Momma Dee and also Mignon tell Rasheeda and also Mimi about how they to be able to relocate past their differences for the benefits of your families.

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Akbar V tells Tiarra about Scrapp"s continuous relationship through Moniece and also encourages her to make much better decisions walking forward.

Check yourself - Season 8, episode 7: Pooh's Offer, Karlie's relationship Drama & Che Mack's Apology
The actors reacts to Che Mack"s uncomfortable encounter v Pooh, Arkansas Mo"s baby mama drama and Che Mack"s apology come Karlie.

While far on a couples" group retreat, Kendra confronts Joc end rumors that he to be unfaithful through Karlie.

After admitting she cheated on Kirk early in their relationship, Rasheeda urges the remainder of the team to acknowledge their very own missteps.
The actors watches together Karlie stirs increase drama in ~ a retreat as soon as she cases she slept with Joc, speak Sierra the BK fight on Pooh and crosses a line throughout a sex toy demonstration.
The actors reflects on exactly how Rasheeda and also Kirk overcame his infidelity to keep a solid relationship, and also Rasheeda discusses the prestige of family.
When Pooh throw a cocktail party come smooth things over through the various other ladies, Karlie reflects up unannounced to work out an old score.
The cast watches Sierra shot to to convince Akbar V come make peace with Tokyo and Spice, then reacts come Pooh lashing out at Karlie end old drama and soiled bed sheets.
The 305 far better get ready to role out the red carpet because that Joseline Hernandez on Season 3 that Love & hip Hop Miami, premiering January 6.
The two-episode Season 3 premiere kicks off through Blueface matches Dreamdoll and also Clarence White matches Queen Naija this Tuesday 8/7c.
Watch KP and also his artists" cumulative turn their city approximately through ink, music and opportunities as soon as Black octopus Crew Compton premieres ~ above Wednesday, august 14, at 10/9c.
Ceaser and also his crew uncover out you can"t the shade the past on a new season of black color Ink Crew beginning Wednesday, august 14 in ~ 9/8c.

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Ice Cube, Nene Leakes, DC Young Fly, Tamar Braxton, ray J and much more return top top a brand-new season of i know good Hop Squares starting August 13.