The Madden 21 All-Rookie regimen is set to come Friday, allowing Ultimate Team fans to include upgraded football player to their rosters. Among them will certainly be young stars, consisting of Cowboys vast receiver Ceedee Lamb, Ravens linebacker Patrick McQueen, and also Jaguars halfback James Robinson. Here’s a fast look in ~ what to mean in MUT ~ above February 26.

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Madden 21 All-Rookie program has G.R.O.A.T. And also Master player items

On Thursday night, EA’s Madden Twitch channel had actually a distinct live currently to current the Madden 21 All-Rookie program. That consisted of a watch at every one of the player cards for the promotion, varying from 90 OVR come 98 OVR ratings. They were presented together a arsenal of football player from different teams, and also not have to the ideal rookie at every position.

The an initial player teased was Dallas Cowboys’ broad receiver Ceedee Lamb that gets a Deep risk Archetype and also a 95 OVR item.

All-Rookie ➡️ TOMORROWTune right into a special GMM stream tonight at 7:00 afternoon ET because that more!

— Madden can be fried Team (

However, Lamb’s map isn’t nearly the highest-rated of the group, together that goes to the “Greatest Rookie the All-Time” aka the G.R.O.A.T., Jevon Kearse. He gets a 98 OVR card in the game as the grasp Player Item. It contains 98 Finesse Moves, 96 Acceleration, 95 beat Recognition, and 94 Tackling.


Joining Kearse with high-rated items room Pittsburgh Steelers receiver follow Claypool and the Carolina Panthers’ Jeremy Chinn. They room the Offensive and also Defensive master players, respectively, with new 97 OVR items easily accessible for each of them.

Other players who show up in the Madden 21 All-Rookie promo include:

Mekhi Becton, LT (Jets) 96 OVRJames Robinson, HB (Jaguars) 96 OVRRaekwon Davis, RE (Dolphins) 96 OVRPatrick Queen, MLB (Ravens) 96 OVRCeedee Lamb, WR (Cowboys) 95 OVRCameron Dantzler, CB (Vikings) 95 OVRD’Andre Swift, HB (Lions) 95 OVRMykal Walker, LOLB (Falcons) 95 OVRTua Tagovailoa, QB (Dolphins) 93 OVRKamren Curl, SS (Washington) 93 OVRDamien Lewis, RG (Seahawks) 92 OVRJavon Kinlaw, DT (49ers) 92 OVRCole Kmet, dare (Bears) 92 OVRXavier McKinney, FS (Giants) 91 OVRTroy pride Jr., CB (Panthers) 90 OVRMichael Onwenu, RT (Patriots) 90 OVRLloyd Cushenberry III, C (Broncos) 90 OVRJulian Blackmon, FS (Colts) 90 OVR

Program Missions, Tokens, Sets, and also Store items

As through previous programs, the Madden 21 All-Rookie regime will function a team of brand-new challenges in MUT’s missions. By perfect these, gamers deserve to earn Madden Coins, All-Rookie Hero Tokens, and player cards at miscellaneous Milestone tiers.

Exchange set will also be easily accessible so the gamers can trade in assorted All-Rookie player items to get much better ones. That will be among the means to go around acquiring the G.R.O.A.T. Item for Jevon Kearse, and the various 95 OVR and also higher-rated items.

For example, come get defensive Master Jeremy Chinn, gamers have to trade in all four of the 95 or 96 OVR protective Heroes.


Several brand-new Store item will also become obtainable on Friday, February 26 as soon as the program launches. These encompass items obtainable to acquisition for training or Trophies in the Madden Store. These encompass a random All-Rookie Hero Token because that 1,750 Training and a 90+ OVR All-Rookie Player item because that 9,250 Training.

One other note is the Rookie Premiere players will obtain their final upgrade of the season as part of the All-Rookie promotion. For this reason gamers that still have those items as component of your MUT rosters have to see the cards obtain upgraded together of Friday.

Some the the rookies have currently gone come their highest possible level as result of other promotions. However, rookies prefer Kmet and also Mckinney will certainly reflect the All-Rookie map attributes.

The Madden 21 All-Rookie regime starts Friday, February 26, and also ends on march 5, with one of two LTD items set to come on Friday. Much more details will certainly arrive via the MUTHEAD website as the promo goes live.

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