After taking a main off, Love & i know good Hop Atlanta returns and also the begin of the present is far from a pleasant one. Scrapp DeLeon turns himself in to head come prison, i beg your pardon kicks turn off this week's episode on a somber note.

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Karlie Redd and Tommie both send words of encouragement, when Scrapp appears to be prepared to confront the music in court. He simply wishes to be remembered because that the family members man the he is and also not a criminal. Once the moment of fact arrives, Scrapp gets sentenced to twenty years in prison, yet the judge permits 15 of the years to it is in suspended. This method he will need to spend five years in jail at the minimum, together was meant according to all previous accounts surrounding his unavoidable sentence. The step in the courtroom is an emotional one, through Scrapp's love ones distraught over the finality that the judge's words and seeing their loved one whisked away in handcuffs.

Elsewhere, Stevie J is settling into Mimi Faust's home and also appears to it is in reverting ago to his old ways, but Mimi is having none the the drama and seems intent on laying under ground rules. She's located one of the women Stevie J allegedly got pregnant and had a boy with in phibìc Carolina. Mimi says that she and Stevie pay she a visit to collection the document straight.

Over in Momma Dee's world, she's acquired a plan for Betty Idol, whom she observed at the anti-bullying panel. She's become enamored v her beauty and talent and thinks she's the perfect girl because that Scrappy to do his new love interest. In an effort to beat matchmaker, Momma Dee stop by to meet Betty and put a bid in because that Scrappy. Betty claims that she doesn't desire anything to carry out with Scrappy due to comments that made about the LGBT ar that offended her, i beg your pardon prompts Momma Dee to vow to rectify the mishap and also give Scrappy a tongue lashing.

On the way down to north Carolina, Mimi reveals that she lugged a DNA test follow me to recognize whether Stevie J is certainly the dad of another child. Mimi additionally questions why Stevie J doesn't have his wedding ring on. He admits that he feels the connection that he had actually with Joseline is now gone in the consequences of she reunion v Dawn and the accusations she's been spreading. After getting here at Promise B. Mae's home, the three make tiny talk before Stevie and also Mimi start to inquire around the validity the the rumors about his alleged love child. Promise B. Mae admits to comprising the rumor about Stevie and says the she's never been in contact v Joseline. Apparently she only want to get Stevie's fist in an attempt to it is in famous.

Momma Dee records up with Scrappy to comment on Betty Idol and his polarizing comments. She contends the she didn't progressive Scrappy to be hateful and also discriminatory and pleads for him come apologize come Betty. Scrappy maintains his position and also the stance he took v his comments but agrees to have a conversation through Betty because that his mother's sake.

When it pertains to Joseline, she admits to Dawn the she comprised the story about Stevie J's love child and that it's every a ploy to revolve Mimi versus him and to get earlier at him for every the heartache he's brought about her. She also says that her and also Stevie are separated and that she's will on enjoy it herself and living life, which her and also Dawn promptly carry out by attending a party at rick Ross' mansion.

Scrappy has actually a relax party because that his brand-new song and Betty decides to display up in an attempt to obtain his next of the story behind his comments. D. Smith is likewise in attendance and not too happy with Scrappy's comments. That maintains that he's not versus homosexuality or transgender people, but thinks that some room disingenuous.

Rasheeda meets up v Mimi Faust to acquire the scoop on rumors around Stevie moving ago in v her, i beg your pardon Mimi denies while setup the record straight about their situation. Mimi additionally suspects that Joseline baked up her system to get her mad in ~ Stevie and also to cause turmoil in every of their an individual lives. Rasheeda, in an attempt to look the end for her friend, advises the Mimi must distance it s her from gaining in the center of Stevie and Joseline's marital concerns to save herself indigenous the drama.

Mimi then gets a surprise in the type of a photo of Joseline at the party v Rick Ross, in i beg your pardon the rapper appears to be very fond the Stevie's wife. The snapshot is further evidence of Joseline's erratic behavior and confirmation for Mimi the things room taking a nasty rotate for the worse in the Jordan household.

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Before things involved a close, Stevie does a radio interview in which he introduce the human being to his new business partner, Ms. Jackson, however the radio hold seems come be an ext interested in the rift between him and also Joseline. Stevie declares that he and also Joseline room not together and also drops the bombshell the the 2 were never ever married in the very first place, i beg your pardon is sure to collection off one explosive batch that fireworks in the comes episodes the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.