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The top offense in the FBS, the leading Heisman Trophy candidate and a coach combating "rat poison" will certainly be on one sideline Saturday at Bryant-Denny stadion in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

In this case, it"s Ole miss out on coach roadway Kiffin who has the most-productive violation in the FBS. The Rebels average 59.2 points and 635.3 yards per game. Matt Corral is the front-runner for the Heisman Trophy, and also that offense is gearing up for a sequel to critical year’s 63-48 shoutout in i m sorry the teams linked for 1,370 yards in an Alabama victory.

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"It"s trademark lane Kiffin," ESPN analyst Paul Finebaum called Sporting News. "It"s innovative. It"s daring. It"s unconventional, but it starts with the quarterback. Girlfriend can"t do any type of of this if girlfriend don"t have a really an excellent quarterback, and he does. The was one thing that frustrated him at Alabama. He wasn"t rather able to have the cuffs bring away off."

"Trademark Kiffin" has actually taken top top a new meaning in 2021. It’s no the coach who left Tennessee ~ one season for USC in 2009. Or the coach that was fired at USC on the tarmac in 2013. Or the attack coordinator at Alabama who Saban fired in the center of the university Football Playoffs ~ he welcomed a task at Florida Atlantic in 2016. Kiffin is a trendy coach through the warm offense the everyone loves come retweet. 

Kiffin is fighting the an excellent fight versus "rat poison" through the finest weapon possible. Emojis. 

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