As an initial member of the new York cast of "Love & i know well Hop," Harlem"s very own Christine "Chrissy" Lampkin was an integral component of beginning the series we know today.Since her leave from the display on Season 2, Chrissy appeared on numerous others, but she didn"t construct her personality and also quick wit in former of the camera.Separated from her parents at very early age, Chrissy emerged a keen sense of self-preservation. The half-Cuban, half-African-American brand-new Yorker caught the fist of fellow Harlemite and rapper Jim Jones, and also they"ve been inseparable ever before since. Once Chrissy began on "Love & i know good Hop," she was best known as Jim"s girlfriend. Today, she has almost as plenty of Instagram followers as he does.The couple is still together and in love, but they live in different cities and also still have not bound the knot. Chrissy isn"t sitting roughly waiting because that Jim; she"s focused on she Lady Millionaires Club, an all-women investment group that flips houses and manages three properties in Philadelphia.After many years life in Miami to "focus ~ above herself," Chrissy comes residence to new York City to examine up ~ above her male (who is encountering legal troubles), fix their new Jersey home (which Jim is running favor a frat house) and also ultimately tend to part unfinished business.

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Manager, author and also entrepreneur Yandy Smith-Harris is a multi-hyphenate mogul. The longest tenured female cast member on "Love & i know good Hop," she is just one of the show"s most successful stars. Yandy spent the critical 10 years building her realm -- launching she Yelle skin-care line, heading media brand every little thing Girls Love and also even taking on the duty of hip-hop activist.Now a effective entrepreneur and mother that three, Yandy is not the same struggling music manager native Season 1 who functioned for Jim Jones. She brand is class, honesty and also grace under pressure, but one person difficulties that perception: Chrissy Lampkin, that hasn"t checked out Yandy in eight years and also is back in NYC, tighter than ever before with all Yandy"s friends. The 2 will need to come face-to-face.This year, Yandy"s husband Mendeecees is comes home. After serving 5 years in jail, the family members has to consist of for a lot of of lost time.

Straight out of the birthplace of hip hop -- the Bronx, NY -- Reminisce blacksmith a.k.a. Remy Ma is one of the genre"s many respected MCs. As the only solo member of big Pun"s Terror Squad, Remy Ma has earned she "Queen of Rap" crown v her 2006 solo debut "There"s Something around Remy." she career to be derailed ~ a shooting incident in 2008 caused an arrest and also conviction that sent out her to jail for 10 years. Top top her release in 2016, Remy join the actors of "Love & i know good Hop" all set to win and turn out tracks through her mentor Fat Joe and also other hip-hop royalty.Remy and also her donate husband Papoose permitted cameras to paper her rise ago to the top where she triumphed. The pair remarried through a beautiful ceremony and also shared their in vitro procedure with your fans, that watched and also celebrated. ~ the "golden child" was born, life because that Remy and also Pap play out favor a fairy tale. Now off parole, the duo celebrate Remy"s real freedom, and things space busier 보다 ever.For the first time in years, Remy is maybe to overcome state lines there is no permission. She hasn"t to be able to tour abroad in almost a decade, and being turn off parole permits Remy to travel internationally and get earlier to work. In fact, Remy has a list of points she desires to do now that she"s off parole, and also she"s cross them off that list every day. Will this newfound flexibility land she in problem again? together she battles to balance motherhood v finishing she album, while co-hosting "State the the Culture" v Joe Budden, will certainly Remy lastly get to enjoy her life ~ lockup?

"Love & i know well Hop" veteran Erica Mena is well-known for her fiery Latina personality and tumultuous on-again, off-again relationships. Sharing she love life in front of the camera has made for few of the franchise"s many memorable moment -- native crying over affluent Dollaz come a bad breakup through Cyn Santana. Erica likewise broke off an engagement come her previous fiancé Bow Wow and also made it v a traumatic connection with the so late Cliff Dixon.Last year, she hooked up through Safaree Samuels, and also the two conveniently got engaged. The couple, now expecting their an initial baby together, are moving forward through their brand-new York nuptials. As they find for the perfect to meet in NYC for your wedding, Safaree and also Erica must face their old friends who still have problems with Safaree privately sneaking she on the cast"s pilgrimage to Costa Rica last year.

"Still pretty," "Love & hip Hop" veteran Kimbella Vanderhee has actually made a name for herself not just with her striking talents together a model, vixen and also brand ambassador, but because of she sensitive-but-tough tell-it-like-it-is personality.Kimbella, that recently provided birth to baby number four, stop it under for her family now that her male Juelz Santana is behind bars, working with his brothers to release Juelz"s next project.Kimbella isn"t only lacking the help of she man, she does it all without the support of she old finest friend. Yandy and also Kimbella"s friendship walk sour last season after Kimbella made comments about Yandy, painting the adoption of she daughter Infinity together a public stunt. Over the years, the previous friends have had their issues, but Yandy to trust attacking she character as a parent was the last straw. Is this truly the end of their friendship? with no one to rotate to for support, Kimbella have to rebuild her squad.

A brand-new Yorker through and through, Cyn Santana made a huge splash with her fast wit and also fiery personality as soon as she debuted top top Season 3 the "Love & i know good Hop" together the girlfriend of Erica Mena. Tapping right into Cyn"s bisexuality to be fun and experimental top top television and also a an initial for the franchise. Because Erica and Cyn damaged up, they have actually kept their distance from each other.Cyn and also rapper Joe Budden met in 2016, relocated in together, had their baby young Lexington and returned come "Love & i know good Hop" for Season 9. After showcasing their happy connection all season, Cyn and also Joe got engaged after a beautiful proposal. In the off-season, though, lock suddenly broke up, and the reasons have everyone scratching your heads.Now, as Cyn make the efforts to choose up the pieces, she"ll discover what life is like as a single mom filing for kid support and full custody of her children.Having recently completed her own EP, Cyn is prepared to showcase she career in the music business while not letting her an individual drama distract her.

Fortitude, ambitious and creative business tactics room at the forefront of Jim Jones"s career. The enigmatic member that The Diplomats (a.k.a. Dipset) and also entrepreneur spent the previous decade designing an empire that will certainly solidify his place in hip-hop history and beyond. Jim bring away his capability to influence the people at large very seriously together he proceeds to search for new ways to discover social and political development while advancing within the hip-hop culture.Even despite Jim seems to be filming more workouts 보다 music videos, the still stays associated to the sound of brand-new York and also has his ear come the street when it comes to hip hop. Jim"s current album "El Capo" is gift touted as among the finest rap albums of 2019.Jim"s long-time girl friend Chrissy Lampkin has returned home to brand-new York City to inspect on she man, deal with their new Jersey residence (which Jim is running prefer a frat house) and ultimately tend to part unfinished business. The couple is tho together and in love, yet they have actually been life in different cities and also have still no tied the knot.
The constantly outspoken Joe Budden returns to the "Love & i know good Hop" family members as the brutally moral voice of the community. Joe"s wildly effective brand consists of the recurring "Joe Budden Podcast" and also his "State the the Culture" speak show. Season 10 monitor Joe"s initiatives to navigate the day-to-day struggles of family life while capitalizing top top the inert of his career.On Season 9, Joe transformed himself together a household man, delighting millions on society media v glimpses right into his home life together girlfriend Cyn Santana. Joe and also Cyn met in 2016, relocated in together and also had their baby young Lexington. The couple"s partnership played out on social media, and nothing around their resides is off-limits, consisting of news of their split during the off-season.After ending Season 9 with a proposal, Joe and also Cyn go into Season 10 as an estranged pair that hasn"t talked for months and also has referred to as off their wedding. Joe and also Cyn have to now figure out how they room going come co-parent their son.

Safaree Samuels shot come fame as the ex-boyfriend the Nicki Minaj, however the rapper/producer/songwriter and also "Love & hip Hop" mainstay arised as a star in his very own right many thanks to his hilarious persona, Caribbean flair and a few leaked photos.After part failed flings, Safaree hooked up with Erica Mena critical year, and the two easily got engaged. During the taping of the last episode the Season 9, the cast learned Safaree had secretly snuck Erica ~ above their pilgrimage to Costa Rica, and also all hell damaged loose. Safaree"s friendships through the brand-new York crew were pretty lot null and void after ~ the trip, and it all involved a head at the Season 9 reunion, at which well-off Dollaz and Safaree almost came come blows.Back in new York and reunited v his old crowd, Safaree will have actually to discover a way to convey with previous friends while keeping his new bride happy.

Voluptuous urban model and brand-new York City native Tahiry Jose pertained to fame during the food of her public connection with rapper Joe Budden. Born come Dominican parental in Harlem, NY, Tahiry is a model, actress and also entrepreneur that holds a degree from the man Jay college of Criminal Justice. Tahiry"s cover because that King is one of the highest-selling editions of the magazine, and she has additionally graced the pages of plenty of others, including Complex, XXL and also Vibe.Tahiry is now working top top a fitness DVD and focusing on exhilaration lessons. She is also a correspondent because that XXL and is a staple at most red-carpet events. Return to "Love & hip Hop," Tahiry has recently linked with Erica Mena, who is dead collection on reconnecting Tahiry through ex Joe.

Brooklyn-born and-raised, Papoose represents the grind and also hustle of real brand-new York i know well hop. Already renowned because that his mixtapes, Papoose reached a more comprehensive audience with the relax of his debut full-length album "The Nacirema Dream" in 2013.Beyond his music, Papoose"s relationship with Remy Ma, that he married in 2008 before her sentencing, has actually inspired a passionate adhering to of the own. As a father of three and also a consistent supporter of black love, Papoose is one outspoken support for optimistic depictions the African-American relationships and families.On Season 10, through Remy turn off parole and earlier in the studio, Papoose is on full time daddy duty. He should work to balance his new music and also career with his function as caretaker.

The CEO and founder the Dollaz Unlimited, rich Dollaz started out together an ambitious intern who swiftly climbed the ranks to end up being one that the many sought-after promoters and managers in the hip-hop game.After eight periods of fast moves and his signature Creep squad hijinks, Season 9 readily available a different glimpse the the "Love & i know well Hop" veteran. Rich confronted tragedy and crisis as soon as serious criminal charges to be brought against Miracle, the mommy of his 19-year-old daughter Ashley. On peak of that tragedy, Rich"s friendship through Safaree experienced after Rich uncovered Safaree"s relationship with Erica Mena. Top top Season 10, rich will have to find a new way to navigate the complex relationship v his ex Erica and her fiancé, his former friend Safaree.

One of the music industry"s most sought-after assembly artists, Jonathan Fernandez has actually been perfecting his craft because he to be 16 years old. Through his fiery charisma and outrageous feeling of humor, Jonathan is commonly the glue of his social circle, although his flair because that drama regularly makes waves.On Season 9, Jonathan to be on a mission to step out indigenous the shadows the his famed female friends and also carve the end his own identity, but very first he had actually to make peace with his an overwhelming past and self-destructive tendencies.Jonathan has been by his friend Cyn Santana"s side after she parted methods with Joe Budden. Meanwhile, together Yandy"s BFF, Jonathan"s partnership with Chrissy Lampkin could prove to be challenging.

Model, author and also entrepreneur Juliet "Juju" C. Has actually been a pan favorite on "Love & i know good Hop" since Season 7 as soon as she made she debut.She continues to be close through Remy, however she is watch drifting indigenous Yandy. Juju additionally gets closer to Kimbella and also is open up to bonding v Chrissy.Focused on structure her brand, Juju continues to seek an acting career and also make brand-new connections -- maybe also some romantic ones.

As a native of Harlem, NY, Mendeecees Harris is undoubtedly a self-made man. Mendeecees is heavily immersed in the music industry but prides self on pursuing a wide variety of entrepreneurial endeavors that variety from genuine estate to fashion.Although Mendeecees is currently incarcerated, he continues to support his mam Yandy Smith-Harris and also her own entrepreneurial spirit. Focused on keeping his blended household together, Mendeecees awaits his 2019 relax so he can reunite through his children, who are temporarily be separate from each other due to their mothers" disputes the past couple of years.
A legendary Harlem-born rapper that shot to fame together a member that the East coast hip-hop team The Diplomats (a.k.a. Dipset), Juelz Santana has actually spent current years focusing on his solo career. Having lastly kicked a yearslong opiate addiction, Juelz is recently sober. Through a fresh appreciation because that Kimbella and his family, and after a decade of Kimbella hold him under through great times and bad, Juelz popped the question on Season 9, and also the 2 married. But will the criminal justice system ruin the couple"s dream of a happily ever after?On Season 10, Juelz is behind bars adhering to a two-year sentence on federal gun charges. Overwhelmed and trying to save it with each other without she husband around, Kimbella recently provided birth to baby number four. Kimbella is likewise working with Juelz"s brother to release Juelz"s next project.

Rapper PHresher, whose energy and personality shake any stage, is on the brink the signing a transaction after doing documents with Eminem, 2 Chainz, Remy Ma and also Cardi B. On top of the world, PHresher is in the limelight and is well-known as a single, ladies" guy with a love that the strip club.What no one knows is PHresher is in a serious relationship with Jen, that he has actually been with because elementary school. They have a 13-year-old son and a 10-year-old daughter. PHresher might be a super-dad, yet his far better half wants her shine in the spotlight, as well. She desires to be had in all of PHresher"s events, including parties, music videos and in the recording studio.PHresher tries to to convince Jen to produce her very own lane through launching her mother-and-daughter YouTube channel. He additionally suggests Jen create merchandise because that the channel and also not worry around fame. This aspirational pair is so concentrated on their careers they placed off getting married come invest money in PHresher"s job instead.
With she over-the-top personality and also infectious energy, Jennaske is the newest, hottest woman rapper coming out of Queens, NY. Beginning out as a dancer and choreographer because that celebrities like Maino, Remy Ma, Desiigner and also 50 Cent, this bubbly beauty got one foot in the door and also plans ~ above busting the down.Jennaske"s Instagram has easily grown to over 350,000 followers (with a few celebrities sliding right into her DMs). She has actually been honing she craft in the studio and has score a few label meetings, yet sudden reputation doesn"t come without its price. Jennaske has actually lost a lot of friends who were as soon as close come her because she"s to be poppin".Nevertheless, one thing is because that sure: This brand-new girl top top the block is playing to win. Jennaske has formed a close relationship with rapper PHresher, that sees Jennaske as a potential cash cow and also wants to invest in she career -- and also her brand-new body.
Jenn is in a serious connection with rapper PHresher, who she has been with since elementary school. They have actually a 13-year-old son and a 10-year-old daughter, however the rap game and Jenn"s insecurities kept their relationship out of the general public eye.Now, Jenn desires her shine in the spotlight, together well. She wants to be contained in all of PHresher"s events, including parties, music videos and in the record studio. When it pertains to working v women, Jenn has no difficulty interfering to make her presence in PHresher"s life known.PHresher tries to convince Jenn to produce her own lane by launching her mother-and-daughter YouTube channel. He likewise suggests Jenn develop merchandise because that the channel and also not worry around fame. Jenn has her very own ideas around becoming a social media influencer and also wants to start her own spicy podcast dishing every the tea through rappers and celebrities.

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Love & i know good Hop brand-new York complies with the lives and relationships that hip-hop artists as they make their mark on the large Apple.