1. Find the herbal waist2. This is the smallest part of the waist3. Usually around 1 in. Above belly button4. Save tape slightly loosened to allow for breathing room



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Love Live! small Devil Costumes Eli Ayase Anime Cosplay Costumes

Anime:Love Live!

Included: Dress, neck decoration, belt decoration, wing, royal crown, jewelry, socks, gloves

Material: PU,printed fabric

Net Weight: 1.15kg

Shipping Weight: 1.25kg

Color: Red

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, cave to dry, no bleach. Delivery period is 15-20 days!

Features:Little Devil brand-new cards need to have recorded your eyes! yeah ,every memeber of Love Live! is so hot in this card! A liitle wild, a tiny sexy, as with a tiny devil! Cute and charming at the exact same time!

Character Introduction:Eli is Otonokizaka Academy"s third-year student council president that is established to save the school. Return she opposes Honoka"s plan at first, she ends up ending up being the second to critical girl to join μ"s.

Skirt Length26.5cm27cm27.5cm28cm28.5cm


Unless the costume is meant to be skin tight,you should choose a dimension that allows room come move.To certain maximum comfort,you should give yourself 3-4 inches for movement.Please note that your typical jacket or pants dimension is no equal to your body measurements.For example,if your chest measures 32” and also the size you’re looking come purchase has a chest measure up of 34” it may be a little snug.When in doubt in between two sizes,choose the lager the the two.


A. Shoulder Breadth

1.From the sheet of the shoulder socket

2. Measure throughout the earlier to the same allude on the other shoulder

B. Bust/Chest

1. This is not your bra size

2. Stay a bra

3. Relax arms at sides

4. Traction tape throughout the fullest part of the bust,keep the tape a little loose

C. Waist

1. Discover the herbal waist

2. This is the smallest component of the waist

3. Usually around 1 in. Above belly button

4. Store tape slightly loosened to enable for breath room

D. Hip

1. Uncover the widest component of the hips

2. Usually around 7 in. Below natural waist

3. Tape have to brush throughout both hipbones

E. Height

1. Stand directly with feet together

2. Begin at the peak of the head and also pull tape straight down come the foor

Cosplay costume do Process


1. Designing


2.Pattern Making




4.Pleats Ruching




6.Under Pressing




PackagingA lining bag, sturdy cardboard box help protect your quality products safety native transportation.


ShippingWe ship to end 200 countries global through fast and reliable shipment partners.

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4.7 (based on 2 reviews)
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By Kelly Verified Buyer

(Apr 03, 2020)

Product Quality

Delivery Time

Customer Service

While this cosplay walk come with everything displayed it did have some flaws to it A the majority of the accessories like the flowers and also the jewels had actually to it is in glued ago on after ~ falling turn off upon opening. I wasn’t the biggest fan that the tights yet I’m really picky around fishnets. The fitting to be interesting, I have actually a bigger chest and the cup size they gave me was an A while ns am a D therefore I had to really squeeze in there. The wings are additionally not easy to construct without instructions but I figured it the end eventually, the elastics aren’t really comfortable assumed I will be acquiring my own fabric elastics. The print of the bra was additionally uneven which is a little annoying yet besides that I carry out love this cosplay. The takes a long time to put on but it looks so great and the is very very accurate. I recommend buying the if you space slimmer and have a smaller chest!

By R***O Verified Buyer

(Dec 21, 2018)

Product Quality

Delivery Time

Customer Service

The product is really good, though the flower are cut a little bit now, I had to paste it again. The is a little complex wear it but you need to practice.

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Q: Is the asian size suitable for me?

A:The eastern size is a bit tight for Europeans and has a 1-3cm error. That is encourage to buy a large one.

Q:Why can"t I uncover my order/I want to inspect my order.

A:If you location an order an initial and then create an account, you will certainly not have the ability to find her order.And us can"t include your bespeak to your account.But you can inspect the standing of her order at the bottom the the homepage "How to check".

Q: have the right to I buy only a part of the costume / deserve to I select the optimal S, trousers M when I am buying?


Q:When deserve to I obtain my items?

A:Usually coatume bring away 12-18 days to process.custom costume takes 15-25 days。Deliver time = Proccessing time + shipping time(you choose).Some the the items in stock, we will mark "48HR SHIP"

Q: whether this costume can be customized?


Q: The costume is no suitable, what should I do if I want to return/change size?


Q: just how much shipping does it expense to send come XXX?

A:Shipping costs depend on the weight of the garments you buy, and the address. And we have different shipping methode. That is recommended the you inspect your shipping costs on the shopping dare page.

Q: deserve to you send it to XXX?

A:We can send to almost everywhere the world.

Q: Where do you delivery from?

A:Usually we ship from China and also some items deserve to be shipped from the us or UK. You can see this choice on the product page.

Q: I have not got the check email, what need to I do?

A:Please inspect if you have actually subscribed come our email. Our letter is likely to be sent out to the trash.



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