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written by Madden NFL 16 Producer Tom Lischke

Think you have what it takes to put together the finest team in Madden NFL 16, made up of current NFL stars as well as all-time NFL greats? then Madden can be fried Team (MUT) is because that you. That tests your team-building skills as well as your capability to take your carefully-constructed team on the field and dominate the competition. Success Solo Challenges and tough head-to-head Seasons games to knife rewards that you can channel back into her team.

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Ultimate Team delivers brand-new content constantly with the year. New players are included to the mix transparent the season and also even v April at the NFL Draft. Solo challenge game scenarios are added that provide added opportunities to knife exclusive rewards. Even if it is it’s highlighting star performances from last week’s games or commemorating famed legends, friend can always count on ultimate Team mirroring what’s continue in the NFL today.



In ultimate Team, girlfriend are given a base level starter team. You climate take the team ~ above the ar to earn Coins, Player Items, and Packs to improve your lineup. Together your team improves, you can take ~ above tougher obstacles for far better rewards. Searching for a details playbook, uniform, stadion or player? check out the Auction residence to uncover that article or knife Coins for players girlfriend don’t require anymore.



Think you have what that takes to walk head-to-head? Ultimate team’s Seasons layout is the many competitive means to pat Madden. Rise through the ranks and get to the Super bowl to discover some of the finest Ultimate Team rewards.


WHAT’S brand-new IN MADDEN can be fried TEAM?

Ultimate Team has actually a variety of upgrades because that Madden NFL 16. There space a lot of renovations to how created systems work, and some transforms that will certainly make it more fun to earn rewards and also drive your team forward.

Let’s start with what might seem on the surface like the small stuff. We reached out the ar to gain their development list. These things may each seem tiny on their own, however they’ll add up to a far better experience for veteran can be fried Team fans.

We have given both Solo Challenges and also Sets a facelift to make them less complicated to use and also surface the info that the ar told united state is most important. As component of this, we’ve solved a large pain point. Solo challenges will now remember whereby you left off and give you the option to choose up appropriate there v a continue button.

Need to make part room in her binder? We’ve enhanced the batch quicksell limit from 20 to 100. These, to add a number of other changes, typical you’ll spend less time “managing” your items and more time playing with them.


EXPANDED goals WITH additional REWARDS

Talking to the community, we had actually a lot of civilization ask why the Objectives mechanism only covered starting out in ultimate Team. This year, that system is significantly expanded and also users will certainly be provided goals to achieve to earn added rewards throughout the year. Rather of simply touching straightforward onboarding, Objectives have the right to now covering in-game obstacles or winning certain Solo Challenges.

And speak of Solo Challenges, the types of gamings you’ll be playing have actually been massively upgraded. Rather of every difficulty taking location at 1 p.m. In your residence stadium, Solo challenges now have actually a lot an ext flexibility, including game times, locations, and also more.

The biggest new feature is the we have the right to now develop Ultimate moment “scenario” gamings that start you mid-game. If you see a game that had an interesting finish in the NFL, that is a great bet that you’ll get to take it on that Ultimate minute in MUT the complying with week. The contents team has been working hard to create a bunch of funny scenarios because that launch.


The form of Solo difficulties you play at launch will be various as well. Us are building the NFL Journey right into the launch content this year, providing you a chance to take it on tougher and also tougher games as girlfriend level up your Ultimate Team. The MUT Gauntlet is also expanded this year and also will be wait for you.


Finally, if you are trying to find another good way to knife rewards for your Ultimate Team, take a look at at breeze Champions. MUT offers a season-long, detailed campaign, yet Madden’s brand-new “fantasy football in one evening” experience deserve to unlock some terrific rewards.

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Get prepared to Collect, Upgrade, and Dominate v Madden NFL 16 can be fried Team. Remain in the conversation - prefer us ~ above Facebook and also follow united state on Twitter.

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