock"s populace that find itself homeless. Working through so numerous visionary people enabled her to find great support native donors large and little who "got" what she to be trying to attain for Lubbock. Year later, in ~ the insistence that one donor, the Lubbock local Arts center name was adjusted to the Louise Hopkins Underwood center for the arts - fondly well-known today together LHUCA. Then come the strategy collaboration between LHUCA and also Charles Adams who added living and working spaces for artists in the Charles Adams Studio job (CASP). With each other the monthly first Friday art Trail has come to be a digital town square with world of all periods from all components of town and the an ar gathering come enjoy and celebrate the creative thinking of West Texas artist. Program such as Eric Strong"s "Take proud in the eastern Side" placed cameras in the hand of sixth graders and also taught them come see, not just look at, the uniqueness of the neighborhood around them. Countless theatrical projects had their begin at the LHUCA FireHouse Theatre and IceHouse and also then relocated on. Today busloads of children learn around painting, dancing and also working in clay. Louise said she relied on the 4 P"s - Perseverance, Patience, Presence and also Prayer - after ~ you have done every little thing you can do yourself, then you can pray. These efforts resulted in a number of awards, starting with the Lubbock arts Alliance Dynamic pressure Award in 2002 and culminating with the Mahon Award because that Extraordinary Public business in 2012. In between, in the Performing Arts/Arts category, she to be inducted right into the Texas Women"s room of Fame together with Justice Sandra work O"Connor in 2008! "The mission that a Fire station is to put out fires. But, v your vision, aspiration, generosity, initiative, and also love because that humanity and also the arts, you collection this abandoned terminal on fire. The fire girlfriend kindled can not be contained. It influenced me come donate mine time in helping procedure the eastern Side Photography Project. This caused my first art exhibit at the Louise Underwood center for the Arts. Today, I"m dubbed an artist and entrepreneur. Say thanks to you because that sharing of your means and talent to irradiate the trail for generations come come therefore others favor me deserve to unveil their hidden talents." from Mae Wertz, Owner that Adasa Arts gift in Lubbock, Texas 2010 The household would like to extend our love and also appreciation come Lupe Ortiz and Mary Carpenter. We space forever thankful for their attentive care and also loyal dedication. In addition, we are grateful to Hospice that Lubbock for their thoughtful guidance. Louise always had the Underwood center utmost in her thoughts.

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Quite than flowers, a contribution to LHUCA, 511 avenue K, Lubbock, TX, 79401, would be significantly appreciated.