Magnum P.I. Season 1 illustration 13 Review: day of the Viper

When she had the possibility to discover the identification of the male responsible for his murder, she referred to as on the one human Higgins knew she could depend on -- Magnum.

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Although he had a brand-new pending case, he came up v a creative way come both fulfill his new customer and assist Higgins.

Even if rick hadn"t assisted him out, Magnum would certainly have provided up the an easy surveillance gig because he will constantly put Higgins first. No issue what.

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Magnum and Higgins have a lot in typical when it pertains to affairs that the heart. 

Both have had their hearts broken in a significant way. Both have put a protective shield approximately their hearts. And also now it appears that each holds the key to unlock every other"s heart.

Even Rick well-known something to be going on in between those two. That didn"t have to leave Magnum"s pad when Higgins confirmed up, yet it to be clear the didn"t want to be a 3rd wheel.


And who knows? maybe Magnum has talked come Rick and TC around Higgins and also the opportunity of romance. Yet even if he didn"t, those males know just how it works, and they understand Magnum.

Some fans think a Magnum/Higgins romance is a negative idea. It would change the dynamic and also direction that the show, yet I don"t think it would certainly be together a poor thing. 

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They"re both capable of separating an individual from professional, and that"s just how I check out it working when it lastly happens.

But their romance is walking to go the will certainly they/won"t they route for some time. I"m going to guess the a full-blown romance won"t happen until the end of the series.


Who cares if it"s totally predictable? It"s tho going to be a lot of fun watching it progress.

It was clear as soon as Ian arrived at the estate the he was approximately no good. Although it was never discussed (unless I missed it), it seems plausible that he shot self to acquire Higgins" sympathy.

He additionally knew that any kind of mention of the Viper would send Higgins into a frenzy, which that did.

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I believed he was going come tell Higgins the reason he eliminated Richard to be that he, himself, was in love with her. That didn"t rotate out the way.

I loved the TC aided Magnum not just with getting the real Gomez out of the method but also coming to his assist after Magnum and also Higgins got arrested at the embassy.


But it provides me wonder just how Rick and TC get any kind of of their work done with just how much they help out Magnum. 

Still, I choose the idea of over there being much more Rick and TC ~ above every episode 보다 less.

I do have to allude out part plot holes, though. V all the defense happening at the embassy after ~ Higgins and Magnum obtained arrested, for them come get earlier into the embassy without anyone seeing them was implausible.

You"d think after TC stole the police vehicle that the cops would have contacted the embassy somehow about the escaped prisoners which would have put the embassy in ~ an even greater alert 보다 it already was.

And considering the high alarm status, the didn"t make sense that Higgins and also Magnum to be able to engage in a gunfight through Ian there is no anyone noticing. Also, wouldn"t have there to be security around Jing because he was the cause of the alarm in the first place? He was there in his room v no defense whatsoever.

All the over didn"t take away from the fun of the episode, but they were apparent holes the can"t acquire ignored.


Rick pretending to Magnum because that the surveillance case was hilarious. He take it it come a entirety other level through his dress including using Magnum"s hat and also his sunglasses.

And it"s not surprising the he screwed increase the job since that"s just what stack does. 

He didn"t perform it purposely, but because he had no idea what he to be doing, it was inevitable.

At least he straightened things out with the boyfriend, also convincing the boy not to throw away a romance that can be the romantic of his life.

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Rick"s adventures perfectly well balanced the seriousness the Higgins" quest, and it"s another example of what provides this show work.