Madden 21 can be fried Team keeps the Wildcard Wednesdays feeling rolling, and also this week over there are brand-new MUT Flashbacks command by Jimmy Graham and Kareem Hunt.

MUT 21 is never short on new players, and there are currently five an ext 96 Overall enhancements to Madden 21 come bolster your Ultimate Team.

Wildcard Wednesday bring MUT Flashbacks

Finding the ideal pieces for your Madden 21 can be fried Team is an ongoing task, yet this week"s Wildcard Wednesday publication could assist with that.

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Five different 96 as whole players to be released as part of the MUT Flashbacks series, and also there are some must-have alternatives now available.

While Jimmy Graham and Kareem Hunt are leading the fill as the offensive weapons in this grouping, the 2 offensive lineman and also one protective star can likewise make a huge difference in her Madden 21 can be fried Team.

If you"ve had any kind of technical problems playing Madden 21 lately, the good news is the the April Title update made a grasp of fixes throughout the entire game.

All MUT Flashbacks Player Stats

In complete there room five new players right now live in Madden 21 for this week"s MUT Flashbacks, and also each has actually their own strengths.

Jimmy Graham 96 OVR (TE), brand-new Orleans Saints is a powerful receiving alternative with a 98 in Jumping, and 96 in Acceleration, Catching, record in Traffic, Spectacular Catch, and also Release.

Jurrell Casey 96 OVR (RE), Tennessee Titans can anchor any offensive line through his 96 in Tackle, Block Shedding, play Recognition, Strength, Awareness, and also Hit Power.


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Kareem hunt 96 OVR (HB), Kansas City Chiefs can be the go-to back for your Ultimate Team with a 97 in Acceleration, 96 in Jumping, and also 95 in Speed, Carrying, and also Agility.

Richie Incognito 96 OVR (LG), Buffalo Bills is one more lineman come anchor your front through a 96 in Strength, Awareness, operation Block Power, affect Blocking, and Lead Block.

Jason McCourty 96 OVR (CB), Cleveland Browns is the lone defensive boon in these MUT Flashbacks through a 97 in Acceleration and 95 in Awareness and Play Recognition.

While these room exciting brand-new additions, there"s an ext to come as gold Ticket is returning and players have the right to take your shot at winning one beginning tonight, April 7, 2021. is sustained by that audience. When you purchasethrough links on our site, we might earn an affiliate commission.Learn more


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